Seidle gets 30 years for fatal shooting of ex-wife

assetcontentFREEHOLD — After Sgt. Philip Seidle and his wife split up, one of his primary complaints was that she wouldn’t let him see their nine children enough. More than a year now after gunning Tamara Wilson Seidle down in a broad-daylight fatal ambush on an Asbury Park street, Seidle on Thursday was sentenced to 30 years…

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2 Comments on “Seidle gets 30 years for fatal shooting of ex-wife”

  1. Proud Republican said at 7:17 pm on September 29th, 2016:

    Incredible story of a real life monster who got off way too easy. But you have to wonder, if this was the pattern for the entire marriage, why have nine kids with this lunatic?

  2. @Disgusting POS AKA Puppy Jack said at 1:23 pm on September 30th, 2016:

    What, you have never heard of a plea deal to AVOID having the children witness more of this and having to testify? That’s why this never went to trial, it’s what the family wanted. It’s called empathy for the family, and it happens all of the time.

    Yet you would have this dragged in front of them again. I feel comfortable this guy will never leave jail with the sentence he received.

    Worse, you have the audacity to blame the wife? You have no clue the fear some women feel in situations like this.

    You are nothing more than a vile piece of excrement. You are the disgrace to humanity.