Sheriff Golden Announces New Storm Evacuation Program: KNOW YOUR ZONE

know-your-zone-2-2-800x529Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden announced the KNOW YOUR ZONE program today in Avon-by-the Sea.

A tiered coastal evacuation plan, KNOW YOUR ZONE, identifies specific coastal evacuation zones  (A, B, C and D) which helps emergency management officials target evacuation orders to those areas that are at the most risk, based upon threat, strength, direction and forecasted storm surge. The public outreach and educational program, Know Your Zone, is designed to educate residents, businesses and visitors on the coastal evacuation zone in which they live, work or vacation.

Not to be confused with flood zones, which are insurance designations and building codes determined by the National Flood Insurance Plan, the tiered system creates 4 distinct evacuations zones A, B, C, & D and will allow for a clearer and more decisive messaging, when evacuations are needed.

Monmouth County coastal residents and businesses are urged to visit http://www.mcsonj.org/knowyourzone, enter their address in the Find Your Zone here tab to find their zone. Once the address is entered, you will be prompted to download a brochure that explains the program, the different types of evacuations and instructions of what to do to prepare for evacuation in the event that becomes necessary.

“As Monmouth County continues to lead the way in storm preparedness, and build upon the lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy, this program was essential to develop in an effort to maintain the utmost safety when dealing with a major storm,” said Sheriff Golden. “KNOW YOUR ZONE, which is the first program of its kind in New Jersey, directs evacuation orders to those who are at the greatest risk of being impacted by storm surge and flooding, the deadliest components of coastal storms.”

know-your-zone-3“For example, eventually it could be announced that all residents and businesses in  Zone A are under a special evacuation order, whether it be voluntary or mandatory, all depending on a storms forecast,” said Mike Oppegaard, OEM Coordinator. “These zones have been created by various hypothetical storm models based on worst case scenarios and should not be confused with flood zones as established by National Flood Insurance Rate Map.”

The creation of the tiered coastal evacuation plan reflects the decision of the National Hurricane Center to separate the association of storm surge inundation from the category of the storm.  Additionally, it provides emergency management coordinators  with specific population demographics, such as the number of properties, estimated population, estimated number of household pets and includes the residents with access and functional needs who have signed up for the Register Ready program.

“I am proud to be a part of the unveiling of another program that enables residents to obtain vital  information they need prior to a storm,” said Deputy Freeholder Director Serena DiMaso, liaison to OEM.  “The program is also critical in guiding our continuing evacuation shelter planning, because we will have a better understanding of what the impact of an evacuation order will have on a shelter operation.”

The plan was developed to provide evacuation planning and guidance to emergency management partners for major coastal events resulting from both tropical cyclones and extra-tropical storm events or Nor’easters. It outlines a tiered approach based on potential inundation areas in order to assist in evacuation decision making and the allocation or high water response assets.

As this campaign moves forward there are four things that people need to remember or understand with this program:

  • Evacuation zones should not be confused with flood zones
  • The evacuation zones are based on storm surge values using various hypothetical storm models based on worst case scenarios.
  • The zones have been established based on threat strength direction and storm surge.
  • Localized evacuation orders may be issued by Municipal Emergency Management officials during storms that are forecasted to have area specific impacts, rather than county-wide impacts.

The Coastal Evacuation Plan along with the Know Your Zone campaign will not only  increase our preparedness and response to storms, but by taking a few extra steps, municipalities will also be able to gain additional Community Rating System points, which helps to reduce flood insurance premium costs, a direct benefit to the tax payers.

The Know Your Zone campaign was developed in partnership with the municipal emergency management coordinators within the coastal towns and is based on the threat, strength direction and forecasted storm surge of an impending hurricane, nor’easter or other coastal flooding event.

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One Comment on “Sheriff Golden Announces New Storm Evacuation Program: KNOW YOUR ZONE”

  1. BroadwayBill said at 7:46 pm on September 27th, 2016:

    Will this replace the Swift 911 system? Or how about all of the calls from the OEM? Perhaps it will be more accurate than every weather person on 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 & 11….or maybe the folks at the weather channel? I was so prepared for the last “Storm of the Century” we were supposed to get over Labor Day that I moved my car TWICE!