N.J. gas tax deal goes through committee, but still won’t get past Christie

Kean Beck KyrillosTRENTON — In the ongoing road funding battle, the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee on Friday advanced legislation raising the tax on gasoline sold in New Jersey by 23 cents and offering tax breaks to seniors, veterans and the working poor. But the vote — 8-4 with one abstention — could be in vain if Democrats…

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One Comment on “N.J. gas tax deal goes through committee, but still won’t get past Christie”

  1. Still don't get said at 11:59 am on July 31st, 2016:

    how they arrived at the “round” number of 23 cents.. Always felt it was a starting point, and that they’d whittle it down 7 or 8 cents, to make us feel ” better,” as if it will.. Anyone know if there is any talk of really “dedicating” this thing to actual ongoing and obvious maintenence issues?..didn’t work last time, they robbed the fund blind!.,Seems to me that NJ is more shabby than ever, never quite clean, convenient, and up to par, over many other states I have visited, and I can’t find another reason, other than the political priorities of officials giving away more tax dollars for social programs,to buy votes- and am plain sick of it!