Sen Jen Beck: Christie should lead or quit

Jen Beck

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Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Red Bank) told the Asbury Park Press Editorial Board today that Governor Chris Christie needs to choose between campaigning actively for Donald Trump or leading the State of New Jersey.

“If he is going to go on the campaign trail with Donald Trump, he cannot continue to serve as our governor,” she said in an editorial board meeting Wednesday with the Asbury Park Press. “The governorship of the state of New Jersey is more than a full-time job.”

Beck noted the success Christie had during his first term while he was engaged and leading the the way in Trenton. “I think he can lead if he is here,” she said.

Assemblywomen Amy Handlin echoed Beck’s sentitment, according to APP.

“He needs to choose. He’s got to choose,’’ Handlin said to the Press. “It was reasonable that he was given a great deal of leeway when he ran for president, because you could argue that New Jersey could benefit if he was elected. But what he’s doing now is completely different.’’

Beck and Handlin join Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-Somerset) as Republican legislators who have called for Christie to quit if he is going to continue to be out of state campaigning for Trump.

Both Monmouth County legislators said they do not support Trump for president.


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6 Comments on “Sen Jen Beck: Christie should lead or quit”

  1. Get on the said at 6:28 pm on March 2nd, 2016:

    “Trump Train,” ladies: many of us are done: no more RINO’s from the “mainstream:” been there, done that, 3 times in a row: Dole, McCain, Romney- enough!- drastic times call for drastic measures! See you in Cleveland…

  2. Tim H said at 7:30 am on March 3rd, 2016:

    Jen Beck needs to get a grip. Who gives a hoot what she has to say. What has she really accomplished? She behaves aloof and disingenuous and as if she is above the “little people”. She is still burned that Christie had her vetted for the Lt. Gov. spot but then pulled the pin on her when he told her not to speak of it to anyone but she went and blabbed. She is a light weight and is likely next to lose in the fall because of her arrogance. Jen, how about actually having a back bone and do something for a change rather than acting as if you are more than you are?

  3. Bob English said at 7:34 am on March 3rd, 2016:

    Whether you are a fan of the Governor or not, the bare minimum for most people is (that after being out of state on all or part of 260 days in 2015,) that he shows up for work full time in 2016. That is a job requirement….its not like NJ does not have a few major issues where the can has gotten kicked down the road for years and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

  4. which chickens lunatic liberal Bobby? said at 8:04 am on March 3rd, 2016:

    Which chickens would those be Bob?

    Your party’s policies have failed everyone, Bob, but you watch too much MSNBC to see it.

    Christie did the best he could do, and continues to do the best he can do, in a state where the courts and legislature are dominated by liberal Democrats who seek to continue their tax and spend policies despite decades of evidence that their policies just don’t work. If the chickens were coming home to roost, it would be because someone would have chased those dirty dog Democrats out of the hen house. But we all know because people like you blindly and stupidly vote Democrat over and over again that the same Democrats who caused this mess continue to live on in Trenton.

    I think I share the same sentiment as many people of NJ, Christie hasn’t accomplished much, but one thing is for sure, he has stopped the bleeding that Florio, Mcgreevey, Corzine, Sweeney, Oliver, Greenstein, Coleman and the rest of you’re awful, filthy, crooked, Democrat pals in Trenton are responsible for causing. He certainly hasn’t healed the wound, but a band-aid is the best he could have done when your people continue to take stabs at the people of NJ.

    But go ahead lunatic Bobby, pretend that Christie hasn’t proposed and pushed for real changes that would benefit everyone in this state and your Democrats aren’t the ones standing by broken school funding formulas, broken public employee pay and benefit formulas, broken and bad policies; just like the NY Times tells you to do.

  5. Bob English said at 2:46 pm on March 3rd, 2016:

    Speaking of chickens, are you to much of a chicken s__ to put your name on a post??? You would make a great Trump supporter….only way you can try to make your point is by attacking others.

    My point (sharing the view of several Republican legislatures) is I want the Governor to stay in NJ and do his job…..that’s not asking allot.

  6. your point stinks said at 6:07 pm on March 3rd, 2016:

    ohhh of course you share a view with the politicians, Bob; like every other liberal Democrat it’s screw the people, side with your friends in the political class.

    The people of NJ see and know that you Democrats don’t care about solving any of the problems and making this store more affordable, making education better here, making cities safer here. You Democrats and your tired old ideas are no good for those of us trying to live here.

    You pretend that you want Christie to do his job — he appointed a nominee to the state supreme court – you and your Democrat pals immediately cried and stopped the progress. So which is it? Do you Dems want him to do his job or do you want to just get in his way like you’ve done every other time he’s proposed a change that would have improved this state?