assetContentFREEHOLD – Investigators seized 10,000 bags of heroin with an estimated street value of as much as $100,000, as part of an undercover operation that culminated in the arrests of two New York City women, announced Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni.

Vikky V. Morel, 26, and Niudis Vazquez-Moncion, 34, both of the Bronx in New York City, were arrested Tuesday afternoon when they delivered the large quantity of heroin to undercover detectives in the parking lot of a supermarket on Route 36 in Keyport. Both women are charged with third degree Possession of Heroin and first degree Possession of Heroin with Intent to Distribute and are being held in the Monmouth County Correctional Institution, Freehold Township, in lieu of bail. Morel is being held on $325,000 bail, with no option to post 10 percent, and a required bail source hearing.  Vazquez-Moncion is being held on $250,000 bail, with no option to post 10 percent, and a required bail source hearing.  A bail source hearing is conducted at the request of the prosecutor or judge as a means to ensure that the funds used by a defendant to post bail were not acquired as a result of criminal or unlawful conduct.

“This is an important seizure and demonstrates that law enforcement is committed to doing all we can to stop the flow of this deadly drug into Monmouth County. The arrests of these two defendants should serve as a deterrent to others who think they are going to peddle heroin on our streets.” Gramiccioni said.

The arrests were made following a joint two-week undercover operation by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office and the Keyport Police Department after it was learned a new York City-based heroin distribution organization was interested in extending its network into Monmouth County. The undercover operation led to an arrangement between the officers, Morel and Vazquez-Moncion, for the delivery of the drugs.

If convicted of Possession of Heroin with Intent to Distribute, the women each face a sentence of up to 20 years in a New Jersey state prison. If convicted of Possession of Heroin, they each face a sentence of three to five years in state prison.

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  1. Geri barcheski said at 6:33 pm on January 29th, 2016:

    Great work! Thank you to all the law enforcement personnel who saved many lives with this outcone. Now what they should do is test the drugs and if it contains fentynol and other drugs or poisons charge them with attempted murder also.

  2. bill said at 9:08 pm on January 29th, 2016:

    Another case of entrapment by scumdrip cops. Losers…..

  3. Billl said at 9:48 pm on January 29th, 2016:

    To bill the scumbag who thinks this is entrapment. You are whats wrong with America. Go fuck yourself. Thank you fo your service Monouth County police.

  4. Jeff said at 10:16 pm on January 29th, 2016:

    Bill^ you are the scumbag and loser. We need less people like you in this state and we need to get all of these lowlife drug dealers off the streets of NJ to help prevent any future deaths. Great job by the police!

  5. Lisa said at 12:00 am on January 30th, 2016:

    Hey Bill…….. How bout shutting the hell up you dirt bag….. I’m glad they entrapped the pieces of garbage! Too many addicted kids around who’ve ruined their lives or died to play nice anymore with these drug trafficking shitheads…… They should all be charged with attempted murder!!

  6. Kevin said at 6:51 am on January 30th, 2016:

    Bill is just pissed off because now he has to look elsewhere for his dope

  7. Fellow law enforcement officer said at 6:59 am on January 30th, 2016:

    Bill! First off learn how to spell dickbag. You are the” scumbag” you so desperately tried to spell. Outstanding job by my brothers in blue. I’m sure I’ll see you in the future bill you low life sack of dog shit.

  8. Ed said at 8:03 am on January 30th, 2016:

    Good job. Hope they get all of there 20 years dirtbags bring rhat shit into towns around mine

  9. Steve said at 10:55 am on January 30th, 2016:

    Sad thing is that this will do little to deter dealers, or put a dent in what is already on the streets. Drugs are everywhere and until there is no demand for it, it will find its way into our neighborhoods.

  10. Jim said at 10:59 am on January 30th, 2016:

    Great work KPD! And thank you! This shit is an epidemic, so glad to see law enforcement stepping up their efforts and getting that shit and the low breeds that sell it and do it off the streets and away from our children! Rot in jail scum.

  11. Jack said at 12:13 pm on January 30th, 2016:

    They had it in there posession Bill. That is not by any means entrapment. Good Job By Law Enforcement on this one

  12. Napes said at 12:06 am on January 31st, 2016:

    I hope these girls are found guilty of both charges and receive the maximum sentence. I work my ass off to stay afloat, financially, and anyone lazy and stupid enough to transport drugs for a king pin for a few bucks, while he’s making tons, and they are the ones risking a prison sentence, deserves just that! Thank you for your work, Officers — MCPO and KPD!!

  13. Jorge said at 1:16 am on January 31st, 2016:

    This is bill
    Bill doesnt like cops
    Bill is a meth head moron
    Bill needs help spelling
    Bill is friends with john merla
    Dont be like bill

  14. Jorge said at 1:18 am on January 31st, 2016:

    Great job kpd & mcpo. Theres a commendation in someones future! Great job!

  15. Karen said at 10:48 am on January 31st, 2016:

    With all these Heroin busts and no Addict support where will it leave them all?

  16. Tip of the iceberg- said at 10:17 pm on January 31st, 2016:

    agree it is everywhere: so many societal reasons for doing it(“cool,”) selling it(fast bucks,no matter whose lives it ruins,) lenient sentences by lib judges with lib laws, and a basic tolerance for this sick counter- culture that is wrecking us, from the inside-out. If we don’t get tougher and pay more attention, and have much stricter sentences for bringing in and trafficking the rot, ( law enforcement can only do so much,) and more actual follow- up and cures, not just a different chemical fix,it will continue to multiply all around us..

  17. Jack Henry said at 1:32 pm on February 2nd, 2016:

    There’s a reason heroine is illegal. Because it’s highly addictive and ruins people’s lives at a great cost to our society. It concerns me, given all the downside to using this stuff, that so many are hooked on it. Well evidently it’s resurgence is a result of the crackdown on prescription pain killers which have been peddled mightily to every corner of our society, not by shadowy pushers from the Bronx, but by men and women in tailored suits who work for the pharmaceutical industry.