What does Moody’s think about north Jersey casinos and Atlantic City?

assetContentTRENTON — A Wall Street rating agency said Tuesday a plan to expand casino gambling to north Jersey would be “bad news” for Atlantic City and could cause more casinos to close in the Jersey Shore resort. The report by Moody’s Investor Services came on the same day a bill was formally introduced in the stateā€¦

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One Comment on “What does Moody’s think about north Jersey casinos and Atlantic City?”

  1. Anybody said at 12:16 am on January 15th, 2016:

    who doesn’t see this as a powerplay by north and south Dems over who gets to be their next governor, is missing a key point: and, at the expense of AC, which already has enough problems. I find it sad that all those years of trying to build up AC, and not giving them sports betting to help after the decline, means more darkness on that beautiful waterfront. And, pathetic, that all that north Jersey population still doesn’t pay them enough money to spend! Shame on a few pols’ egos!