DuPont Concedes Red Bank Election

Red Bank Councilman Michael DuPont

Red Bank Councilman Michael DuPont

Red Bank Councilman Michael DuPont told MoreMonmouthMusings that he will not contest the results of the election that has him losing to his Republican challenger Michael Whelan.   Whelan increased his margin of victory from 2 to 3 votes as a result of an Election Recount and Recheck this morning that DuPont had requested.

“After consulting with my representatives who were present at the recount this morning, I have decided to accept the result and wish the new council members well in doing what is best for Red Bank, ” DuPont said.

“You haven’t heard the last of me,” the three term Democrat continued,”but for now it is best for Red Bank that we move forward.”

Whelan and his running mate Mark Taylor, the top vote getter in the four way race for two seats on the Council, will be sworn into office in early January,giving the Republican Party control of the Borough’s government for the first time time in two decades.  Republicans will have a 4-2 majority.

“I hope the new councilmen do what is best for Red Bank and that they are not beholden to Party bosses,” DuPont said.

Red Bank Republican Chairman Sean DiSomma issued the following statement:

“Michael DuPont has given nearly a decade of his life to Red Bank. Through a number of different colleagues, a financial crises, a state government which hasn’t been there to help and tremendous personal struggle, Mr. DuPont has not wavered in his devotion to our little Borough.

“I hope Mr. DuPont works with our new council members to help Red Bank move forward in a bi-partisan manner. I want to thank Michael DuPont for his service. He serves as a public political foe but privately he was always an honest family man who worked hard for what he believed in. Red Bank owes a big thank you to Mr. DuPont!”

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