N.J. has worst business tax climate in U.S., study finds

assetContent (20)TRENTON — New Jersey’s high property and income taxes contribute to its standing as the nation’s least attractive tax climate for businesses, according to a Washington tax policy group’s annual ranking of the 50 states. The Tax Foundation, a public policy group that has two former Republican lawmakers on its board of directors, considered five metrics,…

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One Comment on “N.J. has worst business tax climate in U.S., study finds”

  1. Great idea, said at 9:51 pm on November 22nd, 2015:

    legislative and ex- governor clowns, and let’s now raise the gas tax 7,10,14 cents per gallon: that’ll bring lots more business into our fine state: NOT! Why would any working person or business think of coming or staying here?? None of them will talk about cutting any programs to fund infrastructure reconstruction, nope, we’re NJ, just keep bleeding the poor taxpayers, to plug the holes of your never- ending, unfettered, spending sprees!