Democrats Sweep in Atlantic Highlands

Mayor Fred Rast

Mayor Fred Rast

With all districts reporting in Atlantic Highlands, Democrat Rhonda LeGrice has defeated Republican Councilman Jack Archibald for Mayor, 847 to 559, a 60-40 margin. Archibald only received  233 votes more today than he received in the Republican Primary last June when he defeated fellow Councilman Lou Fligor.

The Democrats also retained the two Council seats they were defending. Incumbent Democrat Roy Dellosso, 916 votes and newcomer Charles Lero, 848 votes, defeated Republicans Jim Krauss, 513 votes and France Karras 489 votes.

Mayor Fred Rast, a Republican endorsed the Democratic slate in a letter than he sent to all voters, at his own expense, late last week.  In his letter, Rast listed a litany of complaints about Archibald and GOP Municipal Chairwoman Jane Frotton. Additionally, he said that during his eight years as mayor, he lead the governing body with a bi-partisan coalition of Fligor, Dellosso, Republican Jacob Hoffman and Democrat Robert Sutton.

Archibald and Republican Peter Doyle have been a functional minority on the Council.  A fact that Archibald confirm during the primary campaign.

Rast had endorsed Fligor in the Republican Primary.

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