6 ways to avoid the ‘next Sandy’ | Di Ionno

assetContentThree years ago this morning, millions of people in New Jersey woke to a gray-sky dawn and the residual breezes of Hurricane Sandy, which rumbled through the state under the darkness of night with the straight-forward power of a slow-moving freight train. The storm’s wide swath of destruction unveiled itself in the gathering light. The images…

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  1. No build zones said at 8:53 am on October 30th, 2015:

    How about addressing the areas that flood year after year due to the building of homes which encroach the natural coastline. When homes are built on penninsulas or on the river and bay shores what do they expect and why are they surprised by water damage during storms. Why do the taxpayers have to continue to pay for the constant flooding areas and homeowners to rebuild year after year?