Christie to return to Asbury Park Convention Hall

“I sought a second term to finish the job – now watch me do it.”

~ Governor Chris Christie, November 5, 2013

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Governor Chris Christie is bringing his “Telling it like it is” presidential campaign to the Asbury Park Convention Hall for a high dollar fundraiser on August 4.   Here’s a copy of the invitation if you would like to go.  Tickets are $250 per person for the reception. For $2,700 per person or $5,400 per couple you get a photo and a reception ticket.

Christie ends his first presidential commercial with a clip from his announcement speech where he emphatically declares “I mean what I say say and I say what I mean, and that’s what America needs right now.”

Here are some highlights of what Christie said the last time he held a big event at the Asbury Park Convention Hall—his victory speech on the occasion of his reelection in 2013:

The people of New Jersey four years ago were downhearted and dispirited, they didn’t believe that government could work for them anymore.

In fact, what they thought was that government was just there to take from them but not to give to them, not to work with them, not to work for them. Well, four years later, we stand here tonight showing that it is possible to put doing your job first, to put working together first, to fight for what you believe in, yet still stand by your principles and get something done for the people who elected you. The biggest thing, the biggest thing I’ve learned over the last four years about leadership is that leadership is much less about talking than it is about listening, about bringing people around the table listening to each other, showing them respect, doing what needed to be done to be able to bring people together and to achieve what we needed to achieve to move our state forward.


Because when you lead, you need to be there.


What people have told me over the last four years is that more than anything else, they want the truth. They want the truth. You know, we don’t always agree with each other in New Jersey. Some folks don’t agree with some of the things I do and certainly they don’t agree with some of the things I say sometimes. But they know, they know they never have to wonder. When they walked into the voting booth today, they didn’t say, ‘hey I wonder who this guy is and what he stands for, what he’s willing to fight for, what he’s willing to do when the chips are down.’


  But I will never stop leading the state I love.


My pledge to you tonight is I will govern with the spirit of Sandy. It’s true of New Jersey and all the people who live here, they’re ready to live that way, too. as you governor it’s never mattered to me where someone is from, whether they voted for me or not, what the of their skin was or their political party. for me being governor has always been about getting the job done first. now, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have principles. we have many of them. and we have stood and fought every day to cut taxes, to reduce the size of government spending, to reform pensions and benefits, to reform a broken education system and to make sure that we create opportunity again for New Jerseyans.

And for the next four years, we will fight to make those changes permanent, and we will fight to make them bigger. I did not seek a second term to do small things. I sought a second term to finish the job – now watch me do it.


But on October 29th of last year, that job changed. It’s no longer a job for me. It’s a mission. You see, a mission is different than a job. A mission is something that’s sacred. It’s a sacred trust that was thrust upon me and you on October 29th of last year.

And that mission, that mission is to make sure that everyone, everyone in New Jersey who’s affected by Sandy is returned to normalcy in their life. And i want to promise you tonight, i will not let anyone, anything, any political party, any governmental entity or any force get in between me and the completion of my mission.

You see, for those veterans out there tonight, you know — you know how sacred a mission is. Sacredness of the mission of a soldier is that no one ever is left behind. No one is ever left behind on the battle field. And on the battle field that Sandy turned this state into, New Jerseyans will never leave any New Jerseyan behind.

I’m resolved to complete this mission, not because of me, but because of you.


But tonight, tonight I know that my mom is looking down on New Jersey and saying to me — I can feel it – she’s saying to me, “Chris, the job’s not done yet. Get back to work and finish the job for the people of New Jersey.” That’s exactly what I’ll do. I love you, New Jersey.

A transcript of Christie’s 2013 victory speech is available here. Video is available here.


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2 Comments on “Christie to return to Asbury Park Convention Hall”

  1. Sancho Panza said at 2:49 pm on July 14th, 2015:

    At the rate he’s going, he won’t even make the second tier.

  2. So much "saying," said at 8:19 pm on July 14th, 2015:

    so little “doing..” The height of arrogance is running with absolutely no record of positive changes to run on!