Brian Williams will stay at NBC, but not as anchor, reports say

After months of internal investigation into the “NBC Nightly News” anchor’s work, Brian Williams will stay at NBC, according to a CNN report. When his suspension from the network ends in August, Williams will take on a new role, the report says, citing sources with knowledge of the decision. The specifics of that job are not…

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3 Comments on “Brian Williams will stay at NBC, but not as anchor, reports say”

  1. Jimmy Jones said at 6:52 am on June 18th, 2015:

    Ah come on.

    There was a deal struck in which Williams gets paid his contracted huge salary, gets to sit on the side for the balance of his contract, and agrees not to sue NBC, and everybody saves a little face.

    They aren’t fooling anyone.

  2. Bob English said at 8:13 am on June 18th, 2015:

    Will be interesting what Mr. Williams has to say about all this when he comes back.

    My take is the American people are reasonably forgiving especially when people fess up to a past mistake(s). Seems like every week that a pol says or does something crazy, cheats on spouse, etc….next thing you know they are apologizing/asking for forgiveness.

    Maybe the standard is higher for members of the news media than it is for pols, lol.

  3. Jimmy Jones said at 8:21 am on June 19th, 2015:

    MSNBC is the graveyard of cable TV. Their viewership is below that of reruns of Lassie. It is just a stopping point before he “seeks other opportunities”