N.J. court blocks cops’ dashboard videos, many reports from public release

Zipprich arrestTRENTON — The public is not entitled to numerous police records — from investigation reports and dashboard video recordings to daily log sheets and communications between officers — under the state’s public records law, a state appeals panel ruled Thursday. At a time of heightened scrutiny of police actions, the court found those records and more…

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2 Comments on “N.J. court blocks cops’ dashboard videos, many reports from public release”

  1. Fight back, get your own Dashboard cam said at 4:27 pm on June 11th, 2015:

    They may or may not be admissible in court and it may or may not ever come in handy, but every driver should grab one of those $50 dashboard cams, mount it on their dash and let it roll. You might help a neighbor some day or save your own butt.


    The G1W gets solid reviews, I’ve had one in my truck and one in my car for a year or more now, no problems with it and, knock on wood, no use for it other than all of the cases of a state trooper speeding past me (which I always save for later), a few almost hit a deer incidents, and the random People Of Walmart who walk in front of the car and make for good goofing on later.

  2. Jimmy Jones said at 8:37 pm on June 12th, 2015:

    “reaffirms the longstanding principle in New Jersey that criminal cases should be tried in court.”

    Not quite. It goes to shield officers who might have stepped, or totally jumped over the line. I can forsee virtuall every situation being said to being “under investigation” in perpetuity. Case in point is the sad situation of the cops driving the wrong way in Staten Island. The driver is still on the payroll because, as the Chief said, “it is still under investigation (despite the driver blood alcohol being way above the limit.

    This ruling only serves to protect those who feel they are above the law because they carry a badge and a gun.