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Senator Jennifer Beck, Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini, Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande, Monmouth County Freeholder Tom Arnone, and Neptune Township Committeeman Randy Bishop offered the following statement Monday to update residents on the progress being made in the effort to dredge Shark River state navigation channels:

“This project is closer to reality than ever before. This is a result of years of work coordinating with the many agencies that have authority over this project. This project focuses on what we can do, dredge the state navigation channels of the river” Arnone explained, a former Neptune City Mayor. “A project like this has to have full cooperation from the federal, state, county, and municipal governments. It has been a long process, but one that is moving forward”.

There are two permits necessary to move forward with the project: one from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and the second from the US Army Corps of Engineers. NJ DOT has submitted applications for both permits. The State hopes to bid this project in time for a late-summer project award.  If a responsive bid is received, and the selected contractor chooses, dredging could potentially begin later this year.  The contractor may be given the option to conduct the work over two dredging seasons if necessary.

Committeeman Randy Bishop added, “This project would not be where it is without the persistence of our local residents, but now there is finally an answer for concerns. I’m eager to see the project go out to bid.”

“Bid specifications are under development and the permits for the dredging process are now at the NJDEP and USACE” said Senator Beck. “I have been successful in securing a commitment from the State to fund this project, and tangible steps have been taken for this desperately needed project to move forward”.

“I have been part of various efforts to allow the desperately-needed dredging of the Shark River, which is vital to our economy as well as our quality of life here in Monmouth County,” said Angelini. “The fact that this project is in the process of moving forward is a testament to the commitment of the citizens and the officials who refused to take no for an answer.”

“While the road ahead will take time, I’m happy to see tangible progress on this issue,” said Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande.  “Our constituents should know that we are fighting hard to get all parties involved to cooperate and see the dredging of the Shark River finally get done.  It is in all of our best interests to see this beautiful waterway restored and protected for future generations.”

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  1. Name (required) said at 9:04 pm on June 1st, 2015:

    Thank you and congratulations on a good start. Please let’s complete the project and save the WHOLE of Shark River. Thanks again and please keep the initiative going. Sincerely,
    Linda & Kennedy J. O’Brien
    449 S Riverside Dr
    Neptune, NJ 07753
    H (732) 775-8003

  2. John Dempsey said at 7:35 am on June 2nd, 2015:

    Where are Assemblyman Sean Kean & Dave Rible on this? How have they helped? Why is the Wall Township not part of the solution? They have contributed as much to the problem for the past 40 years. Yes there is a plan in the works that has been started. The money would go much further if all the towns were contributing to the solution. The Shark River is the SECOND MOST POLLUTED beach in the state. 10 years ago 196,000 cubic yards were needed to dredge the river. This plan does not include all the State navigational channels. Why are we not going for that? Nothing will get dredged this boating season. 8 hours a day most boats can not use the channels! FEMA left 2 years ago without starting the job because there was no place to dewater. WHO is in charge of the River? WHO is going after the money available to do a larger job? Thank you to the ones starting this again this has been a long hard fight. The last 2 plans that were announced did not happen. We all hope the 3rd will be a start before the river is lost. The only way things will happen long term if all the agencies are united. The Army Corps, Marine Fisheries, FEMA, NJDOT,NJDEP, Wall, Neptune, Neptune City & Belmar, The 5 Monmouth County Freeholders 4 State Assembly people 2 State Senators 1 Congressmen and the Gov. Lets not settle. So Again who is incharge of the Shark River and Who is going after additionally funding? Please come take a boat ride with us and see for yourself how bad it is today. Belmar did a great job getting 6 million for Lake Como We should be able to get more than 5 million for a river that has not been dredged for 40 years.Thank you jfd SAVE SHARK RIVER