There is still Hope for Mater Dei Prep

Marter Dei logoMater Dei Prep, the Catholic High School in Middletown affiliated with St. Mary Parish has received a two month life line.

On Tuesday, Father Jeff Kegley announced the school would close its doors and stop educating young Catholics in June because after years of financial losses the parish could no longer sustain the school which is on track to lose $1 million this year.

Yesterday, encouraged by “the tremendous outpouring of support from the school and parish community to keep Mater Dei Prep open”, Fr. Kegley announced a two month fund raising campaign, “Save the Seraphs,” to raise the $1 million necessary to keep the school operating another year.

Mr. Jim Shaw is spearheading the fund raising drive.  Shaw’s committee will meet tonight, February 6, at 7PM in the school’s Memorial Hall.  All who are interested in supporting the effort are invited to attend.

Fr. Kegley cited Cannon Law 800.2 in his announcement of the fundraising drive. ” “All Christ’s faithful are to promote Catholic schools, doing everything possible to help in establishing and maintaining them.”

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2 Comments on “There is still Hope for Mater Dei Prep”

  1. MLaffey said at 11:05 am on February 6th, 2015:

    What no one has talked about is why the school has declining enrollment. Unless that issue is addressed additional fundraising is just delaying the inevitable.

  2. TheDigger said at 9:08 pm on February 8th, 2015:

    With Brian Williams being touted as a Mater Dei (High School, not Prep) graduate, I suspect more problems will arise. Mr. Williams no longer seems to be a reputable individual worthy of emulation.

    Maffey is correct. Declining enrollment is the critical component of the problem. They probably need at least 800 students (200 per grade) to have a chance to work this out.