The holidays are around the corner

Happy Holidays


Time is running out. Today is Saturday, December 14th and It’s only 2 days from Chanukah, 11 days until Christmas and 12 days before Kwanzaa

The BizEturtle Community Calendar of Events is filled with HOLIDAY EVENTS! Forget the malls, the large stores and shop at the local bazaars, the art & craft fairs and so many more. Take in a holiday play.

Be sure and check out the BizEturtle Seasonal Page. It has a list of CHRISTMAS TREE FARMS.

Feel like giving instead of receiving, click on to
BizEturtle’s Resources PageIt’s a list that consists of places
that assist
with all kinds of services Plus where you can find
Clothes Closets: A place to get clothes at no cost
Food Pantries: A place you can go for extra food needed per month and/or week
Homeless Shelters: A place to get a meal and a place to sleep
Soup Kitchens: A place to get a hot and/or cold meal
Thrift Stores: A place to purchase items at reduced prices
Please call for requirements, regulations, range of service and further info before visiting any of these locations.

Support the Arts in Monmouth County and visit
BizEturtle’s Arts PageIt has list of Web Sites dedicated to the Arts of Monmouth County You will not believe all of the arts found in Monmouth County.

Don’t forget to check out BizEturtle’s Museums & Historical Societies PageYou will find a list of Web Sites of Museums, Historical Societies and LightHouses in Monmouth County

There is also BizEturtle’s Monthly-Weekly Page

You can friend me on FacebookBe sure and check out my
albums of posters of events. There’s 2014 Monmouth County Events, 2014 Monthly Events and 2015 Monmouth County Events

You can follow me on Twitter @Turtlelynn

BizEturtle reaches more than you can imagine by weaving it’s way through the internet stopping off at Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and so many other social places.

All Events are posted at NO charge on the BizEturtle Community Calendar and in the Weekly Bulletin The weekly bulletin is sent out every Sunday at 9PM of events for that week.

That’s right, FREE! All your events!!!
BizEturtle is here to help you spread the news.

Please be sure and take heed to the Policy of BizEturtle

For further information, contact me at [email protected] or

Do not be fooled by the name, BizEturtle. “We are all bizE (busy) in our lives, but we must turtle (slow )down to spend time with family, friends, etc

BizEturtle is a website that is unlike any other one you will ever come across. The Motto of BizEturtle is Keeping BizE in Turtle Time

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