Senate Panel Approves Casagrande’s Bill On Life-Saving Allergy Treatment In Schools

Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande

Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande

School nurses and other trained personnel would be authorized to administer epinephrine to any student having an anaphylactic reaction under legislation sponsored by Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande (R-11).

Casagrande’s bill, A-304 was passed  in the Assembly, 73-0, on May 22 and was approved by the Senate Education Committee unanimously this morning.  If approved by the full Senate, the bill will go to Governor Chris Christie whose signature will make it law.

“As many as two children in every classroom have at least one food allergy,” said Casagrande, R – Monmouth. “Schools should be able to respond quickly and appropriately to help children with a serious allergic reaction.”

Recent studies suggest that one in 13 children are affected by food allergies. More than 15 percent of school aged children with food allergies have had a reaction at school.

Current law requires that parents provide written authorization for the school to administer an injection. However, Casagrande said “a student with an undiagnosed allergy can have a reaction for the first time in the school.”

The bill also requires that schools maintain a supply of epinephrine auto-injectors, and amends the law to provide immunity to school employees and agents for good faith acts or omissions concerning the emergency administration of epinephrine to specifically include a physician providing a prescription under a standing protocol for school epinephrine. In response to the rise in child food allergies, a number of states have enacted laws allowing schools to maintain a supply of epinephrine that can be used for any student in an anaphylactic emergency.

“While many parents of children with serious food allergies supply a prescription to the school nurse or teacher, not all kids have an epinephrine auto-injector prescribed specifically for them. This helps these children,” said Casagrande.

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4 Comments on “Senate Panel Approves Casagrande’s Bill On Life-Saving Allergy Treatment In Schools”

  1. Right on, Caroline, said at 2:00 am on November 14th, 2014:

    -arguably among the most responsive and timely members of our delegation: always addressing issues that matter, especially to parents and young people..a fav of mine, am hoping the stars align for her to make it to Congress in the future.

  2. Should be the State Senator of Her District said at 8:57 am on November 14th, 2014:

    Caroline is the real true voice of conservatism. Not Jennifer Beck. Would love to see Caroline primary Beck. Caroline is pro-life, and against gay marriage. Unlike flip-floppin Jen.

  3. I agree said at 4:39 pm on November 14th, 2014:

    with “Should Be.”

    But sadly, Caroline won’t primary her. But, I bet Beck will someday have starts in her eyes for the Governor’s seat.

    Better yet, would love to see Caroline in Congress.

  4. @ I agree said at 10:25 pm on November 14th, 2014:

    She can exclude any support of all government workers throughout the state. She has hurt firefighters, police officers, teachers, etc.

    Her votes in the senate have mirrored Chris Christie’s. They have villanized and demonized those workers who are blamed for all of the states ills. We now know that is not the case, but attributed to poor leadership at the top and failed promises on the part of CC.

    Beck, if she so chooses to run for governor, would be a poor choice.