Reflections on Lillian Burry by the person who knows her best

By Capt. Donald L. Burry, USCG (Retired)

Don BurryMany of you now know that Lillian Burry and I have been married for more than 50 years.  Through the disagreements and pleasant happenings I have learned much about her dedication and commitment to our County.  If I may, I would like to express my observations with respect to Lillian’s political and community activities.  This will take a while and I hope you might have time for my thoughts.

Beginning back in the days of our Matawan Borough life, Lillian started her career in political and social community commitment.  Preserving the 80+ acres around Matawan creek; saving the historical Borrowes Mansion; obtaining Federal funds to purchase and convert the old Central Jersey Bank building into an Improved Borough Hall; spearheading the efforts to stop dumping  and storing waste oil in Burnt Fly Bog and having it declared a Federal contaminated site; establishing a chapter of League of Women voters; elected to the Matawan Borough Council; Appointed to the Monmouth County Planning Board; Appointed to the Monmouth County Library Commission; and other less well known activities were her passions.  I was a sales rep for the Rohm and Haas Company.  My travels afforded her time, in my absence, to raise our daughter and to be politically and community involved.  This was the beginning of Lillian’s political career.  Additionally Lillian became involved in Real Estate sales.  Colts Neck Realty became a new passion.

In 1978, we were fortunate to be able to purchase a building lot, subdivided from a farm, in Colts Neck.We built the home in which we still live and Lillian was determined to never again enter the political world.  My travels for work became more intense, our daughter, Lenore was married and Lillian found herself with a little spare time.  Friends in Colts Neck, knowing her government activities in Matawan, asked for her help with preserving several farms in town.  This was the beginning of the second political career.  Becoming a Township Committeewoman, led Lillian into much more complicated land preservation and budget activities.  While working for the residents of Colts Neck was a major source of accomplishment and satisfaction, it did not go unnoticed in County government circles.  The County organization was seeking new talent and sought her out. “Who better to run for Freeholder than Lillian Burry”, Lillian in 2005 was brought into the fold of Monmouth County political life, and was elected as a Monmouth County Freeholder.  Her work ethic and dedication to honest governing led to her becoming the first woman Director of the Board of Chosen Freeholders.

Working with the Freeholders and County employees, the list of accomplishments includes Parks, Library, Sheriffs activities, holding County expenditures in line, the Child Advocacy Centre activities and other committee functions.  Her commitment to farmland and open space preservation has been a passion and successful activity for Monmouth County residents.  Appointed to the Fort Monmouth Redevelopement Committee by two Governors has afforded Lillian the opportunity to fight for a Veterans Community and as a member of that group to bring commercial and residential activity back to the area.  Appointed to the Fort Hancock Redevelopment Committee has afforded her another opportunity to see Historic preservation and economically viable activity return to a geographic section of the Gateway National Park at Sandy Hook.  When all is said and done, why would Lillian join in the gutter politics of this election?  Never has there been a hint of impropriety at any time during Lillian’s public or private careers.  Lillian is a woman of the highest standards of moral character; a loving wife, mother and grandmother.  I am proud to stand at her side.  I invite you to join me in reelecting Lillian G. Burry, Monmouth County Freeholder on November 4th



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  1. The Two Scofflaws said at 12:27 pm on October 29th, 2014:

    Can’t hold a candle to Freeholder Burry.

  2. Mary DeSarno said at 6:53 pm on October 29th, 2014:

    Don- No one can say it better than you- anyone that knows Lillian can only agree-I have no doubt she will be successful on Tuesday and the real winners will be Monmouth County.