DiMaso: Don’t be fooled by silly season rhetoric

By Freeholder Serena DiMaso

Serena DiMasoThis year’s election season doesn’t carry with it the big ticket names for President or even Governor, but in Monmouth County and Holmdel it certainly does.  Freeholder Director Lillian Burry and Deputy Director Gary Rich have worked diligently for the residents of our county.  In Holmdel, our Mayor Pat Impreveduto and Committeeman Greg Buontempo mirror that work ethic and continue to deliver the best quality of life for our beautiful community.


Any one who knows me, knows how often I tell the story of why I chose Holmdel and Monmouth County. BUT,  in case you haven’t heard, here’s the short version, we wanted a place we could raise our children and they could raise their children. We wanted a community that boasted the best school systems, park systems and quality of life in all of New Jersey.  We found it.  It’s all right here in Holmdel Township, Monmouth County. Why?  Because of the leadership of the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders and the Holmdel Township Committee.

So, when we chose to make our home in Holmdel it was because of those leadership qualities, and making the right decision not always the popular one.  Our Republican leaders were and are careful with our money and watch every dollar as if it was their own. They put our public safety first, so we can rest easy knowing we are protected. They make sure we have the best amenities for a wonderful quality of life, like our libraries and parks.


Many ask why I chose to become a member of the Township Committee, become Mayor and then join the Board of Chosen Freeholders.  Here’s why, to be part of a team that cared about the future of our town, and our County. Cared to preserve what great leadership had already delivered.  One that worked hard to ensure that our quality of life was ongoing, not a fleeting thought. This team is doing just that, and I am proud to be a part of such a great partnership as we continue to work hard and fight for all of you every day.


Please do not be fooled by the silly season rhetoric, look around, see the wonderful place you live and you’ll know what the truth is.


Please join me in voting for my counterparts Freeholders Lillian Burry and Gary Rich and  Mayor Pat Impreveduto and Greg Buontempo.  Four wonderful public servants who deserve your vote. Keep the team together! Keep Monmouth and Holmdel a great place to live, work and raise a family.



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13 Comments on “DiMaso: Don’t be fooled by silly season rhetoric”

  1. Tom Selvecchio said at 9:35 am on October 28th, 2014:

    Her grammar is terrible. This woman holds office? She has a law degree?

  2. @Tommy Boy said at 10:14 am on October 28th, 2014:

    Typical, attack the person rather than reason with the facts.

  3. Republican Talking points with Serena said at 11:30 am on October 28th, 2014:

    I always wondered why a woman would go through great pains, time and expense to go to law school and NEVER practice law.

    What’s up with that?

  4. Monmouth Girl said at 12:02 pm on October 28th, 2014:

    Why does it have to be a woman? Why don’t you wondered why a man would go through great pains, time and expense to go to law school and NEVER practice law?

    Also, how do you know she does’t practice law?

  5. Jim Granelli said at 12:36 pm on October 28th, 2014:

    Ok, now we see who has the war on women, and it ain’t Republicans, first Tom Selveccho and now “Republican Talking Points,” another anonymous coward.

    @ Republican Talking Points…

    How do you know her plans didn’t change after school?

  6. Interesting said at 1:10 pm on October 28th, 2014:

    As anyone noticed how liberals attack the messenger, and don’t defend their own candidates.

    That’s because there is no defense for scofflaws. Sad way of doing business, and thus should be ignored.

    As Madam Freeholder said, “don’t be fooled by the silly season.”

  7. Unbelievable: said at 1:28 pm on October 28th, 2014:

    are any of these naysayers an English teacher? Why not be glad a fellow Freeholder writes in support of her colleagues as a GOTV piece? And, perhaps her law license is in NY, where she was from, and perhaps she has run her husband’s office, and perhaps she raised 4 bright, successful children, and perhaps she volunteers tons of hours on her town’s first aid squad, and does all her Freeholder duties, very well, and still finds time to serve the community on a bunch of boards and foundations! Not every lawyer in this county is interested in legal contracts- we certainly have enough of those. And, not every Freeholder supports their fellow Freeholders’ re- election, or at least, may seem rather silent, this go- round. So, how about cutting a smart, decent, hardworking public servant some slack, and go encourage other like- minded voters to get out on Nov. 4- a much more productive use of one’s time, one would think..

  8. Don't be Fooled by Serena said at 2:01 pm on October 28th, 2014:

    Rhetoric Serena?? Really?? Well I must say, you did not involve yourself in rhetoric. You involved yourself in action–action that begin in the ouster of Mr. John Bennett. You are a co-architect and co-conspirator in the coup d etat of John.

    I know your are a keen observer of this blog–what say you on your role???

  9. Call it like I see it. said at 2:56 pm on October 28th, 2014:

    Worse than the extremely poor grammar, which was apparent regardless of political affiliation, the article’s contents were truly shallow and insipid. It was reminiscent of John Izdik’s rambling defense of the Jets. I usually expect more compelling and intellectually stimulating content from MMM and I wish I could expect more substance from our elected officials.

  10. Jim Granelli said at 3:32 pm on October 28th, 2014:

    The anonymous cowards are out in force I see, continuing the Democrat War On Women; personally attacking a good Freeholder while failing to actually say something good about their scofflaw candidates running on nothing but lies and hate; just as someone else mentioned above.

    As to cowardly “don’t be fooled by Serena, what; people aren’t allowed to support what they believe is a better person for the job?

    What, you’ve never chosen between two candidates in a primary? How hypocritical is that?

    Folks, the issue here is one of the better candidates for Freeholder. Not grammar or the change of party leadership.

    But then, this AGAIN shows why it is impossible to have an honest debate with a liberal


    They issue ad hominem attacks and distract from their own failures as candidates. And they do it cowardly from behind the safety of their computer screen.

  11. Prove it, said at 9:44 pm on October 28th, 2014:

    “Don’t be,”- give it up!-rather than again go into retrograde, and dredge up the past- this June, 10 years ago, whatever, why can’t you focus on the now, and the future?? It is ridiculous to air personal gripes now, one week out: the challenge is to pull together, get out our vote, and keep the county going in the right direction with Lillian and Gary- it is a really serious choice, between proven leaders who have done a good job and have results to run on, versus the two opponents who have said absolutely zero in the way of positive ideas, who have no personal regard for rules and the law (one calls himself a lawyer!- how hypocritical, right there), and have resorted to nothing but incorrect conclusions, character assassination, and lies-albeit well- funded, by out-of-county Dem bosses! We just don’t want or need Luttrell or Grillo, period!! For the next 7 days, please, our job is to stop the gripe-rehashing, and win this thing!

  12. Always Remember the Past! said at 8:08 pm on October 29th, 2014:

    “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

  13. And those who continue said at 11:10 pm on October 29th, 2014:

    to beat dead horses, are unproductive, and mired in self- loathing and negativism! Those of us who were there in the dark days,and killed ourselves to bring us back, because a few jerks embarrassed us all, are tired of those who weren’t around,playing judge, jury and executioner- ad nauseum..why not join us for once, in helping to keep the good guys in, instead of sitting on your butts, spewing the same, tired old (Dem- inspired) rhetoric and b.s.?