Opinion: For Gov. Chris Christie, October’s Been the Cruelest Month

repost-us-image-13906378Carl Golden In his 1922 epic poem “The Waste Land,” English poet, essayist, and playwright T. S. Eliot opened with the line “April is the cruelest month … ” For Gov. Christie, though, it’s October. This October. Consider: + For the first time in four years, more poll respondents hold an unfavorable view of him, 45…

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2 Comments on “Opinion: For Gov. Chris Christie, October’s Been the Cruelest Month”

  1. Name (required) said at 9:57 am on October 21st, 2014:

    Christie’s facade is crumbling. He is being exposed as the run of the mill, lying, self serving politician that he is. He is no different than any of the other ass bags that have been in office before him.

  2. I agree! said at 11:11 am on October 21st, 2014:

    It is now evident that this loud/foul mouthed “blunt” talker is nothing of substance. NJ has one of the worst employment rates; one of the highest taxes, and he spends more time out of state than within. It’s as though he has the greatest no-show job in the state–and yet he vilifies public workers. I just don’t get it.