Summer schedule for drum circles in Monmouth County

Drum Circle

All of these circles will be on going all summer long, 
Please use these spaces for drumming, dancing, hooping and and togetherness

Congo Square Drum Circle
Tuesday 6pm-10pm
North Asbury Park Boardwalk
4th Ave Greens Space
4th and Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park

Belmar Boardwalk Drum Circle
Wednesdays 5:30pm – 9:00pm
2nd Ave and Ocean, Belmar

Long Branch Drum Circle 
Saturdays 5pm-9pmWest End Park 
Brighton and Ocean Avenue, Long Branch

For further information call John Eustor at 631-741-2295
If you would like updates and to be placed on the e-mail list,
 write to John at, [email protected]

Don’t forget to Save the Environment and use Resuable Water Bottles!!!!
Enjoy the summer everyone…cause it’ll probably go quicker
 then you think… Blessings, Love & Light- John

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One Comment on “Summer schedule for drum circles in Monmouth County”

  1. shhhhhhh said at 7:46 am on June 10th, 2014:

    Art, this is highly irresponsible of you. Have you heard these things? For four hours every Saturday, our house sounds like it’s under attack. Drums along the Mohawk as brought to you by patchouli stinking hipsters in, Lord help me, wool hats in the middle of summer. You know what they call someone who hangs around with musicians? A drummer. You know what the drummer got on his iq test? Drool. Call me a hater but this stuff annoys my cats, scares my dog, and offends every single one of my senses. If you saw any one of these hipsters doing this alone, you’d think they were nuts. Now we put them in a group and they’re supposed to be cool. Well they’re not. They’re a smelly noisy street gang terrorizing lovers of music and personal hygiene.