Crime in Asbury Park, Part 2 ENFORCEMENT



Enhanced enforcement is the best first step to addressing our crime issue in Asbury Park. With over 80 police officers in a City that is a little larger than one square mile, we should be better able to police our streets.

What has worked in other communities would also make me feel safer in my neighborhood; a clear strategy to deal with gang violence, police walking/biking the beat more often, and stricter code enforcement. As this is essentially police work, the Asbury Police Department must lead this effort. The development of a comprehensive plan should also involve the City Council, community activists, the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office, the State Police, and it must be made public.

As gang members commit our most violent crimes, a specific gang intervention component is key. This strategy must focus on putting the hardcore gang leaders in jail and lower level members into intervention programs outside of Asbury Park. A few model programs suggested by community members that have found success in other urban areas include the Highpoint Interventionstrategy, Counterinsurgency Cops that employ a block-by-block approach, Cities United, and Violence Interrupters.

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7 Comments on “Crime in Asbury Park, Part 2 ENFORCEMENT”

  1. Tone Loc said at 1:36 pm on June 6th, 2014:

    No offense to this author, but it’s apparent he is relatively new to the area and is just another person thinking they can “change” systemic issues with “just a little” motivation….

    I mean do you not think that people aren’t tired of it, for decades now? He can Google and read all the reports and studies he wants to pat himself on the back, but at the end of the day the community as a whole needs to stomp its foot to the ground and declare enough!

    Enough with the violence, enough with the police not actively patrolling the areas, & enough with this constant cycle…it has been going on for far too long.

    But also, the surrounding community needs to help, not all gangs & gang members are from Neptune & Asbury. Gangs and members are in Ocean Twp. Freehold, Wall, and every single other town.

  2. Tone Loc said at 1:38 pm on June 6th, 2014:

    I apologize, I meant “New to the issue” & not “new to the area.”

  3. Jim Granelli said at 3:15 pm on June 6th, 2014:

    What I am concerned about is the spread of gun violence from Asbury, creeping further and further west. Not it is west of Route 35.

    I believe there have been at least 6 shootings in Neptune now in the last week or so. Where and when does it stop.

    To be sure, this is a non partisan issue, but where are the Neptune Democrats AND Republicans proposing ideas, not in an effort to win races; but to be part of the solution simply because this is OUR town, all of us. Not the criminals town but the good citizens of both towns and we are starting to get scared, scared about our safety and property values.

    This writer presents more ideas than what I have seen from the community. Sure, there is talk, plenty of talk and lip service; but no action.

    IMHO, this must be a multilevel effort, that includes community involvement.

    Thank you Joe for the ideas. Maybe it’s an issue I and a few friends will have to advance.

  4. Jim said at 3:16 pm on June 6th, 2014:

    Now it is west of Route 35, should it say.

  5. Where is the Sheriff???? said at 7:01 pm on June 6th, 2014:

    Where is Sheriff Shaun Golden and the largest law enforcement agency in the county in regards to this matter?

    Golden boasted that not one person died under his “watch” and efforts during Hurricane Sandy; yet, we don’t hear him taking any blame or responsibility that people are being assaulted, and killed in the murder capital of Monmouth County.

    Golden, start using your law enforcement assets and get down to Asbury Park and help the locals clean up that town.

    Your pre-occupation and obsession with being County Chairman is costing people their lives, and businesses losing out on business due to the headlines in the papers.

  6. @ Where is said at 9:03 pm on June 6th, 2014:

    What, you want the Sheriff’s office to occupy Asbury Park?

    I guess you don’t read the news though, the Sheriff’s office is already involved in Asbury:



    Why aren’t you attacking the Asbury Park Police Department, which should be on the front line of this battle?

    You don’t because you are only looking to make political hay of something that is not true.

    This is a long term, multilevel fight that already includes the assets you claim are not there.

    How desperate you seem to be trying to insinuate the Chairmans’ race is connected to any lives lost. Despicable.

    Stop creating an issue that isn’t there in a desperate attempt to help Bennett.

    Mr. Bennett, is this what you condone?

    Despite several posters asking you to criticize such hateful and wrong attacks, we have not heard you distance yourself from ANY of the despicable charges against Howley, Pomanowski and now people accusing Shaun Golden of letting people die.

    Your silence on these charges is cowardly, actually despicable.

    You deserve to lose if you do not speak against this kind of hate and rotten campaigning.

  7. Subject: Sheriff Golden said at 9:31 pm on June 6th, 2014:

    First of all, the links you placed in your diatribe show the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office conducted the operations. Oh yeah, I forgot, the Sheriff’s Department contributed a (as in one) K-9 Unit.

    Golden boy boasted of not one person dying during Hurricane Sandy. Gee, it almost sounds as if HE had something to do with it. He even used in in his campaigns. But yet no effective enforcement action in Asbury Park.

    You ask “should \Asbury Park be occupied?” Well, maybe! If it stops the mayhem and as Jim Granelli says, the cancer is starting to spread to nearby towns. So yes! occupy the damn town, and make people in Asbury Park and nearby towns SAFE!!!

    And on another note that has been mentioned before: Having Golden as chairman will undoubtedly strong arm the Freeholders into funding his department and perhaps granting Golden pay raises as well. If not, they can see their names off the respective Republican lines.

    Golden should not be chairman!!!