Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long leaves the Democratic Party

Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long. photo credit:RedBankGreen.com

Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long. photo credit:RedBankGreen.com

When Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal promised retribution and accused Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long of abandoning her principals by endorsing Governor Chris Christie for reelection, Long said, “Whether Vin likes it or not, I’m still a Democrat.”

Now she’s not a Democrat.  Long quietly changed her registration to Unaffiliated in February.  The Asbury Park Press was the first to report Long’s new status.

“I did this quietly and without fanfare,” Long told MMM, “to talk about why I did it would defeat the purpose.”  Prodded, Long said, “its a long story, no pun intended.”

Political insiders in Sea Bright have been aware of Long’s new status for a few weeks.  One insider said that something happened in the county Democratic Party that Long considered  personally hurtful.

When the Bridgegate story broke in January, Long told MMM that she was angry that some suggested she would revoke her endorsement of Christie.

“No, and I’m angry that some are tossing by name around as if I’m waffling about my endorsement,” Long said when we asked her if she regretted endorsing Christie in light of the Bridgegate scandal. “Bridgegate is terrible, but it does not undue the Sandy recovery.  My endorsement was based on the Sandy recovery.   Let’s wait and see what happens when all the facts come out. Right now it’s a feeding frenzy.”

Long’s term ends in 2015. She said she has not yet considered whether she would seek a second term.

Gopal told The Asbury Park Press that he thinks Long is focused on Sea Bright and not county, state or national issues. He said he had great respect for Long and the job she is doing.



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7 Comments on “Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long leaves the Democratic Party”

  1. Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long leaves the Democratic Party | The Save Jersey Blog said at 10:41 pm on May 6th, 2014:

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  2. Jim Granelli said at 8:25 am on May 7th, 2014:

    Who cares what Vinny says.

    Like with Black Conservatives, the Democrats attack anyone who leaves the reservation and doesn’t kow tow to the DNC talking points.

    This woman has courage and I will bet there are many more people who would like to leave the the modern day Democrat Party which is being run by far left lunatics but just haven’t found the courage as of yet.

  3. JRSMITH said at 8:47 am on May 7th, 2014:

    Who care what you have to say Granelli you are just a bitter old man who own party in Neptune wants nothing to do with you.They know you are just RIGHT WING NUT.

  4. Jim Granelli said at 10:35 am on May 7th, 2014:

    Why don’t you send me your phone number thru Art, JR Smith or use your full and honest name and we’ll talk about that as well as a number of people who do support me?

    But, I bet you you are too much of a coward to do so.

    Oh, that’s right; you are from Howell where you have your own party squabbles.

    Holier than though hypocrite that you are.

    Now, if you want to be a man; have a real conversation with me by phone instead of trying to give a hair cut over the phone and hiding behind a computer.

    You know NOTHING of my references and support. Instead, you buy into a few rumors spread by the kinds of people who have lost 8 elections in a row and the kind of people I actually felt physically threatened by in a meeting; all in an attempt to hold on to power.

    You want to make an attack like that in public while I held my powder dry in the matter of the failed Neptune Republican Party? You very well risk me bringing it out into the public with facts and back up by a number of people.

    Coward, you are nothing but a coward covering for failures.

  5. Jim Granelli said at 10:42 am on May 7th, 2014:

    BTW, sorry for going off topic. I have been trying to avoid that lately.

    But someone went there first; and I won’t let such cowards go unanswered.

  6. Kudos to Dina Long said at 11:53 am on May 7th, 2014:

    Life’s too short to let the ugliness of those consumed with dragging others down get in the way .

    The citizens of Sea Bright deserve a chance to rebuild their lives, WITHOUT interference from the county Democrat party elites.

  7. Is it true said at 9:39 am on May 8th, 2014:

    that ex freeholder director Tom Powers has also quietly and without fanfare changed his registration to Unaffiliated?