DiBella Considering A Challenge to Pallone

DiBella for webFormer Howell Mayor Joe DiBella said he “would love to” run against Congressman Frank Pallone if Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden decides against running.

Golden has been considering a run, at the behest of party leaders, for several weeks, but has yet to make a decision.  Sources close to the sheriff say he is leaning against running due to his agenda in the Sheriff’s Department and the impact a candidacy would have on his family.  Golden was reelected as Monmouth County’s Sheriff last November by a 64%-36% margin.

A 23 year veteran of the health insurance industry, the charismatic and articulate DiBella would offer a sharp contrast to Pallone, the self-professed author of ObamaCare, in matters of both style and substance during a federal election when once again ObamaCare is expected to be the predominant issue nationally.  DiBella is an Executive Vice President of Connor Strong & Buckelew, the prominent insurance broker run by South Jersey’s Democratic power broker George Norcross and Joseph Buckelew, the former Republican Mayor of Lakewood.


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39 Comments on “DiBella Considering A Challenge to Pallone”

  1. I Would Be Down With This said at 11:05 am on February 18th, 2014:

    Still a tough race, but Joe is a guy that could give it a good fight. Money is the key.

    And coming from the health insurance industry is a plus.

    Now I know the BSTPG will rebel against this from the start, but as a very good friend said last night; they are irrelevant now a days. Yet, they will continue to shoot their own feet by shooting down pretty good candidates. Sadly, they want perfection which is not possible in NJ with the demographics that exist.

    I say, give it a shot Mr. Dibella.

    Jim Granelli

  2. Shore Girl said at 11:14 am on February 18th, 2014:

    Looks like Norcross is trying to buy himself another Congressional seat, this time a Republican one. He just bought his little brother one in South Jersey. He has a really nice collection. Most of the State Legislature, two US Senators, Mayors and Freeholders.

  3. just curious said at 11:21 am on February 18th, 2014:

    If we are irrelevant, why do keep bringing us up. Are you obsessed?

  4. @ Just Curious said at 11:29 am on February 18th, 2014:

    First, please learn how to use proper grammar, or that your comment isn’t missing any required words. It makes you look like you are “stuck on stupid,” and detracts from your arguments.

    Secondly, I am bringing you up because of the unseemly attacks from quite apparent members of the BSTPG already made on Shaun Golden before he even decided if he was to be a candidate.

    Fair enough to warn future readers to take anything from you folks as a grain of salt because you ARE irrelevant to the political process in NJ. You have no support, no grass roots capability and no leadership.

    Jim Granelli

  5. @Jim Granelli said at 12:11 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    Irrelevant you say? Let Shaun Golden run; the hand-picked successor of Kim Guadagno by Kim Guadagno. We know what mess she is going through right now–with more to come. Just to keep you updated with her Guadagno messes, we have: Zimmergate, Hunterdon County assistant prosecutor Gate, and Monmouth County pension gate.

    Recently, records regarding Monmouth Pension gate were just released by a judge. Records that Guadagno did not want released. It should be published very soon. This should prove interesting, and we will see if Golden had some knowledge of this as well. Quite frankly, I believe he did have knowledge–but, I will wait for the findings to prove my suspicions.

    Please don’t take this as an endorsement for Dibella–it’s not.

    But the way the district is gerrymandered, no Republican in this county stands a chance.

    Just an irrelevant BTPG member.

  6. ????? said at 12:22 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    Question: How many BTPG members does it take to screw up a lightbulb?

  7. @ Just An Irrelevant BTPG said at 12:58 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    First, why don’t you have the courage to post your name? Doing so would make you a little more credible.

    Now, wow; the records are going to be made public. When and IF someone is charged and convicted, you will have a point. I kind of think nothing is there. She didn’t look like someone who is scared last night. But, I will admit I could be wrong. I just get sick of the Jim Sage’s of the world convicting before even there is evidence.

    (Yeah Jim, I suspect you still lurk here once in awhile and post anonymously)

    As to your comment about the district being gerrymandered, yes that is a problem.

    But you just defeated your argument for a strong tea party conservative.


    Just how silly is that? Again, it goes to the point of your relevance. People that deal in absolutes are foolish.

    Now, there’s an axiom called “on any given Sunday” one football team can beat another.

    Difficult in the 6th? Sure. But impossible?

    Never, especially since Pallone is weakened by Obamacare. All it takes is the right candidate that can properly expand upon the issues (and not look foolish like some of your candidates) as well as money, time and volunteers.

    But, since your “1000 member” (ROFLMA) BSTPG keeps on shooting the feet off of people who are better than Democrats, you remove yourselves from relevance because you fight Republicans rather than the enemy.

    “Get The Picture?”

    Jim Granelli

  8. Bill Benn said at 1:20 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    @ Jim The enemy that say what kind of person you are that you think of Democrats as the enemy.

  9. just curious said at 1:26 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    I guess for someone who’s life consists manly in blog comments, punctuation is paramount. No words missing though, maybe you should get out more.

  10. just curious said at 1:55 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    I meant Mainly

  11. Seriously Bill said at 2:02 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    Would you please explain that gibberish to me. I am busy and I don’t have time to take a course in gibberish.

    @ Just curious. If you’re comment was aimed at me or someone in particular, why don’t you just name that person so that the world doesn’t have to waste time figuring out your gibberish.

    Now, if anyone thinks my life consists of JUST blog comments, they really know so little about me.

    So, “whatever.”

    Jim Granelli.

  12. just curious said at 2:17 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    I doubt the world is concerned with the comments on this blog, you really do need to get out more.

  13. @ Just Curious said at 2:35 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    First of all, I don’t accept any comments as meaningful from a coward that posts anonymously.

    Now, who the frack are you to tell me I need to get out more. Not that I should have to give you a reason for anything but during the winter I spend a hell of a lot of time in front of the computer on behalf of a lot of efforts.

    And who the hell are you to determine that “the world is not concerned with comments on this blog?” People that deal in absolutes are often arses.

    The comments are often diversions from what I do. So, FRACK you. You are nothing more than a cowardly pipsqueak. A gnat buzzing around trying to stay relevant without having the guts to attack someone with their own name.

    Jim Granelli

  14. So JCG said at 3:23 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    So JCG, suppose that Golden, DiBella or some other guy gets elected to Congress in the 6th district, then what, exactly, changes in your life, or in anyone else’s life?

    Will you start having a lower income tax burden on that high-salary income of yours; You do work in the private sector, right? Will you stop first hand witnessing all of those late term abortions; you do hang out at the abortion clinic, right? Will you start carrying a firearm to protect yourself from being murdered all of the times you visit Asbury Park; you do visit Asbury Park and have been the victim of a murder and then came back to life and forgot to tell us about it right? Will you stop having to pay for “disabled” people to sit home all day while you’re out working hard for the man; you aren’t disabled right; you can obviously sit at a desk to use a computer, maybe sit and use a cash register, etc? Will your kids suddenly be able to get a better education, at least on par with education in other countries, and learn to be a doctor or engineer or something other than a public services worker? … Will your property taxes at least be lower? Will any of those things change? Didn’t think so, so what will change, specifically?

    I agree, get out more, and see that its all a bunch of bunk. BSTPG may be irrelevant but then so is Congress as a whole. There are as few, or as many depending on your perspective, representatives in 2014 as there were in 1913 despite the explosion in population and population density and 435 is just not enough representatives. You aren’t represented at all, never mind fairly, and the current system offers no way for hundreds of thousands of people to be fairly represented by one guy, be it Pallone or Golden or anyone else. The President, knowing how irrelevant Congress is, makes up his own laws, passing them through intimidation of the irrelevant Congress, and then modifies or delays them at his own whims without even pretending to care about what Congress, or the people they represent, thinks. Golden, DiBella or anyone else can do nothing to change the broken system, but I’ll ask again, seriously, what changes in your life if some guy other than Pallone gets a cozy $170K/yr job for himself and a cozy $150K/yr job for his wife?

  15. just curious said at 3:24 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    My, my, my, quite a reaction from one who thinks I’m irrelevant. Just in case the world wants to know, I am responding to Jim Granelli’s comment.

  16. @ Just curious said at 5:03 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    You are not only irrelevant but a dribbling moron with your last commentary.

    My God, have some faith that some better people can move the country in a better direction. Hey, with your kind of thinking, we might as well just ALL shoot ourselves.

    That’s in effect what you are saying, that anything we do is meaningless. But that is so far from the truth of man’s struggle.

    Human kind does not give up or fail to fight for something better.

    What, are you proposing anarchy and do you actually look at what your write before you hit the submit button and just how much do you hate the country and it’s institutions?

    You are irrelevant, but I damn well won’t let your crap go unanswered.

    YOU WORK TO CHANGE THINGS arsewipe. If you don’t want to do that, fine with me. THAT is your personal freedom. But don’t you dare insult people who want to try.

    Now, about your sick preoccupation of getting out more often, I shouldn’t have to give you a reason, but I DO enjoy embarrassing you.

    It so happens that I am recovering from foot surgery, and am limiting my time outside and on my feet.

    So people like you do anger me. Actually very much. One for insulting people’s dreams of making things right and secondly for having the chutzpah to tell ME what to do with my time.

    There is an old saying, either you are part of the problem or you are part of the solution, You have proved quite well that you are part of the problem and refuse to become part of the solution. Instead, you attack things and valued ideals.

    So, again; FRACK you arse wipe and go find your bunker in the back woods so you can get away from all that you despise.

    If this is embarrassing to any of my good friends, so be it. But I’ll be damned to let snipes like this go unanswered.


    Jim Granelli

  17. So JCG said at 5:15 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    Great rant…. So JCG, suppose that Golden, DiBella or some other guy gets elected to Congress in the 6th district, then what, exactly, changes in your life, or in anyone else’s life?

  18. Will settle for said at 5:27 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    a moral victory to see Palloney outa there- go, Joe, or Shaun!

  19. And the moral of the story is said at 5:48 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    And the moral of the story is that [PC LOAD LETTER].

  20. @ So JCG said at 5:54 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    You obviously took nothing from what you call a rant. Someone probably took one of your toys when you were a kid and you hate everything.

    So, go find a fire hydrant to sit on will you, or better yet; “go play out in traffic kid, you’re bothering me” because nothing will ever satisfy you.

    Spew all of the hate and disillusionment you want. I’m done with teaching kindergarten.

    @Will settle.

    A warm smile went across my face as soon as I found out Neptune was redistricted out of Pallone’s district. So, I know how you feel.

    Jim Granelli.

  21. The Bayshore Bulldog said at 5:54 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    Norcross collects politicians like billionaires collect art. One Congressman isn’t enough, now he wants two of them. So as of now Conservatives have a choice between a RINO and a Christiecrat to take on Frank Pallone. Which means in the general we get to choose between Socialism and SocialismLite. Not much to choose from IMHO.

    I’m thinking maybe it’s time for a third party.

  22. Hey Bayshore Pup said at 6:24 pm on February 18th, 2014:


    You guys better get on the same page. One of your own just said above that it’s impossible to win with gerrymandering. I quote:

    “But the way the district is gerrymandered, no Republican in this county stands a chance.

    Just an irrelevant BTPG member.”

    And, if you think a third party would be successful, especially in NJ; boy are YOU “stuck on stupid.”

    All you would do was ensure a Democrat victory with the demographics being what they are.

    You know, I have come to a decision with your comments and the other BSTPG nutcase. You do prove useful, to provide comedy every time you post a comment.


  23. Tim said at 7:26 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    Can we get back on point here and take personal battles off line? Dibella would have to raise a whole lot of money to beat Pallone who likely has a big war chest at his ready. That is likely why a lot of bigger name people said no. If Dibella was to run, he is not in the district since Howell is in Smith’s district so that would be an issue as well. All that being said, Dibella would be a helluva candidate in contrast to Mr. Vanilla Pallone. Having watched Dibella for his years in Howell he’d take it to Pallone something good. Again, he’d need the $ to get the message out which is his biggest issue.

  24. The Bayshore Bulldog said at 8:44 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    If Anna Little or Leigh Ann Bellew ran on a Conservative Party ticket they’d win easily, regardless of how the district is shaped. That’s because Liberals will divide their vote between the Dem candidate and the RINO, while Conservatives march to the polls and vote for the Conservative candidate. Conservatives will not be fooled by cheap RINO talk and lip service. We know the real deal when we see it, and we’ll vote for the real deal when the time comes.

  25. Jcg no answer said at 9:14 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    Why can’t you answer Jim? Those sound like valid questions, what do you expect to Change? Or are you like Obama voters who just trust a different name means Hope and Change?

    And yes, your answer helps a candidate build a platform that builds support from voters like you. Running on “not palone” doesn’t work.

  26. @jcg no answer said at 9:37 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    That’s what RINOs do. They have no platform except we should vote for them because they are not Democrats. Like choosing between Obama and ObamaLite. Even here in New Jersey spending is up, taxes are up, tolls are up, and we have a RINO Governor who spent more time doing appearances with Democrat bosses than he did campaigning for Republicans in the Legislature. When Steve Adubato and Joe DiVincenzo tell Christie they need more money for Newark, they get it. When Brian Stack tells Christie to give him money for Union City, he gets it. When George Norcross tells Christie he needs money for Camden, he gets a blank check. With RINOs like these, who needs Democrats?

    I think it’s time for Conservatives to ask themselves if they are better off now than they were four years ago, were they better off when they had a Democrat Legislature with a Democrat Governor, or are they better off with a Democrat Legislature and a RINO Governor.

  27. @ JCG No Answer said at 10:39 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    Ah, I was out for the evening, like some dolt told me to do, get out more???

    NOW, get lost. I already answered you. Not my problem if you can’t understand it. NOT responding to your childishness again.

    To move on:

    Bull puppy said: ” That’s because Liberals will divide their vote between the Dem candidate and the RINO, ”

    Were you just born stupid son, or did your mother drop you on your head because you sure seem to be “stuck on stupid.” Where in your mind do you get the idea that Dems in a large majority split that many votes off to Republicans, causing a Conservative to win?

    Any astute political junkie will tell you in NJ a third party candidate will lose. Labor unions will make sure of that.

    Anna Little & Leigh Ann Bellew LOST, Anna twice. GET OVER IT.

    Now, if you folks want a conservative candidate to run and win, FIND REASONABLE (read NOT loony toon candidates) Start them off at dog catcher if need be, move him to Board Of Education, Township Committee , Freeholder and such.

    Let them build a network of support over those runs and build a solid record that works for New Jerseyans (note 2nd amendment issues won’t sell to most NJ voters) Let them show FUND RAISING capability, enough that can win the big races.

    AND THEN, God willing if I am still alive, I will be right there in the trenches with you.

    But don’t expect me to help shoot our feet off and give the seats to Democrats via ill equipped candidates like the ill fated BSTPG primary challenge of last year.

    Now to get back to the point as Tim suggested, but others want to ignore with silly BS…

    Conventional Wisdom says you are correct Tim about money being a problem

    But, Frank Pallone depleted his war chest by a good amount for his Senate run. Add to that the fact that Obamacare is despised and you have a sliver of opportunity for a candidate that can fight a good solid fight.

    But, that candidate MUST get out of the gate yesterday. What scares me is that candidates like Di Bella or whomever are not preparing a year or so ahead of time for a possible run by building a PAC that has raised and bankrolled money.

    It will take nearly $2 million to unseat Frank. Not impossible, but do able if people can find that kind of money.

    Do the Bull pup’s candidates have that kind of dough, or could they raise it? NO.

    That said Tim, I don’t think the out of district residency issue resonates much any more. Pallone will try to raise it, but if our candidate focuses on the issues, that defeats it.

    Jim Granelli

    P.S. If anyone thinks I am a RINO, they are sorely deluded. I have worked for two Conservative Presidential candidates even going out of state at GREAT personal financial cost.

    However, pragmatism rules the day in NJ and I will not support loose cannon, ill equipped conservatives. Not at the expense of a Republican seat.

    So, get lost; you’re bothering me.

  28. Where's the answer? said at 11:03 pm on February 18th, 2014:

    I don’t see the answer, Jim. I asked what in your life changes if someone else was elected. You responded that I’m a “dribbling moron”, who should shoot myself. I’m not sure if that counts as an answer.

    You keep reminding us that your an expert with credentials, of supporting candidates that lose elections, so in your expert opinion, please humble us and tell us what changes, in your life or ours, if Frank Pallone is replaced with someone else?

    Silence Dogood, Redux

  29. @Where's the Answer? said at 8:37 am on February 19th, 2014:

    Silence, Jim (Granelli) is the typical “all-know it all” poster that calls one names if you don’t agree with him. I think the term is called “bullying.”

    If you go against his “selections,” your a moron, a liberal, or a BSTPG failure. His incessant attacks against anonymous posters are ridiculous as well. What’s wrong with being anonymous?? If people want to put their names on their posts its their business–right Mr. Granelli? Just because YOU choose to do so, doesn’t mean others have to follow suit, like the typical republican lemmings of this county, have to do so as well.

  30. Herb said at 12:20 pm on February 19th, 2014:

    Dibella would be a very credible candidate. Seen him in action. Successful mayor, good guy. Good contrast to a long time incumbent like Pallone. Should have been a freeholder by now if the Lucas mess never happened. He will need to raise the money as others have said but I bet he would win. Hope he runs.

  31. ????? said at 12:21 pm on February 19th, 2014:

    Question: How many BTPG members does it take to screw up a lightbulb?

    The Answer: The answer is irrelevant.

  32. @????? said at 1:32 pm on February 19th, 2014:

    Actually it was the GOP that screwed up the light bulb. Mainly Upton.

  33. Juliet said at 4:58 pm on February 19th, 2014:

    Run Joe run!! He’d be awesome

  34. @@ ????? said at 6:25 pm on February 19th, 2014:

    Well put, you are correct. our own GOP screwed us on light bulbs. And those are the kind of people that should be taken out.

    Jim Granelli

  35. Greg said at 8:56 pm on February 19th, 2014:

    Enough with the silly back and forth. DiBella is a very viable option if Golden does not do it. He has the “you know what’s” to take Pallone on head. How about you people stop arguing and lets build momentum around someone that can win and beat Pallone.

  36. The Bayshore Bulldog said at 9:48 pm on February 19th, 2014:

    We need a real Conservative to take on Frank Pallone, not some RINO Establishment hack who takes his marching orders from the county bosses. What about Rich Pezzullo? He’s a solid, real Conservative who knows how to take on the RINO and Christiecrat bosses, and with another real Conservative “Maverick” Murray Sabrin already in the Senate race and favored to win, maybe Rich can be persuaded to run for Congress instead. If the RINO bosses reject him he can always run third party, perhaps the Libertarian ticket, and get elected that way since the Liberals and RINOs will divide their vote.

  37. Oh mon Dieu, Oh mon said at 10:48 pm on February 19th, 2014:

    Je prends quelques jours de congé, et voyez ce qui est arrivé à l’asile d’aliénés.Les écrous ont pris le dessus …

    Je vois fanfarons ici les gens voler mon non de guerre. Je vois des gens agissant comme une bande de trouillards en mon nom.

    Je vois que les gens pense que je suis quelqu’un d’autre, ce qui, encore une fois pour la 1000e fois mesdames, je ne suis pas lui.

    Oh, et je vois que étrange peu bulldog agissant d’illusions. Mon Dieu, où est-ce qu’il (ou elle?) que l’idée de Murray Sabrin ne pourrait jamais être favorisées pour gagner.

    Le point est motus et chers est que vous ne savez même pas si je suis un il ou une elle. Vous ne savez rien ni sont la plupart de vous assez intelligents pour le comprendre. Alors, pourquoi n’arrêtez-vous pas avec les trucs stupides et se concentrer sur les questions et les candidats, car votre proverbial patine sont visibles.

    Désormais, quiconque a volé mon nom, vous montrer un manque complet de fraîcheur. Arrêter d’être un adolescent et essayer quelque chose d’original pour un changement. Si vous voulez votre propre nom de plume et souhaitez poster anonymement, par tous les moyens.

    Et un dernier mot, vous ne serez jamais capable de déchiffrer le puzzle de qui je suis. Donc il faut s’en remettre et renoncer à essayer. S’attaquer aux véritables questions que je pose. Vous avez plus de “jours heureux.”


    Silence Dogood Redux,

  38. Золото для социалистов, здесь said at 10:57 pm on February 19th, 2014:

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    Silence Dogood Джона Болтона,

  39. Tim said at 8:28 am on February 20th, 2014:

    Pezullo? Golden or Dibella can both win. Electable and smart and not so far out there that they’ll not appeal to the masses. Have you seen this district? It is not just Monmouth. We need to win and send someone against Pallone that can bear him in places like New Brunswick, Old Bridge, Woodbridge, etc. The narrow minded folks posting here must not get out much. Ware up people. I Hope Golden runs. If not Dibella is a super choice as well. Time to get real people.