Reckless Media Reports Federal Investigation Into Christie On Pallone’s Say So

Governor Chris Christie and HUD Sec Shaun Donovan announce Sandy Relief Grants in Highlands, April 29, 2013

Governor Chris Christie and HUD Sec Shaun Donovan announce Sandy Relief Grants in Highlands, April 29, 2013

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UPDATE:  Ian O’Connor of the HUD’s Inspector General’s Office responded to our inquiry regarding the audit into the #Stronger Than The Storm ad campaign.

We asked:

“Is this audit anything other than what would occur in the normal course of events regarding any HUD grant?

Is there a separate investigation into the Stronger Than The Storm in  ad campaign?”

O’Connor replied:

“We received a request from Congress and are performing an audit to address those concerns.”

MMM followed up asking:

“Is there anything out of the ordinary about this audit?

Are all Congressional requests accepted?”

O’Connor replied:

“We have no further statements.”

So here is what we know.  Congressman Frank Pallone asked the Department of Housing and Urban Development to look into the Stronger than the Strom ad campaign.

HUD said, OK.


When the federal government grants money, for anything, they later follow up with an audit to be sure the money was spent as intended.

Congressman Frank Pallone thought it would be clever to inform the media that the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s audit into funds granted for Sandy Relief was an investigation into Governor Chris Christie and his appearance in last summer’s #Stronger Than The Storm ad campaign.

CNN and the left stream media either fell for it or went along this morning. 

MMM asked Ray Zaccaro, Pallone’s press contact in Washington for documentation that the audit is anything other than the normal course of business. Zaccaro said there was no documentation, just a phone call from someone at HUD responding to Pallone’s August letter on the matter saying, “yeah, we’ll look into it.”  Zaccaro said that HUD wouldn’t discuss investigations, “except with us, Members of Congress.”

MMM reached out to Brian  Sullivan in HUD’s press office for confirmation of a separate investigation.  Sullivan referred us to Marta Metelko in the HUD Inspector General’s office.  We received an auto reply from Ms. Metelko referring us to Mr. Ian O’Connor. We’ve yet to hear back from O’Connor.


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5 Comments on “Reckless Media Reports Federal Investigation Into Christie On Pallone’s Say So”

  1. An Hour of Wolves | The Save Jersey Blog said at 10:48 am on January 13th, 2014:

    […] Inspector General’s audit isn’t unusual but the timing of the announcement is […]

  2. Pallone's Own said at 11:02 am on January 13th, 2014:

    Monkey Court. What a hypocritical sack of horse manure Phoney Pallone is.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  3. My sentiments exactly, said at 3:27 pm on January 13th, 2014:

    Silence.. So,now the guy who bragged about his “authorship of Obamacare” has the audacity to question the ad campaign, when he shamelessly, repeatedly, showed up every election year at the Fort,with the commie dredges who always picket out there, that he was “saving the Fort,” and, there he was, walking the beach once every two years.because he personally vacuums it, and nobody else cares that the ocean’s clean! It is an outrage that people like him got and get to stay down there, thanks to the dolts and low-info’s who are dragged out every two years,to make him stay there- and now, in middle age, he still lies and grandstands,and does zero to help the taxpayers who pay for all his nonsense! Seriously, where is the State Committee, and the RNCC when we need them,to call this phony out,and point out some of his never-ending nonsense?

  4. sailboat said at 3:45 pm on January 13th, 2014:

    Can’t wait for Joe Rullo to make a video about this!

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