Where are the comments?

Several MMM readers have mentioned that there seems to have been a drop off in the number of comments posted here, and that they miss the circus.

A great deal of that action has been happening on facebook, where I link almost every post.

This afternoon my ace webmaster, Craig Phares from sixoverground installed a widget that, if it works as I’ve been told, will have comments from facebook show up here.

You can post your comment on facebook or, if you’re signed into facebook, your comment here will show up on your wall.

Not on facebook or want to post here with your pseudonym? You can still do that.

~ Art


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7 Comments on “Where are the comments?”

  1. no comment said at 3:08 pm on October 8th, 2013:

    Sorry i dont comment much anymore, Art. feels like our nation and state is very divided and neither side even pretends to listen to the other, which wouldnt be so bad but in the end, neither side listens to any of the people. its their way or jail, fines, taxes, penalties, etc. i’m beaten and defeated. my property tax bill says the most. the fire marshal, building and code and other city/local departments harass my every freedom. my basic rights are ignored by the nsa, tsa and local police daily. gay marriage and obamacare are here to stay. freebees for those pretending to be poor and gaming the system at my expense drains me entirely. the elected don’t care, i dont have the financial means or connections to change any of it. why cry and complain on blog comments instead of trying to hang on to a little bit of happiness? good luck to those staying in the fight

  2. Same Here said at 4:33 pm on October 8th, 2013:

    I couldn’t agree more with “no comment.” There is no outrage anymore over high taxes, crime, unemployment, corruption, ineptitude, etc. Look at the below, where is the outrage? None that I know of.


  3. Yes, but that is the plan- said at 9:36 pm on October 8th, 2013:

    Dumb us down, restrict our disposable incomes by more taxation, poison our kids’ minds and bodies, divide us as Americans, incite class and racial warfare, wear us down, with the constant regs and surveilance, and threats, and tire us into complicity: I still believe most Americans are decent, law-abiding, hard workers,who just want to keep their heads above water, have a job, pay their bills, go on a few vacations and raise their kids to be decent citizens, with a few more perks in life than we had- I also still believe many are finally getting past the “we can’t do anything”and are finally beginning to say “wait, stop, this is NOT what we want our country and life to be- now, how to fix it? Is there still time?”.. I have to believe, as a mom and grandmom, that there has to be an awakening of enough of us, soon, to start putting things back to rights: we gotta start paying more attention to what these dolts who keep getting re- elected atvall levels, esp. in DC,are doing to us.. We have to change it up,on all levels.. We can start, by telling the media and the libs NO- we get to decide the future, not you guys,and Hollywood!..We gotta get some wins- let’s start proving them wrong- let’s get Lonegan in, because they think they already told us who we will get.. Then, in 2014: we must hold the Congress, switch out some chicken-hearted RINOS,and being in some conservatives, and begin to stop the dictator -in chief,with a new Senate majority- if we don’t, and soon, we are done- just can’t last much longer as a Constitutional Republic..

  4. Start local said at 10:22 pm on October 8th, 2013:

    It starts local, with our own neighbors.

    I get a letter in the mail from fire marshal’s office that my investment property needs inspection, it was just inspected two months ago. I call to schedule anyhow, I’m hung up after some incomprehensible answer to a honest question of what is being insped. This happens twice. I don’t make additional effort, get threatening letter in mail. I confirm with some other property owners, “yeah, it’s the usual, just pay the fine, it’s easier than dealing with them.”

    I want to put a small 3 car garage on my 12 acre lot, I need a few hundred worth of building permits, to build on land I pay 20,000/yr in taxes to own,.. And that’s if I don’t cut some trees down to make room for it… Tree removal is a

  5. More said at 10:23 pm on October 8th, 2013:

    .different permit, and has its own busy body nosey commission….

  6. DMV said at 9:42 am on October 9th, 2013:

    In August, I paid $87.50, again, for more year of DMV registration for a car that I own (no lease/finance, I own it, title in hand) and I have paid the registration fee for this same vehicle, that I’ve owned for 3 years and financed for the 4 years before that, and year after year, for 7 years in a row, I paid $87.50 to “register” the same exact car with the same exact state. The color, make, model, plate#, weight, number of axles, etc has never changed. In case you’re keeping track of winners and losers, I’m a loser who didn’t get the cheap watch or thank you card on my 5th registration anniversary and I didn’t get a free year of registration for buying 6 full price registrations, I guess it’s my fault that I didn’t get my DMV Frequent Buyer Card stamped each year.

    I sold the noted car above the following September, about a month after renewing the registration for $87.50 — again, and promptly returned the plates to my local DMV office. I asked the woman at the front desk who takes the old plates, and who by definition of “public worker” WORKS FOR ME, if I’d get a pro-rated refund for the unused 10 or 11 months of registration. She laughed a little bit as if I’d told a funny joke, something I’m clearly incapable of doing, but upon noticing that I was looking straight ahead at her and asking seriously, she just looked through me, as if I’d become transparent, and yelled at the man behind me, “NEXT!” I presume that, as a public worker at the DMV, she just couldn’t do the math. Zing.

    I paid another $350 or so for a few years of registration on the new car. I’m sure that I’ll get a new bill in the mail once I have to remind the state that I still own the very same car that I just paid nearly $4,000 in sales taxes for. I suppose that $4,000 in sales taxes isn’t enough to also hand me a set of license plates and write down that the item (a car) that was purchased was purchased by me, the person handing over $4,000. And because of fear of other monetary penalties, I’ll renew the new car’s registration, for $87.50 or more, year after year in case the car is a Transformer and somehow changes to a different year, make or model, or maybe develops additional seating or towing capacity, gets fat and weighs more or maybe because the computer hard drives at DMV where they store my information deteriorates over the course of a year and magically disappears, forcing some worker to have to to manually re-enter the information time and time again.

    Which reminds me, I had to fill out some paper card, so that the worker could type my DL# into his computer to pull up all of the information that I just wasted my time writing on an index card with a pen that had 30ft of paper rolled up and taped onto it, so that I can’t easily take the $0.02 pen (with $5.00 worth of paper and tape on it) as a small gift for my $87.50 registration fee. Of course, the response from anyone that I make a complaint about DMV to, “yeah, why should they treat you different from how they treat everyone else?” and “but people steal the pens!” as if people didn’t pay $87.50 for a damn pen and somehow that others are treated equally poor should make me feel better about the way my own government treats the people who fund it. Besides, the only thing that paying registration seems to get me is a way EZ Pass to mail me a toll violation because their radio didn’t pick up their malfunctioning device, the device I pay a $1.00/month for so that I don’t have to be treated poorly by the public worker who is a toll collector.

    So how about we skip the propaganda and rhetoric, “Hollywood”, “RINOs”, “dictator in chief” and things like pretending we can fix Congress or the White House, and just take care of some of the small annoyances that our government imposes upon us through our own neighbors who work at the local DMV? What do you think, can we start at the DMV and work up to the other crap, or is DMV already too ambitious of a target and we have to start smaller?

  7. Get your frustration, said at 6:50 pm on October 9th, 2013:

    but the entire thing is coming down to us,over many years,electing and returning to office the same dolts who make these stupid laws, from the top- down, that require them to bilk us yearly, wherever they can, to fund the blasted big programs- so perhaps we can agree that we need to change out most of the idiots,at all levels, top or bottom- and, if I recall correctly, it was our pal Corzine who took credit most recently,for “improving customer experience and wait time” at the lovely DMV! Let’s face it, NJ is a hot mess, and our now “bi-partisan” gov. honestly hasn’t made things for the average guy much better- maybe he’s just the best we can get in this state to slow down the insanity, I don’t know,any more!..