Buono Chooses Union Executive As Running Mate

Dem Lt. Gov candidate Milly Silva. photo via twitter

Dem Lt. Gov candidate Milly Silva. photo via twitter

PoltickerNJ is reporting the Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono has selected Milly Silva, an Executive Vice President of SEIU 1999.  A formal announcement is planned for Monday.

A high level Democratic source confirmed the selection with MMM.

Buono’s campaign kept the “short list” of possible running mates under very tight wraps in an effort avoid the controversy and inter-party bickering  that occurred over Buono’s selection of the State Democratic Party Chairman for several weeks during the spring.  Buono’s first choice for chairman, Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell was not embraced by party leaders, leading to an anticipated challenge by State Senator Ray Lesniak.   All sides finally compromised on Passaic County Democratic Chairman John Currie becoming State Chairman.

The campaign was caught off guard by the information leaking this early,  as they had hoped to announce the candidate on the statutory deadline, July 28, in order to avoid another round of second guessing from the likes of Lesniak, Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver.

Silva, 43, of Montclair, is married (to a man) and has young children.  A career union organizer, Silva is a graduate of Columbia University and the Spence School, a private prep school in New York City.  She represents low wage health care workers for the SEIU.


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6 Comments on “Buono Chooses Union Executive As Running Mate”

  1. ROFLAO - Who?????? said at 3:45 pm on July 25th, 2013:

    So, Buono makes a unknown union (hack) pick.

    I wonder if she thinks this will salvage all of the union endorsements she’s lost. to me, it’s a clear indication that a) no one wants to run with her on this laughing stock of a campaign and b) she knows she’s going down the tubes.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  2. monmouth girl said at 4:16 pm on July 25th, 2013:

    Babs is out of touch!

    If an astroid hits the Christie-Guadagno campaign bus the day before the election Babs might have a chance.

    But if that happens every business in NJ will be packing up and going. Minimum Wage will be $50.00 an hour.

  3. Bob English said at 5:52 pm on July 25th, 2013:

    I don’t know if anyone else was asked, but for better or worse (mostly worse) incumbents don’t like to give up safe seats to enter a longshot race. Probably the same reason that elected R’s do not challenge Pallone. Another example was an R line a mile long to be considered for an appointment to fill the Lautenbergs seat but when it came to actually having to enter a contested primary race, none of them were to be found and the party is stuck with Lonegan as its candidate.

  4. Yitzhak said at 12:27 am on July 26th, 2013:

    When will we see pictures of her family? Are they as nice as the Pallone family? Does she support family values, as Frank Pallone does? It would be nice to have someone who has a family and supports families as Lieutenant-Governor of our state.

  5. Yitzhak said at 9:56 am on July 26th, 2013:

    Corzine supports family value …didn’t he give a bundle to Carla Katz …and then some more to her brother when he got fired from the state job he lined up for him .

  6. Middletowner said at 7:39 pm on July 26th, 2013:

    Was Linda Baum not available? She may have been the only worse candidate out there.