If Asbury’s Election Goes Badly, I’ll Blame Loffredo and Quinn

Tommy DeSenoBy Tommy DeSeno

John Loffredo (Forward Asbury Park ticket) and Amy Quinn (One Asbury ticket) are the top guns in the Asbury Park City Council race. That’s not news for me; I’ve known it for years and have let them both know they should be together.

In fact, I thought it was a foregone conclusion that they would run together since it makes so much sense. Had I known they would overlook the obvious I would have lobbied them vigorously over the past 4 years to create a political marriage (or civil union, if that’s your preference).

Just look at the last election. Tickets make it easier for candidates to win, particularly weaker candidates, but Amy Quinn fell just short of being elected while running as an independent. That means she carries a great deal of support on her own, perhaps as much as any individual candidate running this year.

How Loffredo didn’t see the benefits of scooping up Quinn and all her support befuddles me. She was clearly the off-season prize; the league’s most valuable free agent. How Quinn didn’t see the benefits of picking up support from the team who won for the past dozen years amazed me more. It’s like she passed up an opportunity with the Yankees to start her own team. That hasn’t worked out well for the Mets, has it?

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3 Comments on “If Asbury’s Election Goes Badly, I’ll Blame Loffredo and Quinn”

  1. Mike said at 3:54 pm on May 10th, 2013:

    Unfortunately you decided to abandon Asbury and move to Howell and can’t vote here so why are you going on and on about t he election. Who cares what your opinion is? Move back to Asbury Park and then I’ll listen.

  2. Tommy De Seo said at 4:42 pm on May 10th, 2013:

    Hey Mike,

    For every $1 Asbury Park spends on its schools, the rest of the taxpayers in New Jersey have to kick in $9.

    For every $3 Asbury Park spends on its Municipal budget, the rest of us taxpayers have to kick in $1 to close your budget gap.

    So the math. The rest of us are spending twice the amount of money running Asbury Park than the people who live there.

    You think I don’t have the right to be heard about your politics? Hell – I should be allowed to run for Mayor there. I earned it.

  3. The fact remains, said at 10:17 am on May 11th, 2013:

    no matter how much money from whatever source is thrown into that town, and no matter who runs it, we sure aren’t getting enough bang for the bucks..for those of us who grew up there, it is a crying shame to see the decades, now, of devastation,that never really seems to get much better. When the working, producing families and big businesses give up and run for the hills , and what mostly is left behind are “victims,” and takers not makers , there you have it..