Chris Matthews gets no tingle from Barbara “Dawn Quixote” Buono

Barbara Buono did not give Chris Matthews a tingle up his leg during her appearance on Hardball yesterday.

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“You’re very nice, Senator, seriously,” Matthews said to end the interview to Buono’s disapproving smirk.

Matthews spent the first two thirds of the segment setting Governor Chris Christie up as impossible to beat in November.  A “Dawn Quixote” graphic, inferring that Buono’s quest to defeat Christie in November is an Impossible Dream, displayed for the entire interview.

Buono Dawn Quixote2

For the first minute and 40 seconds of the 5 1/2 minute interview, Matthews played footage of Christie and President Obama walking the Jersey Shore after Superstorm Sandy. Buono praised the job that Christie did with Sandy.

In the next minute, Matthews reviewed the results of the latest Rutgers-Eagleton poll which indicates that Christie has a 68% overall approval rating, including the approval of 51% of the Democrats Buono needs to vote for her.  “Voters don’t know me yet, I’ve been in the Senate 12 years,” Buono said blaming the New York and Philadelphia media markets for her lack of name recognition, “as people get to know me, things will change.”  Matthews dismissed the notion that things will change to with a reference to the late Senator Clifford Case. “He was in the Senate 24 years. Nobody knew who he was.”

Matthews spent the next minute playing the “nasty political ad” that Jon Corzine ran against Christie in the 2009 campaign and then sparring with Buono about whether or not she would run that kind of ad in her campaign.  Buono wouldn’t say that she wouldn’t run ads that like that and wasted another 30 seconds sparring until she finally segued to the issues she wanted to talk about.  “Let me asked you, to shorten it up a little bit,” Matthews interrupted to Buono’s gasp/sigh, with rapid fire questions about what she would do differently than Christie did.  She finally landed on the ARC tunnel project, the largest ever public works project that Christie cancelled. Matthews would let her move beyond ARC, debating that issue with her until he got what he wanted…Buono saying that Christie has his eye on the 2016 presidential race.

“I agree with your first thought there, that he’s running for president. You’re very nice Senator…,” Matthews said has he dismissed Buono, literally and figuratively.

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8 Comments on “Chris Matthews gets no tingle from Barbara “Dawn Quixote” Buono”

  1. What a said at 12:44 pm on April 12th, 2013:

    train wreck.

  2. bill said at 1:31 pm on April 12th, 2013:

    Matthews did not let Buono get a word in,Very disappointed in him.Buono did great.

  3. JD said at 2:24 pm on April 12th, 2013:

    Why on earth did she pick this idiot’s show for a campaign jump-off interview?

    Bad, bad judgement on her part. Buono sure doesn’t look like someone who makes intelligent decisions. The fact that she, as a gubernatorial contender, couldn’t handle a guy like Chris Matthews, is embarrassing indeed.

  4. Barry said at 7:08 am on April 15th, 2013:

    Mathews appeared underewhelmed by Buono using the ARC tunnel as an example of increasing employment. Mathews is a huge infrastructure spending fan, and he pressed her on the cost overruns and she really did not respond. Her other comment the regional greenhouse gas agreement. He had no comment on that. I think he had no use for her when she would not denounce the throw your weight around ad by Corzine. Mathews does not like cop out answers like the one Buono gave.

  5. Barry said at 7:12 am on April 15th, 2013:

    Remember as liberal as Mathews is he voted for Bush over Gore, and he hated Bill Clinton when he was President. FYI, his brother is a Republican, either former or current elected official, in Pa.

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