Bellew Comes Out Swinging

LD 13 GOP State Senate challenger Leigh-Ann Bellew wasted no time in kicking off her campaign to unseat incumbent  State Senator Joe Kyrillos.

“Negative” is not a strong enough word for the press release Bellew sent out this afternoon. “Scathing” is a more accurate description.



Union Beach, NJ — State Senator and defeated 2012 U.S. Senate candidate Joe Kyrillos, a leading GOP “moderate” who has broken with most Republicans on taxes, abortion and gun control, is facing a conservative primary challenger backed by a full slate of candidates.

“Joe Kyrillos has been in office since the 1980s – that’s nearly 30 years – and his  ‘accomplishments’ have included tripling state spending, endorsing new and expanded gun control laws, and  supporting abortion,” said Leigh-Ann Bellew, a Union Beach educator and conservative activist challenging Kyrillos in the June 4 Republican Primary.

Bellew and Kyrillos are facing off in the Northern Monmouth County based Thirteenth District, one of the state’s most Republican and conservative districts and one that produced big numbers for Mitt Romney despite being hit heavily by Hurricane Sandy.

“Whoever wins the Republican Primary will be the next Senator in this district,” Bellew predicted.  “And districts like ours should be electing strong conservative leaders who will challenge and confront Democratic politicians who use Monmouth County’s suburban taxpayers to feed  excessive government spending,” Bellew said.  “And with Governor Christie expected to exceed  the more than 2 to 1 margin win over Jon Corzine in 2009, the chances of Democrats winning this seat are virtually non-existent.”

“In Trenton since the 1980s, and in the Senate for more than 20 years, Joe Kyrillos has distinguished himself for being a nice guy, but  he shares responsibility for many of the problems in our state.  He’s responsible because rather than speak out and lead, Joe Kyrillos kept quiet and kept voting yes.  And here we are.”

Bellew pointed out that “since going to Trenton, Joe Kyrillos has tripled state spending and exploded debt by tens of billions of dollars.  He not only supported expanded gun control laws, but was the leader of a pro-abortion group that demanded the Republican Party stop being pro-life.”

“A conservative district, like this Northern Monmouth county seat, should be electing one of the most conservative leaders in Trenton, rather than a moderate who, after more than a quarter century in Trenton, has not had the conviction to lead.  It’s time for a conservative change and that’s why I’m running.”

In 2006, Bellew was the Republican Candidate for the U.S. House of Representative in New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District.

Joining Bellew’s ticket as the Assembly candidates are Edna Walsh (55) of Middletown and Stephen Boracchia (52) of Atlantic Highlands.

“It is an honor to be supported by dedicated conservative leaders who will work with me to reduce state spending, cut taxes, stop the debt, stand up for our gun rights and speak out strongly for our conservative values – including pro-life issues,” Bellew added.  “That’s something Joe Kyrillos has failed to do in his nearly thirty years in Trenton.”


Asked why she’s going so negative so early, Bellew told MoreMonmouthMusings, “I’m in this race to win it.  In order to do that I can’t hold back because I know Joe. There is nothing in my release that is not true.”


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59 Comments on “Bellew Comes Out Swinging”

  1. Middletowner said at 11:47 am on April 5th, 2013:

    Here is Leigh Ann’s record:

    Lost by 35%
    Raised $17,751

  2. @@Silence said at 12:18 pm on April 5th, 2013:

    Then Bellew should answer the questions so that they are NOT rumors. That would end all of this.

    1) Did she file bankruptcy. The question is germaine.

    2) What are her educator credentials?

    3) Explain YOUR record

    As part of that record, Bellew only raised $17,751 in her Congressional race against Pallone.


    Does anyone think that she would be able to raise anywhere near the $142,000 he raised in the 2011 cycle, let alone the some $400,000 he transferred in from previous campaigns.

    Money IS a very important factor in a candidate’s viability in the fall election. Nearly 60% of a candidates time needs to be spent raising money and if all she could do was $17,000 for a Congressional race, well the odds are not good.

    Even Joe’s opponent, Christopher Cullen raised more money for a State seat ($25,000) than Bellew raised for a Congressional campaign. I found all of these FACTS are on the internet and items that should be considered in running a campaign.

    BTW, if Pallone senses a Republican vulnerability for the General Election, he surely has millions of $ to wheel around and help the Democrat candidate. After all, he’s got $3.5 million; so what’s a couple of hundred thousand handed out to the Democrat challenger.

    DISADVANTGE – Bellew

    ME? I don’t have a record, that’s why I would never consider running for an office this high up the ladder.

    That she has not answered these questions tells me that she is afraid to answer them, and THAT folks; is not good.

    Now, as I said; I am going silent on Bellew for awhile to see what answers she comes up with.

    Signing Off For Now,

    Silence Dogood, Redux

  3. @Silence Dogood said at 1:06 pm on April 5th, 2013:

    So the link you posted with her “record” was her campaign finances from years ago…

    Ok so she is not a “fat cat” like the other guys out there. Does that mean she is not worthy of office?

    Maybe there should be a law that people who are not rich should not run and be placed in office and make decisions for the common folk….

    I would rather have a common folk like myself get into office and stands for what I beleive in.. life.. the 2nd Amd. and liberty then a fat cat who depends on their other rich friends to fund them and then gives them all favors.

    Good Lord it is no wonder this country is where it is with voters who think like this.

  4. Obviously said at 1:40 pm on April 5th, 2013:

    You did not get the meaning of Silence’s last comments.

    The ability to raise money and present a message is important. According to Silence and his facts, which I have no reason to doubt; Bellew can not raise money.

    Pallone is well known for spreading his own largesse around to help other candidates.

    As to being worthy of office, that has nothing to do with money. To me, wouldn’t that go to the issue of being able to present your message?

    Other issues concern me about her being worthy of office. I want to know about this bankruptcy thing and her supposedly being a teacher.

  5. monmouth girl said at 2:33 pm on April 5th, 2013:

    REALLY @Silence Dogood!!!?

    Fat jokes!?

    She has a weight problem and you are going to use the phrase “fat cats.”

    Grow up.

  6. simmmm-ma down said at 3:53 pm on April 5th, 2013:

    Don’t get your panties and boxers all in a bunch, she’s irrelevant.

  7. @monmouth girl said at 4:16 pm on April 5th, 2013:

    Just to be sure, that wasn’t posted at me was it? 🙂

    @simmmm-ma down. You have it right, on both counts that is.

    Have a nice weekend all. It’s supposed to be a nice weekend.

    Silence Dogood, Redux

  8. @monmouth girl said at 2:05 pm on April 6th, 2013:

    @monmouth girl

    Just to make sure that you know what “fat cat” means please see below.

    I hope this clears up with you.

    fat cat
    noun Slang.
    a wealthy person from whom large political campaign contributions are expected.
    any wealthy person, especially one who has become rich quickly through questionable dealings.
    an important, influential, or famous person.
    a person who has become lazy or self-satisfied as the result of privilege or advantage.

  9. Marcus Tullius Cicero said at 4:36 pm on April 16th, 2013:

    In reply to “Empty Dress”
    An empty dress said at 10:22 pm on April 2nd, 2013:

    Coming out swinging ? What does that prove? What does she bring to the table? What is she going to do differently? Attacking your opponent is easy, what are your credentials? We don’t need someone who can’t work across party lines. It’s give and take not a one way street. Sorry to say, She’s simply an empty dress, no substance. Not the type woman needed to represent, just another blowhard. She’s a dime a dozen. Not impressed at all. Kyrillos is a much better choice IMHO

    For a short answer, what has gotten us this far into the muck in NJ politics is this flawed belief that the collegial “go-along to get-along” mentality that seems to permeate Trenton is what is needed. It is not! The people of the state deserve someone who will take a strong principled stance to stop this slide into small (d) democratic irrelevance. The give-away policies and buy votes at any cost have us (as in the nation) on the road to irreverisble ruin.

    Mr. Kryllos exemplifies that “failed” philosophy of going along and “compromising” that has only moved us further along a path of “no return”. Let me clarify the point, it has “failed” miserably from the standpoint of the hardworking, honest citizens of NJ and their children. It is not failed if your goal is to just become a “professional” politician and a “fixture” in Trenton as opposed to being a true “Stateman” and leader. One of substance and leadership willing to fight a long running trend towards being nothing but an entitlement state based more on corruption and personal gain.

    For these reasons, being able to “compromise” with the Democrats becomes a serious liability from the standpoint of ethically doing the right thing on behalf of one’s constituents. What “empty dress” is singing the praises of is in fact what has gotten us to this sorry state we find ourselves in.

    Mr. Kryllos is not and probably never been a Cicero……Perhaps that is the one compelling reason to look elsewhere for a fresh approach much needed in Trenton.