Q Poll: New Jersey Wants to Reelect Christie, Divided On Presidential Bid

Partisan control preference of State Legislature narrows

Support for same-sex marriage grows strongly

New Jersey voters’ affections for Governor Chris Christie are not waning, according to a Quinnipiac Poll released this morning.

70% approve of the Christie’s job performance, including 48% of Democrats.  66% think he deserves to be reelected.  Democrats narrowly side with reelecting the governor, 44%-43% with 13% unsure or not answering.

The 13% of unsure Democrats may not know who Barbara Buono is. “Corzine’s Budget Chair,” as Christie refers to the presumed Democratic gubernatorial nominee on the stump, is unknown by 79% of the electorate, including 79% of Democrats.  Of the 20% who know of Buono, only half view her favorably.  Buono’s name recognition ticked up 4 points since Q’s February poll when only half of the then 16% of voters viewed her favorably.  If this trend continues through November, Buono will be known by 56% of the voters, 28% of whom will view her unfavorably.

If the election were held today, Christie would win, 60%-25%.

41% think Christie would make a good president.  44% think he would not make a good president. 15% are unsure.  46% would like to see him run for president in 2016, 47% would rather he did not.

On the question of which party should control the State Legislature, the Democrats still win, but the trend has been moving towards the Republican Party since November.  Currently 43% favor Democratic control, 42% favor Republican control and 15% are not sure.

Support for same-sex marriage in New Jersey has grown strongly since last May when 53% told Quinnipiac they favored it and 42% opposed it.  In today’s poll, 60% favor same-sex marriage and 30% oppose.

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