Monmouth County Freeholders Join “Jersey Shore Open” Campaign

By Thomas A. Arnone

Super storm Sandy and the following nor’easter may have dealt us quite a blow, but I am pleased to report that the county is actively working to get our businesses up and running as we move toward the next year and the next tourism season.


Through a coordinated effort, we are encouraging visitors to return to Monmouth County’s beaches, parks, historic sites, cultural attractions and shopping venues.


We are doing this by actively participating in the “Jersey Shore OPEN” campaign. This is a grass roots effort to encourage businesses to display a specially created “Jersey Shore OPEN” sign for Monmouth County. This regional approach will help further our many public relations efforts to spread the word that Monmouth County is recovering and open for business.


I encourage your business to join this campaign. By displaying this sign, your local business can clearly show that you are open and supportive of other Monmouth County tourism efforts. You can download the sign from the county website at www.tourism.visitmonmouth.com. The “Jersey Shore OPEN” campaign is a joint program with Ocean County Tourism and the Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Tourism is important because as an industry it supports thousands of jobs and typically generates nearly $2 billion in business activity for the county. We are confident that Monmouth County will return to prominence as one of the best family vacation spots in the state.


I will convene a roundtable meeting with mayors from various municipalities in January. We will address the 2013 tourism season and offer the help and assistance of the county’s tourism division. Our local leaders will be of great assistance as we focus and target the county’s 2013 promotional program.


The county’s 2013 tourism promotion activities will include creating focused radio, print and internet promotion on recovery efforts and business and attraction reopening. We are also expanding social media efforts to promote and engage visitors and residents. Keep in mind that we will also distribute the 2013 Visit Monmouth Travel Guide  that is the cornerstone of the county’s efforts to promote Monmouth County as a tourism destination.


Monmouth County will also participating in targeted, key travel shows such as the Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show, the Atlantic City Boat Show and the Montreal Hunting and Camping Show. These travel shows are uniquely suited to the visitors who enjoy vacationing at the Jersey Shore.


Remember, the county tourism division is here for you. If you have out of town visitors, call 732-431-7310 and they will put together a packet of information to help you entertain your guests. Likewise, if you have a business that relies on tourism, the office can help you connect with many ways to reach visitors. Together we will strengthen our economic vitality and restore the wonderful quality of life that Monmouth County enjoys.


Happy Holidays and get ready for a great 2013.


  • Thomas A. Arnone is Freeholder Deputy Director Monmouth County and Liaison to the Department of Public Information and Tourism


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3 Comments on “Monmouth County Freeholders Join “Jersey Shore Open” Campaign”

  1. Photog said at 11:39 pm on December 17th, 2012:

    I returned to a historic site in Monmouth Cty (like Freeholder Arnone urges people) last Saturday, wanted to take some photos looking towards Sandy Hook, and the nazi squad showed up saying you can’t take photos unless you submit an application to Trenton, wait a few weeks for approval and pay a few hundred $$$ for a permit.

    So now if the state takes over the beaches after they pay for repairs (as the Doherty/Sweeney bill intends), will we have to pay hefty fees to take photos on the beach too?

  2. Astraea said at 4:04 pm on December 18th, 2012:

    Can you be more specific about the “nazi squad”? Local PD, State Police, Homeland Security, FBI, ???

  3. The last thing we need said at 4:30 pm on December 18th, 2012:

    Is for this state to take over our beaches! They can’t even keep the grass cut or the parkway bridges painted, and last time I was at Sandy Hook STATE park beach it was filthy: my beach tag user fee goes a long way in keeping our local beaches clean and safe! Just because these clowns are ALL up for election and HAVE to see their name in print, and put in stupid bills every damn week,all year long, does NOT mean they need to screw up what IS the reason people come here! Stop them, please, everyone!!