Despite scandals, Menendez’s star is rising

The tragic news in Connecticut knocked the latest scandal involving U. S. Senator Bob Menendez out of the news.  In case you missed it, last week the news broke that an 18 year old intern in the senator’s New Jersey office was arrested on December 6 for being an illegal immigrant eligible for deportation because he is also a registered sex offender.  The initial report said that the Department of Homeland Security instructed ICE not to arrest the intern before the election. DHS strongly denied that allegation.

A week after the arrest, Menendez told MSNBC, that he had just heard about the situation prior to the interview and blamed the lack of screening of the intern on the college that recommended him:

The intern story was broken by the Associated Press and well covered by the mainstream media prior to the Newtown, CT massacre.

What wasn’t covered by the mainstream media where the ethics and sex scandals that broke in late October and early November.  In case you missed those, the right-wing news site, The Daily Caller, reported that Menendez accepted free travel to the Dominican Republic from a campaign contributor for a sex party that included the services of young Dominican escorts who were promised $500 to party with the senator but only received $100.    The left-wing news site GAWKER followed the Daily Caller story with a report of the senator’s frequent late night antics “with different women every night” that kept his Washington DC neighbors awake.

Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House oversight subcommittee on homeland defense has launched an investigation into the delay in arresting Menendez’s intern.  But no one seems to be investigating how an illegal immigrant sex offender became an intern to a U.S. Senator or Menendez’s sexploits funded by campaign contributors.

Menendez is on deck to become the Chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee should Senator John Kerry be named Secretary of State.

Menendez has a history of interfering in foreign affairs to forward his personal and political agenda . His power to do so will naturally increase if he becomes Chairman of the committee that recommends the ratification of ambassadors and treaties and influences the economics of our relationships with our allies and enemies around the world.

MMM asked two prominent New Jersey mainstream journalists why Menendez was getting a pass over the sex scandals.  “No body cares,” said one of the journalists.  “The story is too thin,” said the other.  Now that Menendez is on the verge of having real power, hopefully the media will get a more rigorous in how they cover him.

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2 Comments on “Despite scandals, Menendez’s star is rising”

  1. Why is he good enough for your vote? said at 1:48 pm on December 19th, 2012:

    He gets the prostitutes and sex offenders votes. My, how far he has come. Those who vote for him time and time again, are just as bad and immoral as he is. IF he is good enough for your votes, is he good enough to date your daughter or be a grandfather to your grandchildren too? Think about it. Vote with your conscience in the future. Morals matter

  2. It just proves said at 11:23 pm on December 19th, 2012:

    How far gone we are,glorifying,excusing,and then rewarding bad,and worse,and worst behavior,consistently. Nothing is too bizarre or terrible to warrant removing the familiar name and the exploitative among us. How sad and pathetic and just plain dumb our culture now is.