Bimbo could beat Little Debbie for Twinkies

What’s news and what’s not news?

The world’s largest commercial baker, Grupo Bimbo (pronounced beem-bo) of Mexico, has an edge in acquiring Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread in the Hostess Brands liquidation, according to The Christian Science Monitor.

There are American companies looking at acquiring the Hostess properties, including Little Debbie baker McKees Foods.  But Bimbo has an edge.

By producing Twinkies in Mexico, Bimbo could avoid paying the artificially high sugar prices that Hostess bore due to goverment tariffs that protect the Florida sugar industry.  Bimbo also wouldn’t pay union benefits and wages, that the former Hostess employees will no longer be getting now that their employer is closing down.  Bimbo could also distribute the products without the inefficient rules, like having different trucks for Twinkies and Wonder Bread, that unions insisted upon with Hostess.

Media cares about Twinkies,not about allegations against Menendez

The demise of American Twinkies pretty much assured that Senator Robert Menendez’s bimbo (pronounced bim-bo) problem won’t be making any additional news for a while, if ever.  The news cycle as moved on.

In case you missed it while the lights were out, the right wing website, The Daily Caller reported allegations that Menendez used the private jet of a campaign contributor to fly to the Dominican Republic for a sex parties on multiple occasions, including a Easter weekend tryst where he didn’t pay his hostesses their agreed fee for a threesome.  The left wing website, Gawker followed Daily Caller’s story with a report that Menendez hosts “a different attractive young lady” in his Washington, DC apartment almost every night from 11 p.m. until 3 a.m., keeping his downstairs neighbors up all night with his loud squeaking bed.

Of New Jersey media outlets, only MMM, InTheLobby and Save Jersey, have given Menendez’s bimbo/ethics violation issues any attention, even after state Senator Sam Thompson, as chairman of the Middlesex County GOP, filed an ethics complaint against Menendez.  A senior statehouse reporter told MMM that New Jersey’s mainstream media is not covering the Menendez scandal because “nobody cares.”  He said its a matter of priorities and that to expect more of this as fewer and fewer people report news and more and more news.  The reporter said he didn’t think the lack of coverage was political.

Of course its political.  Just as MMM, InTheLobby and Save Jersey paying attention to the issue is political.   There is no such thing as an unbiased media.  There’s only those who are honest about their biases and those who are pretending not to be biased.


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