Netanyahu: You want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons?

Those who say a nuclear Iran would stabilize the Middle East “have set a new standard for human stupidity.”

In an interview to be aired on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning, Israeli Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyanhu likened the government of Iran to the terrorists that have been killing American citizens and destroying American property in 21 Middle Eastern countries this week:

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3 Comments on “Netanyahu: You want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons?”

  1. brian said at 10:43 am on September 16th, 2012:

    Only if they point them at Ron Paul

  2. Proud Republican said at 11:12 am on September 16th, 2012:

    You should have seen how the angry little twirp who hosts Meet the Press treated Netanyahou. His angry, disrespectful, accusatory tone was disgraceful. Why doesn’t he just wear an Obama campaign button? Right now, I’m watching the great Rep. Peter King lace into the rest of the limp-wristed liberals who are trying to defend the anti-Israel muslim in the White House. Bad economy, more bad stimulus, $4 gas, rioting by his fellow muslims – yeah, Obama deserves re-election alright.

  3. Joe Wedick said at 11:47 am on September 16th, 2012:

    While I agree we need to support Israel, Netanyahu has his own agenda and it includes having the USA do his heavy lifting and according to his terms only. An ally works with you – they don’t try and use a domestic election to get their way. The sanctions are working, despite the PR from the Iranian government and the stoking of fires by Netanyahou. Iran cannot even produce enough refined gasoline for its own use nor does its banks and government have any more access to the international monetary exchange service that all countries and their businesses use to pay their bills with. Iran must resort to using cash – even with their buddies Venezuela, Russia & China. That was put in place largely by the pressure from the U.S. If we already stymied them with software viruses I can only imagine what else we have ready, before using bunker busters and U.S. lives on the line (again – in yet another place). Where are the other countries in the area – those Arab countries that would suddenly be dictated to by Iran if they did get a deliverable N-bomb? They sit and wait for the U.S. to take care of it while jacking up our oil prices & they are happy that Netanyahou is pushing his agenda.