Escort procedures are secret

Bob Ingle writes this morning that the government is protecting its butt by keeping documentation of escorts classified.

Bob is writing of the New Jersey State Police luxury sport car escorts that have been in the news recently.  Not the Secret Service’s recreational activities.

Ingle is the co-author with Sandy McClure of The Soprano State, the New York Times bestseller about New Jersey’s culture or corruption.  His new book, written with fellow Gannett reporter Michael Symons, Chris Chrisite: The Inside Story Of His Rise To Power, arrives in book stores on May 22.  Pre-orders are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.

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3 Comments on “Escort procedures are secret”

  1. Bob English said at 9:34 am on April 26th, 2012:

    Best thing to do is for the State Police to be ordered by the Gov or the AG to come clean/reveal all of the details of what went on this time and in the past. That fact the cars had tape over their license plates certainly tells you that someone/all of them involved knew they were doing something illegal.

  2. Truth said at 9:35 am on April 26th, 2012:

    Bob Ingle is little more than a Chris Christie cheerleader. He even has the knee pads to prove it.

  3. truth hurts said at 7:09 am on April 27th, 2012:

    Just another sign of complete and utter arrogance from state workers or state police mgmt. Stating to the residents of NJ that they are entitled,priveleged, and do not have to disclose anything. Don’t we the taxpayers pay their (over inflated) salaries and benefits so they can retire at 48? This is utterly disgusting. Should be full disclosure here. Time for the NJ state police to come clean and admit wrongdoing and corruption to coverup.