Sipprelle Not Running In CD-12

Plans to Remain Engaged as a Private Citizen

PRINCETON, NJ- January 12, 2012- In response to inquiries from supporters and potential candidates, Scott Sipprelle announced today that he will not be a candidate for Congress this year in the reconfigured 12th Congressional District. 


“While I remain as committed as ever to the principles of political reform and economic renewal, as articulated during my 2010 campaign, this is not my time to be a candidate,” said Sipprelle. “Over the last year I have become fully engaged, with a renewed passion and purpose, in my business of starting and building emerging growth companies.”


“For now I intend to play an outside role in the world of politics, with a particular interest in supporting first-time candidates for public office,” said Sipprelle. “Through The Lincoln Club of New Jersey, I also intend to continue as a squeaky wheel, working to educate and inform the voters while supporting candidates with the experience, courage and independence to serve as problem solvers.”

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3 Comments on “Sipprelle Not Running In CD-12”

  1. Name said at 8:41 am on January 13th, 2012:

    Oh No! Will he still donate thousands of dollars to the county organizations and candidates?

  2. Oh Name, said at 4:58 pm on January 13th, 2012:

    You are a fool name, however, likely a democrat and thus only on this site to discredit others.

    Sipprelle is probably one of the finest most decent candidates to run for public office in a long time. He ran his campaign as a statesman. No mud slinging no personal shots. He simply talked about the issues facing the voters. Although not elected and choosing not to run for office again he has done as he always has conduct himself in a manner above reproach. Your cheap comment is just that, cheap.

  3. Puh-leeze said at 5:47 pm on January 13th, 2012:

    All that statesmanship and 1.5 million of his own money got him….nada, zip, zilch.

    Not too smart for a rich guy.