The Impression I Get

By James Hogan

Hello MMM readers, I’m sure you’ve missed me as I’ve been quiet and well behaved since Art’s thunderous return but since I know how much you all miss me and value my opinion, I wanted to pass along my observations of the Freeholder candidate’s from Wednesday night’s Ocean Township hosted forum.


Ocean Township Chairwoman and State Committeewoman Christine Hanlon opened the meeting by having each candidate, in alphabetical order, give a short speech as an introduction. I’ll recap what I recall here, where there isn’t much means there wasn’t much said that was memorable, for me.


Serena Demaso – from Holmdel – Deputy Mayor for several years. Has lived in Monmouth County for 23 years. She’s of the Board of Trustees of Meridian Health. She’s a mom and employee of her husband’s medial office, she runs it. (My research indicates that the office is in Staten Island, maybe someone can verify if I have that wrong. I don’t think it hurts to run for office here and work/run a business elsewhere but maybe real experts like you anonymous commentators have different opinions.)   Serena wore some dress pants and a nice/dressy swear, not some Hillary looking PantSuit(TM), no “hands in the pocket” while speaking. Her appearance is very professional, I’d say her demeanor is closest to that of Strict Mom.


Peter Doyle – Councilman from Atlantic Highlands – Peter has a long resume in the military, and I thank him as I thank all veterans for their service. He is a West Point grad and a BigWig of some sort at Moodys, the credit rating people. He touts his financial sector career and knowledge and ability to pick apart financial data and give recommendations/take action. Peter wore a nice suit, buttoned correctly, no “hands in the pocket”, in fact, you might think of the (and my apologies to Tom DeSeno) stereotypical Italian hand moving while speaking. He looks and sounds very professional however, as a pocket protector wearing computer nerd myself, dare I say Peter looks a bit nerdy. I’d say his demeanor is closest to that of the over-excited high-school physics teacher who does the same experiment year after year but gives an appearance of excitement every time.


Ryan Green – Committeeman from Manalapan – Ryan is a social worker in a school.  He is relatively new to the scene but his passion and care was evident. Truthfully, I didn’t get, or remember, much more, but it may not be Ryan’s fault, I’m easily distracted and have a poor memory. Ryan also wore a suit, not buttoned and also not a “hands in the pocket” guy. Ryan appears to be younger guy of the bunch, seems to be a real go-getter type. I’d say his demeanor might be closest to the “its all business” accountant at tax time.


Bob Walsh – Howell Mayor – Bob describes himself a self-educated kid who grew up in a poor family, on the mean streets of Manalapan (after his mother moved him there from Jersey city at a young age). Bob speaks loud and might be fit for a role in an HBO series that Tom DeSeno wouldn’t approve of. (why am I picking on Tom?? I like you Tom, I’m sorry.) Bob started a Mortgage Broker business in the 90s, enjoyed the boom and has so far survived the bust, which says something positive. Bob gives his family story – wife, 3 kids — 2 girls in college and an autistic son in a “special place”. Bob’s personal story is one of overcoming the difficulties of life, he is/was the only candidate to offer details of his personal life story. Bob wore a suit, unbuttoned, and never took off his jacket/scarf; I thought he was going to jet early a few times as he looked ready to run. Bob will crack a joke and out-loud others to steal the show — I suspect a union boss won’t out-loud Bob. His demeanor is probably closest to, well you know, I don’t need to make Tom DeSeno even more mad by offering some questionably accurate Italian stereotype here. 🙂


Then came questions. Christine Hanlon was kind enough to give me the first crack, and I came prepared. My question was pretty straight forward: Explain the cost of public workers in your town, specifically, the cost of your police officers and why these salaries are acceptable when the average HOUSEHOLD (combined) income in Monmouth County is $80K/yr, and what you’ve done to address the cost of government. The numbers are these and I provided/quoted these numbers to each candidate (except for Peter who seemed to know the numbers off of the top of his head):


Town Area Population # of Police Officers in top 100 earners # of Officers over 100K

Average of top 100 Police Top Paid Officer

Howell 61 51 74 54 113,223.00 $176,660.00

Holmdel 18 17 40 18 100,351.00 $154,254 


31 39 57 30 93,045.85 $154,036 

Atlantic Highlands

4.5 4.5 14 5 85,389.00 $137,125 


Serena answered first as in her opening presentation she noted that she had worked to address police contracts/costs – what a great tie in. In her town, 40 of the top 100 (base salary) employees are police. 18 of them make over $100K/yr. The top officer making $154K and the average being $100K. Serena notes these salaries are less than ideal, she gets it. She also claims to have worked hard to lower those salaries where possible and says her town doesn’t contribute to healthcare plans and some other benefits for officer. She also (rightly) notes that should they press too hard and go to arbitration, they’d likely lose their battle in this state. She also spoke of the 2% property tax cap and how it helps/helped in negotiations.


Bob answered next. In his town the numbers are 74 police officers are in the top 100 earners, 54 are paid over $100K, the top earning a whopping $176K, nearly double the average HOUSEHOLD income, and the average being $113K/yr. Bob claims to have taken on his local police, and all local public workers, by furloughing them for 18 days. He also noted some officers were laid off/not rehired after leaving, I think he said some were demoted but I may be mistaken in my poor memory, another forum attendee may fill this in. I was able to verify the furlough, maybe a Howell local can verify the lay-offs; Bob says he went from ~280 workers to about 220 over the past few years. Bob seems to have (tried to) take on the unions, but with numbers like the ones I see, I’m not sure how successful he really was, in fairness, if what he says is true, then those numbers must have been even more painful before. Bob also “gets it” when it comes to how outrageous the wages and benefits are, like Serena, I’m not sure how successful our part-time/volunteer municipal officials can really be against professional union negotiators.


Peter answered next. In his town, the numbers are 14 of the top about 70 (they don’t have 100 employees there!) are police officers. Only 5 police officers make over $100K and the top earner makes $137K, the average is “only” $85K, close to the county household average at least. Number wise his town looks best, but in fairness to others, he is in the smallest town. In my opinion, Peter gave the least impressive response, but his honestly is noteworthy. Peter’s immediate reaction/response was essentially “we, the people of Atlantic Highlands, chose to have a safe community and that comes at a cost we accept”. Ouch. Peter seemed to defend the salaries/benefits as necessary in order to maintain and uphold the law. In my humble opinion, I fear that Peter deals with such large numbers on a daily basis in his work at Moodys that maybe $140K/yr or $176K/yr doesn’t seem like a “big number” to him. I don’t think Peter sees the cost of individual government workers as the problem I think it is, maybe you agree with Peter, maybe for once you agree with me.


Ryan answered last. In his town, the numbers are 57 of the top 100 income earners are police, 30 officers make over $100K/yr with the top earner at  $154K/yr and the average at $93K. Oddly enough, Ryan couldn’t go into too many details because it sounds like he is TheMan right now doing the negotiations in Manalapan. He seemed to indicate we may read about him in the APP for his bold efforts, I’d be curious to see/hear the details – I think it could be a huge draw for Ryan if he’s really make a drastic impact, and gets it done before the 14th. Ryan, despite working in a school, seems to also “get it” that public worker costs are too high. One thing I noted is that Ryan relied heavy on talking about shared services and how they would/could/should save money — but if the county worker pay isn’t reduced, then adding more county workers just means a larger county budget.



There was a question/statement made about the need for photo IDs for voters due to vote fraud in Asbury. The hard-liners might be mad at me, and the ACLU too, but part of me really agrees with her and the need for a photo ID to vote — I can’t even buy Spray Paint at Home Depot without a photo ID, or get a cell phone, or buy a beer or pack of cigs – seeing as voting is more important than all of those things — it makes sense to me, but I’m like a liberal or something now, you got it, so mind me.


There was a question asking what two items you’d really like to get done/what you’d focus on. It was the usual stock answers — cut spending, lower taxes, the nursing home program, etc. I don’t know that I recall hearing “address the waste at Brookdale”, “put Fort Monmouth to good use”, etc. For me the answers were non-spectacular/non-memorable. Maybe another event goer can help out here if they heard something noteworthy/memorable.


Then came the BEST question, by far, in my opinion, from Ocean Twp Club President and Committee Vice Chair Joe Hadden. His point/question was simple and, again, great. 4 years ago in 2008, Obama was at the top of the ticket and John Curley lost because of the top of the ticket — how are you the candidate going to raise the money, get your name and message out and compete with Obama?


Serena noted her connections to Meridian and it’s size/potential donor base. She also noted she’s a chair(?) of Bayshore Hospital and seemed VERY confident that she could raise a lot of money from “outside of the usual” sources. She also claims to have about 5000 doors in Holmdel and she claims to have knocked on those doors 5-6 times over the past few years. Sh did a great job giving the impression that she has the ground game, and the money, to run a good campaign.


Ryan implied “I know people” and “I’ve been elected a few times”. There were no specifics on exactly who and how he’d get the job done. As one of the younger guys, I’d have to guess he has more energy to go — and as a school worker, I assume he has at least the summer off to knock on doors.


Bob also implied “I know people” and noted he raised a lot of money for his mayor runs and spent a lot of his own money too. Bob, having run as an independent, must know how to organize and run a ground game, or pick the right people to help him — having run as an independent, his “team-work” ability to run with Curley, and then Arnone, is worth questioning in my opinion.


Peter essentially said “I have my team picked and ready to go on the 15th to win” He assures all Republicans win top to bottom in November. Again, no exact information who/how he’ll get it done, but he has confidence. I have to think via Moodys, he likely has some good potential donors.


There was also a question about Agenda 21. As expected, no Republican supports it or any other measure against private property rights.


Short on time — Christine then let me get a second question in — I noted that Freeholder Clifton is now Assemblyman Clifton and Freeholder Christie is now Governor — so seeing as this office may be a stepping stone to higher office — do you care to make a statement about your views on 2A rights, abortion and Gay Marriage.  Christine cut me off, because of time constraints, and asked me to pick one issue. None of the candidates are NRA members, all claim to support 2A rights. Bob Walsh says he’s coming to the shooting range with me one of these days — win or lose – I’m going to hold him to it, and if any other Republicans want to take a trip to the range, let me know/be my guest.


Getting to a conclusion — here are my Random Thoughts of the “problems” (as I see them) with each candidate:


Walsh’s problem, is mainly that he comes off as a bit of clown at times which I think turns people off easily at first glance and is an easy item to attack him on. When he tries to come across as a softy, he slows down his speech, looks down, it just seems phony at times. I also need more information on his actions over public workers as his town has the worst/highest police pay numbers, by far. Did he really do the things he claims and did any of things really stick/make a difference? The effort (if accurate) is note worthy regardless.

Serena’s problem, is that she allowed Walsh, multiple times, to overshadow her/interrupt her. She needs to be able to demonstrate that she can debate/argue her points with public workers who abuse the taxpayers and the system as a whole as well as battle Democrats come November — and not just have others talk louder/longer over her, taking on Bob would be good proof of an ability to take on those evil Ds. Other than that, I think she’d do just fine, and far better that say a Democrat like 33 and retired for life on the public dime after 4 short years of “work” State Police officer Bill Shey’s… not that I’m bitter/angry/jealous or anything that I (hopefully) have 40+ years of work left until I drop dead….

Doyle is out for me personally. He seems like a really smart, nice guy, who deals with large numbers on a daily basis. I don’t think he views or understands that $180K (base) for a police officer or $220K for a corrections officer is a high salary in a county where household (combined) average is $80K. He might be a financial wiz, but it’s the smaller costs that need to be addressed IMHO. Simple dopes like me think $180K/yr is a lot of money, I’m not convinced Peter finds $180K/yr to be “a large number”. And I understand that saying “you’re taking a 50% pay cut!” to a corrections officer is much easier said than done, but I do think any one of the others would at least THINK the numbers are absurd (Bob may say it); it doesn’t seem like cutting pay would cross Peter’s mind as he doesn’t seem to think $180K is a problem that needs to be addressed. I’d certainly appreciate being proven wrong here, and his town has numbers on his side, but his response seemed troubling to me, or maybe I mis-understood and another forum goer could give their impressions/understanding.

Green’s problem is also a personality issue, as well as that he is a public worker himself (social worker in a school). I don’t know how well he’d fit in with the other members of the board and that he is a beneficiary of the public employment system seems to imply that he isn’t likely to advocate for a paycut for himself/his fellow public workers, I could be wrong. Again, he gives the usual line “lets cut the nursing home!” but that’s an easy/obvious one, does he have the courage and ability to take on the bigger issues — the trustees at Brookdale, the Corrections officers, Judges? I think with more self-confidence in his delivery/approach, and if he can pull out a win over the PBA/public salaries in his town, he’d have a real strong run, unfortunately, I don’t know that the details of his work against public worker pay will be available/on his side before the 14th.



Of course, this is all just my opinion, my *quick* little notes after a lot of research and a few hours of listening. To answer your question, if I had to vote today, I might vote Bob Walsh while thinking “maybe I should have voted Serena” but today this is the best I could do. Since I don’t have to vote until the 14th, maybe I’ll see Serena again and she’ll really stand out and not allow herself to be overshadowed, and she would win me over, because she has a certain appeal/personality that I think fits in well/best on the board, as long as she can also stand alone. Or perhaps by the 14th, Ryan Green will have cut his public worker pay in half in which case there is no contest, he gets my vote, and i’ll donate significantly to campaign immediately.  


The caveat to all of this — Bob and Serena each have a few people backing them who I really like and whose opinions I really trust and value. It’s a testament to the great candidates and deep bench we have to choose from when good, hard working, like-minded Republicans, who really stand for the right things every time, are supporting different candidates. I really respect the input and opinions of these few key people, one side or the other is going to be disappointed, but in the end, I’m going to make my choice based on the little things I see and hear — and I offer all of this as something for you to consider, not to tell you who to vote for.


And as a final note, as a private sector guy who is fortunate to be able to decide who is hired and who is fired from his own staff, (ie: if I don’t think you’ll fit in, I don’t hire you) — I have to say, as always, that John, Tom, Gary and Lillian’s opinion of who THEY want to work with and who would work best with them is paramount. It helps none of us to force them to work with someone they don’t think they will like or be able to work with. Equally important, love him or be on the fence about him (because I don’t think anyone should hate him) Chairman Oxley’s opinion is valuable and important to consider as the Chairman is constantly working in this county and state and has eyes and ears all over with a great understanding of the people and issues.


In either case, don’t take my word for it — get to the Monmouth County Affiliated Republican Club’s event on the 13th (http://www.monmouthrepublican.org/calendar.asp#a511), meet the candidates, chew their ears off (not literally or they won’t be able to listen to our complaints later) and then make a smart, informed decision based on your own issues and concerns in Colt’s Neck on the 14th..

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27 Comments on “The Impression I Get”

  1. Justified Right said at 10:00 am on January 6th, 2012:

    Very funny James!

    Maybe what Monmouth County needs is an old-fashioned mob guy. At least you could walk down the streets at night in the neighborhoods they controlled.

    Seriously though, your question was terrific. I’m better now for knowing those stats, which I didn’t know before.

    I have seen all the candidates speak, and none has a disqualifier. The election of any of them would give me no pause.

    Going right to the heart of your question, Walsh is the pick of the lot.

    Why? Ask yourself which you would prefer on the others side of the table from department heads and union bosses at budget time. It’s Walsh.

    Years ago when I was in this contest, there was a candidate who described herself as a conciliator and a facilitator in all her speeches. She won.

    In that contest, the line I used that got the most applause was that when it came time for Department Heads and Union Bosses to reach into the public’s coffers, I’d cut their hands off when they tried. I lost.

    After that election, the Board of Freeholders did start cutting Departments, exactly as I intended, which at least gave me the solace of knowing my ideas were in office, even if I was not.

    But the budget this past year is showing signs of government growth again.

    Bob Walsh is the man I want negotiating for me to stop that.

  2. Your Impression is Wrong! said at 10:02 am on January 6th, 2012:

    James, Where in Monmouth County is base pay for police officers at $180,000.00?? And Monmouth Co. Correction officers at $220,000.00????? Get your facts straight! Those are NOT base figures. Perhaps with OT–but not base.

    Ask your buddy– the sheriff, what overtime limitations he agreed to with the new correction officers contract. Now that is disturbing!

  3. CC guy said at 10:24 am on January 6th, 2012:

    Before raising money to run against Obama in November, are ALL these candidates working to get the votes on Jan 14th? So far Ryan knocked on my door, and Serena called me twice (plus she “likes” my Facebook posts)

  4. James Hogan said at 10:49 am on January 6th, 2012:

    Tom, agreed – I want a tough talker, and someone who follows through with that toughness, (like a John or Tom) who can fight the professional negotiators and do battle for me the taxpayer. As for budget growth, again, if we’re sold on “shared services”, and salaries stay where they are/on the same trend — the budget has to grow if the county takes on additional services. Re-align salaries to normal 2012 private sector salaries and millions upon millions will be open for cuts or additional employees.

    As for my facts, they are as accurate as they are reported to me by (sadly) the only source freely and easily available to the public:
    County Monmouth
    Pension fund Police and Firemens Retirement System
    Pension group Police Officer
    Veteran status
    Pension enrollment
    year 1974
    Base salary, 2010* $176,660
    Number of jobs* 1
    Total salary, 2010* $176,660

    Ron Carter is the Police Chief acording to this news story, which also contains some details about the contract/negotiations.

    One positive thing I will note, at least Mr. Carter didn’t put his 20 years in and retire early on the backs of hard working taxpayers – he seems to have 38 years in. In fairness, Here in the private sector, I don’t think the people who make $180K/yr base (as reported) working for me are likely to leave anytime soon either as that kind of pay is hard to come by these days, and well more than double the average HOUSEHOLD incoming here in Monmouth County.

  5. James Hogan said at 10:55 am on January 6th, 2012:

    CC guy, didn’t mean to overlook — again, I agree — a hard worker earns a reward — at least in my Book Of Republicanism. I think 2010 Anna Little proved that door knocking and hard work can overcome money (sometimes). Hopefully noone is taking their election for granted and all are putting the work in each day and not looking to purchase a win.

    Interesting thing I’m remembering from Ryan Green — he mentioned multiple times the need for the Freeholders/others to get the CC more involved, more informed, more active and have a more serious two-way outreach. Ryan also promotes televised/online streams of the meetings so it’s easy to catch up/be informed, which is how I choose to stay informed locally as my local town/county meetings conflict with my business and personal obligations.

    Either way, great point. Thanks.

  6. offended said at 12:07 pm on January 6th, 2012:

    Whats with all the mentions of Italians and stereotypes? That is unprofessional and offensive. The mere mention lacks an understanding of what is politically correct in 2012 and is in “bad taste”. Its a lame attempt at humor. Please be more sensitive.

    PS- I am sure many people feel this way for their respective race, religion or ethnicity.

  7. the truth hurts said at 12:22 pm on January 6th, 2012:

    The police salaries are way out of control ! The unions are far too powerful. You have all these politicians and municipal business adminitrators sitting in conference rooms for years and holding budget meetings and crunching numbers with the CFO of towns and the state assembymen and state senators and mayors. You want to know the problem? The police salaries and overtime and benefits are absurdly overpaid and out of control ! Take a look at NJ watchdog or take a look at the APP.com site and click on data universe to see the salaries. They are ridiculous. The politicians and sheriff and freeholders Should be ashamed that you can now “get rich” being a so called “public servant” police officer in NJ. I am not against the police, I am a supporter and respect the profession and individuals that do the job. But , when did it become normal to have every patrolman make over $100k in towns and retire in late 40’s and become affluent ? This is insanity. They get benefits and pension for 30 years and some get another job? Why not let someone unemployed get a job. Do the politicians and sherriffs know how many educated people are unemployed and are not on the public pension bandwagon ? They need to put down the cocktails and get off the fundraiser circuit and make progress against the outragous practice of double dipping and abusing the taxpayer. I know some progress has been made but the numbers on datauniverse dont lie. Take a look at Toms at Brookdale. This is nuts, yet the administrators and politicians are still crunching numbers trying to figure out why our state and municipalities are both BANKRUPT !

  8. Paulie Walnuts said at 12:24 pm on January 6th, 2012:

    Justified Right said at 9:43 am on January 6th, 2012:
    “The Truth Hurts From Howell” is hiding his or her identity for what reason?

    Maybe he/she is in the witness protection program.

  9. lois said at 1:21 pm on January 6th, 2012:

    @ offended—-oh pleeease. Political Correctness on steroids is part of what has gotten us into the mess we are in. i loooooved James’ taking pokes at our Italiano neighbors–done gently (??), lovingly (??) with humor…(!) Nothing vicious there, or done with any sense of superiority.
    Please don’t try to stifle someone who knows the difference, and has provided some nice light touches in the midst of some real important and worthwhile observations he has taken the time to share with us.

  10. Easy lads... said at 2:06 pm on January 6th, 2012:

    If you want to be offended by anything, you should be offended that a guy named Hogan invoked Italian stereotypes when talking about a couple of guys named Walsh and Doyle. Hello?

    Maybe James stopped at the Friendly Sons for a few pops before he wrote his piece.

  11. brian said at 3:00 pm on January 6th, 2012:

    But the whole world is waiting with baited breath to hear their answers to ‘what about all those blue-helmeted UN agenda 21 people taking over our towns??”
    l guess the blue-helmets missed the large homes being built on hwy 36, Atlantic Highlands, Shrewsbury Ave, the approval of a White Castle, the WAWA, the expansion of Quick Check(pending), and every other project in this area.

  12. CC guy said at 3:14 pm on January 6th, 2012:

    I got the same impression of Bob Walsh that Jim got, that he’s impersonating several characters from an HBO series. Which is funny since he’s not even Italian, but he acts Italian. Reminds me of Eminem in 8 Mile. Is this called “multiple ethnies disorder”?

  13. It's business, ...not personal. said at 7:26 pm on January 6th, 2012:

    Isn’t the guy from “Boardwalk Empire” Irish?

  14. red skeleton said at 11:34 pm on January 6th, 2012:

    a must read…..before any decision is made…..concerning Bob Walsh…….

    The fact is that the multiple week furloughs of municipal workers that bob is bragging about cost the Township almost as much in unemployment benefits as it saved from the furloughs. NO police have been laid off or demoted as he is now claiming in his quest for a freeholder seat. He also claimed he did not rehire anyone who “left”.

    Well the facts are that retirements have not been replaced. a retired officer can’t be rehired unless they give up pension. Talk about moreof the mayor’s revisionist history.

    And he did endorse the democratic candidate for freeholder who eventually won over the very GOP that he now wants to endorse him.

    « Last Edit: Today at 09:42:04 PM by Sue_Veitengruber »


  15. Freespeaker1976 said at 11:36 pm on January 6th, 2012:

    Wow, Jimbo…

    You put your co-hones all out on the line with this one, didn’t you?

  16. so far, a week out, said at 9:03 am on January 7th, 2012:

    it appears to me there are around three, really angry, bitter locals, who simply want to persnally destroy Bob Walsh- largely because he either did not give them, or appoint them to, some board or job, OR, because he sought his local party’s nod and they dumped him and he beat them, anyway..tsk, tsk.. other than those few, most folks seem to like the guy, he’s frankly, to me, a breath of fresh air from some of the regulars’ predictable behaviors, and “I-me-my” demeanors, knows the county the best, and would be a good voice in the mix.. heard today that some have woken up, and we now need 386 breathing c.c. voters to show up on the 14th, or we eat the donuts, and try again the next week.. so, pay attention, circle the date, and do your duty, GOP “leaders: it’s your chance to have the say you want.. I hope you give Bob the chance, he’s worked it the longest from one end of the county to the other, and will raise money and beat the bushes, for the needed 2 years, to win..

  17. Jim Sage said at 9:07 am on January 7th, 2012:


    The impression I get from Jimmy boy Hogan is that he is an anti-union, anti-authority cop hater. His history of his cop bashing reared its ugly head in his own blog against officials in the Long Branch police department. If he doesn’t get his way– Jimmy Boy stumps his feet and all of a sudden your name appears on his blog or this blog. I know, I have been the recipient of his many hate fueled tirades.

    So like it was asked above, what cops’ base pay is $180,000.00 dollars???? What correction officer of the county has a base pay of $220,000.00??? Carter of Howell is the chief, with nearly 40 years of public service–not considered a patrolman. The correction officers of Monmouth County DO NOT have a base pay of 220,000.00 dollars. The recently appointed warden, your chief of jail operations, does not make that money either. If you see correction officers making that money in APP Data Universe, its because they are FORCED to work overtime for various reasons–mostly due to understaffing. I blame your “party- harty” buddy –the sheriff– for this gross mismanagement. Tell him to place a satellite office in the jail and see the real problems that are there firsthand.

    I don’t see you criticize the corruption at the sheriff’s department on the management level.

    I know you get sick and tired of the Watchdog article–but you never commented on it. So whats your take on it and the pension abuse?? I’m sick of reading about it too, but more importantly, I’m sick of PAYING FOR IT.

    Your friend,

    Double-Dippin Jim

  18. James Hogan said at 11:02 am on January 7th, 2012:

    Brian, I’ve been keeping an eye out for them here. They are hiding in the trees, which is the real reason why you can’t cut them down without an expensive permit. You personally better watch out. If you aren’t aware of their presence it means they are doing a great job of sneaking up on you while you least expect it.

    Offended, what lois and Easy lads said. I think if you know Tom D, or me, you’d be in on the gag, which as lois said, was a fun and respectful acknowledgment of the “questionably accurate stereotypes” that the masses hold, not some slam. By the way, the Strict Moms, Nerdy High-School Physics Teachers and All-Business Accountants also sent me nasty letters; fortunately, I think everyone was able to picture the exact characters based on my descriptions.

    Freespeaker, I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YOU, ALRIGHT!? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-Elr5K2Vuo) 🙂

    Double-Dipping, Overpaid Public Tax Dollar Beneficiary Jim,
    I’ll gladly address your non-sense, again, but you won’t read my response, again.

    County Monmouth
    Pension fund Police and Firemens Retirement System
    Pension group Police Officer
    Veteran status
    Pension enrollment
    year 1974
    Base salary, 2010* $176,660
    Number of jobs* 1
    Total salary, 2010* $176,660

    If you don’t like my facts, you and your public worker buddies should complain to the APP for falsely reporting the numbers. The APP facts say $176K and change BASE SALARY last year, and given the % pay raises, and/or some simple rounding, that is $180K BASE SALARY this year, as reported. If the APP is publishing false information by stating those are BASE SALARY numbers, you really should give them a call, or write one of those nice letters to the editor, I’m sure they’ll care.

    As for me, and why I want a Freeholder with some courage — to repeat the story for others — when the Captain of the Long Branch Police Department attempted to abuse his power to force me to comply with his own personal rules for obtaining a handgun permit rather than obey the laws that govern this state, I chose to stand up to the authorities, use all avenues I had access to, and fought back by simply refusing to do what he demanded and doing instead what the law requires. I received my permit within the 30 day window — proof that TheMan was wrong, and I was right, and that having the courage to stand up for what is right pays off. For the record, I haven’t committed a gun crime, or any crime, to date, and also, I continue to advocate for changes to the gun laws of this state so that the Captain can not be a tyrant over other law-abiding citizens of NJ. It’s why I ask every candidate for every office their position on 2A rights, it tells where they stand on tolerating tyranny.

    So what I want, no – what I demand in a Freeholder, is someone with the same attitude, someone who will stand up for what is right, obey the law, and not submit to the will of some department head or union boss. As I said then, I could have easily submitted to the will of the local police department and given any number of references to satisfy his demands, just as any elected representative could easily pay public workers even more money and avoid a showdown — don’t take the coward’s way out, and don’t elect a coward. It’s not about being “anti-authority”, it’s about standing up for my own personal Freedom and Liberty from tyranny, just as I am looking to elect a Freeholder who will stand up for taxpayers and not be pushed around. If I were “anti-authority” and “hated the police” as you claim, I’d be one of the thugs you read about in the APP illegally carrying a firearm, leading high-speed police chases or assaulting officers in front of my trailer, it’s just not the case. I believe in the Right To Work, not forcing workers to join a union, and I want to elect people who also believe in the Right To Work.

    As for your watchdog article, I have commented on it over and over again; I see loose allegations from a source who seems questionable at best. When the AGs office, or the APP, all of this time later, release their “facts”, I’ll gladly repeat that information as fact the same way I repeat $180K BASE SALARY as fact.

    And I think my take on pension abuse has been clear, cut all of the public worker pensions,and benefits, problem solved. It’s why I asked the Freeholder candidates what they are doing to cut pay, cut benefits, cut pensions for their public workers. It’s why I’m going to vote for the candidate most likely to get that job of cutting salary, benefits and pensions done.

  19. TR said at 12:41 pm on January 7th, 2012:

    You go James. I admire your courage.

  20. So, Jim, said at 1:47 pm on January 7th, 2012:

    let me get you straight: people who choose one job in public service for a career ( not the cops and union-types, who normally get the larger increases and overtime), and get their education, credentials, CEU’s, etc., and are totally accountable to and transparent with the taxpayers they serve, don’t deserve any benefits or pensions?.. they’re supposed to take the heat and do the jobs no one USED to want, ( til the Nobama economy made it all worse), for free?.. and, if you tried to get a public job and were qualified and chosen, you’d turn down those things?..many average public workers who do the right thing every day and do NOT abuse the system, are often being lumped together with those who do, and are now suffering for the few “pigs” who do abuse it..( with the permission -that’s their “yes” votes on contracts, when they come up- of the elected “leaders” who want to stay in their good graces, get contributions, endorsements and votes).. not fair or reasonable!

  21. straight talk said at 2:08 pm on January 7th, 2012:

    1) Doyle – Nice guy no chance
    2) Greene – how are you attending afternoon sessions of freeholder meetings twice a week when you are a school social worker. Either you will have to take off twice a week from school or miss the meetings. No go, your job just doesn’t allow you to run for this position
    3) Walsh – listen he has a great personal story but it is not a hatchet job to speak the truth- he has endorsed democrats over republicans, furlough created additional expenses not savings in his town, and why is he not speaking out about the water authority issues in howell. half the time he thinks he is doing standup, the other half a scary preacher. we already have bluster and brimestone on the freeholder board. one is effective, but enough.
    4) Dimaso – big picture is not january but november 2012 and 2013 – she can raise money, is smart, republican, no local town or personal baggage able to get along with others and a woman.
    In a county that likes to see and elect women on the ballot this should not be overlooked.
    Good luck to all, lets hope we get enough people out to make this vote count

  22. Chris said at 3:00 pm on January 7th, 2012:

    people who choose one job in public service for a career don’t deserve any benefits or pensions?

    Maybe they deserve what people in private service get. Pay towards their benefits, like we pay. As for pensions, put money aside like we do. Use IRAs, 401ks, and let Government match that at a percentage close to the private sector. Also, don’t get automatic raises, unless the economy is doing well or there’s high inflation. And if you don’t do your job well, expect to be fired.

  23. Hey Chris said at 3:34 pm on January 7th, 2012:

    Everyone chose their respective career path whether it be the private sector or the public sector. In the private sector, it was traditional and customary to partake in stock purchases, 401 matching contributions, year-end bonuses etc. You don’t have that with the public sector. Now that the economy has changed–along with the private sector goodies–it’s time to stop bashing the government workers.

    This class war fare and jealousy has to stop.

  24. Chris said at 4:15 pm on January 7th, 2012:

    I don’t think it’s people in the private sector starting the class warfare, it’s usually the other side.

    And I wasn’t bashing anyone. I was just saying that life in the public sector shouldn’t be that much different from the private sector. Yes, the economy changes. The public sector should be aware of that too.

  25. ANY state worker said at 12:05 am on January 8th, 2012:

    is well aware of and is paying more toward to their pension, prescriptions, and health benefits these days, it’s both the law and a fact.. lots of entities have done reductions in staffs through both attrition and layoffs, as is happening in the private sector.. many have taken the opportunity to put away some money into a 401k- type of account, though many regular,rank and file folks cannot afford to opt into the programs..everyone knows the days of “free rides” are dwindling: there is much more accountability, and everyone fears for their job today, public or private..agree that jealousy and class warfare does nothing to bring the country together, or out of the mess it’s in: we are all contributing taxpayers, and we are all sick of waste of tax dollars, wherever it exists..

  26. Chris said at 12:24 pm on January 8th, 2012:

    However there’s a high disproportion between how much private employers pay for benefits, and how much taxpayers pay for public sector benefits. This graph shows it very clear:

  27. your main beef said at 11:45 am on January 9th, 2012:

    needs to be with the unions, and their Dem leaders, and the governing bodies who enabled them, for money and votes, all along, in NJ, and still are doing so, albeit at smaller rates, because of all the outrage…. more public sector workers in NJ are union, vs. non-union, workers: it’s fact that the non-union ones, who historically, and now still, get the shaft..also sounds like Bill Jefferson (“BJ”) Clinton: “I should pay more taxes as one in the 1%”: ok, that’s fine, pal, you can go ahead and write the government a check any time you’d like, and pay however much more you think is fine..most of us pay more then 50-60 % of our income now to the levels of government, to spread around to those who don’t/won’t work..add to the ever-increasing benefits bites, and an average 30-yr., $40,000 employee in Nj is having a very hard time, and ,many actually qualify for food stamps.. so, the few at the top and the few pigs are NOT reflective of the real numbers.. hypocrites, thy name is libs/” progressives”, Dems!…