NFIB Endorses Beck, Angelini and Casagrande

Third major business association to endorse 11th District Republican candidates

11th District Republican candidates Senator Jennifer Beck and Assemblywomen Mary Pat Angelini and Caroline Casagrande issued the following statement today announcing that they were endorsed for re-election by the New Jersey Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the country’s leading advocate for small business:

 “We are grateful for the endorsement of our candidacies by the NFIB. Getting our businesses in New Jersey back on track and creating jobs is our number one priority, and we are pleased that this is the third major business association to recognize our efforts. We will continue our efforts to make New Jersey an affordable place to do business.

The endorsement was the third major business organization to endorse the 11th District candidates for re-election. NEW JOBS PAC, affiliated with the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, and PENPAC, the political affiliate of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey had previously endorsed the three women.

 NFIB Executive Director Laurie Ehlbeck said that all three women scored a perfect 100% on issues affecting small business over the past year.

“Jennifer is one of the hardest working legislators in Trenton and she’s been one of our most reliable allies,” said Ehlbeck.  “She’s been a strong supporter of Governor Christie’s reforms and she is one of the leading voice in the Legislature for the spending reforms that we need to be competitive.”

 “We couldn’t ask for a better advocate in Trenton than Caroline Casagrande,” said Ehlbeck.  “She’s been with us on every key vote, and she’s been among the most energetic and thoughtful legislators in Trenton when it comes to the small business issues.”

“Caroline puts the interests of her constituents first, and she knows how important it is for their future to have a strong, healthy and growing small business sector,” said Ehlbeck.  “Most of the jobs in New Jersey are created by small businesses, and Caroline Casagrande keeps that uppermost in her mind on every issue.”

“Mary Pat Angelini had an outstanding year from our perspective,” said Ehlbeck.  “She was one of the most consistent supporters of small business, and she backed all of the important reforms that we need to get control of state spending and make New Jersey more competitive.”

“Mary Pat was with us every step of the way, and the small business owners in her district will be very proud to send her back to Trenton to keep fighting for their interests.”

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One Comment on “NFIB Endorses Beck, Angelini and Casagrande”

  1. Yawn...highly predicted said at 1:30 pm on October 4th, 2011:

    So former attorney general worker Laurie Ehlbeck, now turned lobbyist (Hey wasn’t Jennifer a lobbyist also?) endorses Jennifer.

    Big deal. No surprise here, they are after all friends. The hard and lowly paid government workers of this state, have no intention of endorsing Beck. Matter of fact, for every endorsement Beck has received, her Democrat rivals received three. Check the below site and see the endorsements her rivals have received.