If Christie’s the new darling of the far right, where does that leave Steve Lonegan?

Should we care?

That’s the question that Bergen Record Columnist Charles Stile asks this morning at NorthJersey.com.

Stile is wondering how Lonegan is reacting to American For Prosperity benefactor David Koch’s declaration that Governor Christie is “my kind of guy” at the super secret corporate donors meeting in Colorado last June.  That was the meeting where Christie told the tale of how he saved Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver’s position by lining up Assembly Republicans to vote for her had the Democrats staged a coup to prevent the pension and benefits reform bill from being posted.

Strangely, Lonegan who is never shy with the press, rebuffed Stile’s inquiry four times in two weeks. 

Stile probably hasn’t noticed that Lonegan’s rare pontifications about Christie have been positive since April of this year.  That is when Christie prevailed upon Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips to get Lonegan to tone his rhetoric down, as reported at the time by the now defunct TheStateNJ.com.

Lonegan’s focus has been on co-opting and controlling New Jersey’s Tea Party movement and attempting to destroy Tea Parties he can’t control, if The Bulldog Pundit, Gene Hoyas’ body of work over this summer is accurate.

Hoyas has been white knighting for the Bay Shore Tea Party Group which has suffered ad hominem attacks from conservative websites that Hoyas says are Lonegan mouthpieces.  Hoyas’ smoking gun that Lonegan, and Senator Mike Doherty, are behind the attacks is that they haven’t publically called for the conservatives sites to stop picking on the BTPG.

All of this nonsense, from Stile’s piece this morning, to Hoyas and other purists fighting all summer, to Lonegan trying to control Tea Parties, if he is, are gifts to the Democrats who are on track to keep control of the legislature in Trenton.

Stile could have written about the current and ongoing rifts within the Democratic party, rather than suggesting to his readers that Christie is more “far right” than Lonegan.  Instead he attempted to tweak Lonegan into reigniting a battle that he surrendered months ago.  We should expect that from Stiles as a center-left opinion leader.

But Hoyas and other conservatives fighting with each other, as well as the ongoing ideological Inquisition of RINO hunters is nothing more than a circular firing squad.  

Now that they have wasted the summer, it is time for all the ideological purists to stop fighting over which angel does a better dance on the head of a pin and get to work electing candidates who are right and center-right.

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12 Comments on “If Christie’s the new darling of the far right, where does that leave Steve Lonegan?”

  1. Gene Hoyas said at 3:10 pm on September 18th, 2011:


    I can’t agree that defending the BTPG from Lonegan’s goons is “nonsense.” My battle with these people is a matter of ethics, not ideology.


  2. Barbara said at 3:24 pm on September 18th, 2011:

    Hi Art.
    I am so tired of hearing people whisper in my ear about how we should ignore the bloggers. Let’s see, Bateman? tainted. Little? tainted. God knows who else. Well, it ain’t gonna happen here. It is not so much the bloggers we have issue with as much as the people they are blogging for. So, I guess the tea party movement, which is a movement of citizens tired of ALL the BS, are supposed to sit down and shut up while we get dissed, beat up, slandered, libeled, defamed and vandalized by everyone? I think they have finally picked a fight with the wrong people. We do this for ethics, as Gene said. Whatever happens politically in that battle …..so be it. I for one, will fight for integrity and principle no matter what. And just so you know….we ARE getting work done. We are just smart enough to keep quiet about it. You will all know when our work is done. Still love ya Art!!

  3. Proud Republican said at 6:23 pm on September 18th, 2011:

    I have lost all respect for Steve Lonegan. There was a time when I thought he truly supported conservative ideals and wanted to expand their reach in public discourse. Instead, he turned out to be a self-centered egomaniac whose motto has become “God bless me and screw you” to anyone who doesn’t bow at his feet. And his minions like Eichman, who is a total douche and hack, should be ostracized by everyone. Mike Doherty must also have a death wish for his political career if he is aligning himself with Lonegan. Stupid and pathetic.

  4. Barbara said at 6:35 pm on September 18th, 2011:

    I wanted to clarify something, if I may. In mentioning Bateman and Little, I did not mean that they were the people who “whispered in my ear”. What I meant by mentioning them is the negative stigma that the blogging gave them. As political representatives, it may have been more necessary for them to ignore it, as they have. I am not running for office and do not feel that I have to ignore what is being said about not just me, but entire groups of people. I apologize for using Bateman and Little’s name and again, want to make it clear that it was not them who suggested I ignore the blogging. I just happen to know the repercusions of what rumors and bad publicity can do because of what it did to them.

  5. Nella said at 8:36 pm on September 18th, 2011:

    I agree that the ideological Inquisition of RINO hunters is counterproductive. This Inquisition is often not even sincere — just a power holding or power grabbing ploy (depending on whether the user is supporting an incumbent or trying to replace one).

    Christie is be perfect, but he is easily the most conservative governor this state has had in fifty years. Calling him a RINO is wasting effort better spent on backing up his efforts to hold the line against teacher’s unions, hold the line against bringing back the millionaire’s tax and giving local and school boards better amunition to fight spending increases at the school and local levels.

    The 2009 primary has been over for two-years. Christie won and the die-hard Lonegan supporters should allow Christie to set the agenda at least until the 2013 primary campaigns. Otherwise they are going to continue to look like obstructionists.

  6. Roselynde said at 8:43 pm on September 18th, 2011:

    I DON’T CARE…how’s that for a shock to the GOP and Conservatives?

    I’m SICK of your narcissistic petty games, I’m SICK TO DEATH OF IT… you should be thanking GOD that grassroots people woke up, came out, and are paying attentions– But NOoOOoOO… instead? You worry over your Power, MwahhahahHH! They must be controlled. GO GET SOME THERAPY.

    Meanwhile, the INDEPENDENT VOTERS like me and watching– horrified– and you are not getting my vote– ever. Idiots. Playing games with MY country and state in critical times like this?? HOW DARE YOU?!

    I reject YOU, and I withhold my VOTE.

  7. Firesign58 said at 8:55 pm on September 18th, 2011:

    But Art, by engaging in this most spirited debate, you and Gene both will almost certainly benefit by increased already-good website traffic. Win-win for both.

  8. Proud Republican said at 9:49 pm on September 18th, 2011:

    Art – could you kindly translate roselynde’s post? Incoherent babble as it appears now.

  9. ArtGallagher said at 9:55 pm on September 18th, 2011:

    PR….thank you, I think, for assuming that I would be able to translate incherent babble. 🙂

    I’m guessing that Roselynde is saying that she, any many other Independents, have woken up, for which Republicans should be grateful.

    Now that she’s awake, she doesn’t really like Republicans or Democrats, so she’s going to quit voting.

  10. MarkFalzon said at 7:36 pm on September 19th, 2011:

    Great piece, Art. Lonegan and his nefarious minions have been going at the Tea Party Movement since early April. When I used to visit their blogs I always asked, “Why are you doing this? What are you driving a wedge between conservative factions?”I never did receive a response, only stepped up personal attacks.
    This circular firing squad must cease and we must focus on the issue at hand, defeating Oama and his leftist minions in DC and Trenton. If only the NJ conservative GOP would agree (and why wouldn’t they?) NJ could be focusing on the most important matter in generations. Instead, they are initiating constant assaults against the Tea Party which is counterproductive to the point of political suicide for all conservatives in NJ.

  11. Lois said at 7:38 am on September 20th, 2011:

    thanks, Art, and big thanks Mark…some good reminders.

    Here’s another one:


    Makes you stop and think: where are we going? Why? What’s gonna get us there?

    Who’s going to look up now and re-direct the troops—to continue to make contributions to the Good? –and stop pummeling to a bloody pulp anyone who does not act, think, feel, believe, behave, speak, contribute exactly (underlined) like I want ’em to?

  12. White Knight said at 3:56 pm on September 20th, 2011:

    Some of the criticism of the Bayshore Tea Party by the conservative blogs is justified. I know because I have been a participant at this tea party.

    Bayshore isn’t really a tea party. It’s really a social group. It doesn’t behave like a tea party. There is a lack of transparency in financial information. There is no detailed accounting to members of how money is snopent or what revenues come in. There is financial secrecy. Also, there is a lack of leadership and organizational structure. Though the stated policy is that all decision are voted on by the group, that rarely happens. Usually decisions are made by Bob and Barbara and then the members are informed. There are no bylaws or constitution as is the case for many tea parties.

    Inviting the socialist Pat Noble to speak was a colossal mistake and waste of time. Barbara realizes that now.

    Too much money is wasted on the office space every month. Most of the time there are only two people there – Bob and Barbara. The $3000 overhead for the space could be better used for effort like educating citizens and supporting campaigns.

    After the Anna Little campaign, there was great promise for the Bayshore Tea Party to carry forth the battle for conservative causes. I fear they have squandered the opportunity. Barbara is a good cheerleader, but until she steps aside this tea party is going nowhere.