Three Real Jersey Guys On The Radio

By Art Gallagher

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon will be our guest for the full hour today on the LaRossa and Gallagher: Real Jersey Guys On The Radio Show.   The show, sponsored by Repatriot Radio, will air on WIFI AM 1460 and here on the Internet from 5PM-6PM.

O’Scanlon will be discussing JCP&L, their response to Hurricane Irene and how the government will be addressing that response now that the power has been turned on, after a long week, for the electric utility’s customers.  He will also be addressing the recent dispute with Morris Bailey and the NJSEA that threatens the long term viability of Monmouth Park.  The track was in O’Scanlon’s 12th legislative district and is now in his new 13th legislative district.

During the second half hour of the show we will open a conversation into the question: “What is an appropriate conservative response to social problems?” or “How do we contribute to those less fortunate than ourselves and reduce the size of government?”

O’Scanlon was instrumental in having charitable organizations donate food to many communities during the power outages that followed Hurricane Irene, without spending government money.  In addition to his policy and political leadership, he is a quiet leader in many charitable endeavors.

O’Scanlon is reluctant to talk publicly about his charitable works.  He has agreed to do so in the hopes increasing the awareness and action among conservatives.

“So many people just don’t get it,” said O’Scanlon of his fellow political leaders, “Otherwise brilliant people seem to have a ‘Let them eat cake’ way of thinking.”

You are welcome to participate in our conversation with O’Scanlon by calling into the show at 609-447-0236.

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One Comment on “Three Real Jersey Guys On The Radio”

  1. Bob English said at 12:57 pm on September 6th, 2011:

    With the closing of Perretti Farms, hopefully legislatures in Trenton wake up and realize that all that New Jersey horsemen and the horsetracks want, is to be able to compete with tracks in surrounding states on an equal basis. All of those have added slots/vlt’s or full blown casinos to their horssetracks. A small portion of that revenue than can be used to subsidize purses at their tracks. This in turn leads to higher purses, better horses, the top trainers and of course more bettors which of course= more $$$$.

    Sounds pretty simple right??? Well apparently not so for some NJ pols even though there is reason to believe that if a vote was allowed on a bill to permit slots/vlt’s at The Meadowlands, it would pass with a overwhelming majority.

    A study done for the State of NJ noted that slots/vlt’s at The Meadowlands would bring $1 billion+ per year in new revenue to NJ without harming Atlantic City. for more info and links to some great articles, please chekc out our Facebook page and remember to press “Like”: