O’Scanlon: “Democratic Leadership Lacks The Soul To Govern”

TRENTON – The political theater being carried out by Trenton Democrats over their unconstitutional budget is disingenuous and must end.Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon released the following statement demanding Trenton Democrats start being honest about their budget and to stop misleading New Jerseyans:

“Trenton Democrats’ sickening display of political posturing has to immediately end. Democrats know that their budget did not provide funding for their election year spending spree yet they continue to play on the emotions of our residents.

“New Jersey women still have access to comprehensive health care services in every county and under Governor Christie support for Family Health Services has increased by more than $30 million. By using blatant distortions and lies about program funding, they are misleading the public about what services will and will not be available to them. This is a dangerous new low. This shocking display proves that the current Democratic leadership lacks the soul necessary to govern.”

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