Kyrillos: “Democrats Resort to Scare Tactics on Budget”

Middletown- Trenton Democrats’ empty budgetary promises and political rhetoric just more of the same.Senator Joe Kyrillos released the following statement demanding that Trenton Democrats take a moment to understand that their election year games have real consequences.

“Trenton Democrats are using an election year to play on the emotions and real issues of our neediest citizens. By passing a budget filled with empty promises – but no funding – Trenton Democrats have crossed the line into the dangerous and disingenuous. Not only are they playing election year politics, they are doing so in a manner that misleads the public about specific programs, as well as the state’s finances. Democrats overstate the surplus while ignoring that education funding has gone up $850 million over last year, funding for the AIDS Drug Distribution Program has been protected at the same level as last year, and hospital funding has gone up by $20 million.

“If these Democrats have any sense of decency they will be honest with the people they claim they want to help, instead of continuing to put forward myths, lies and distortions about what we can really afford.”

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One Comment on “Kyrillos: “Democrats Resort to Scare Tactics on Budget””

  1. TheDigger said at 5:05 pm on July 8th, 2011:

    “If these Democrats have any sense of decency they will be honest…”

    The problem is one, they are professional politicians, two, they are democrats wedded to an ultra liberal philosophy of government knows best.

    We need more Republicans in the legislature to help Christie.

    Remember, if someone comes up to you and says, “I’m from Government and I’m here to help you”, run like hell before you get mugged by another democrat.