Bayshore Tea Party Group Releases Revised Legislative District Map

Revised Map Makes Minor Substantive and Cosmetic Changes

Middletown, NJ – The Bayshore Tea Party Group issued a revised version of “The People’s Map” to the Apportionment Commission. The changes are as follows:

· Moves Egg Harbor Township, Weymouth and Estell Manor from District 2 to District 1;
· Moves Atlantic City, Brigantine and Absecon from District 1 to District 2;
· Makes cosmetic corrections to several inadvertently miscolored municipalities that do not affect the population outcomes of any other District.
In response to inquiries received following the release of “The People’s Map”, the Bayshore Tea Party Group Redistricting Committee would like to clarify some questions the public may have with the creation of our map:

“The People’s Map” was created entirely by hand and without the assistance of any computer program, such as the program in use by the Apportionment Commission and political parties;
“The People’s Map” was drawn using public census data obtained via the internet, pencils and a calculator;
No funding or other outside support from any person or organization was provided for the creation of “The People’s Map”. The aforementioned pencils, paper and calculators were provided by the Bayshore Tea Party Group, which is funded entirely through the generous donations of our members and the public.

The Bayshore Tea Party Group would like to acknowledge and thank Monmouth University’s Patrick Murray for the notes he provided upon his review of our map.


BTPG would also like to publicly acknowledge Jim Meyer of Gateway Press in Atlantic Highlands, NJ for his hard work in preparing “The People’s Map.”
Please visit our website at www.bayshoreteaparty.org for information on how you can become involved with the effort to restore American Exceptionalism and fix our broken government.

The Bayshore Tea Party Group Headquarters is located at 275 Rt. 35N in Fairview, NJ. Please contact [email protected] or call 732-804-3733 for more information.

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4 Comments on “Bayshore Tea Party Group Releases Revised Legislative District Map”

  1. Barbara said at 8:52 pm on March 28th, 2011:

    As always, great job Art. Thank you.

  2. Kathleen said at 11:55 pm on March 28th, 2011:

    The People’s Map? Are these the same folk who rattle on about Obama being a communist? Does their map come in a “little red book”?

  3. lois said at 6:50 am on March 29th, 2011:

    hmmm… i think Kathleen has a whole bunch of issues all mixed up in these 3 sentences. The Map? –have you looked at it and studied the facts that were posted along with it to grasp what it is and why it was created?
    Who are “these folks’?– about whom are you speaking?
    “–speaking about Obama being a communist”— i believe the subject is creating a Map to end gerrymandering in New Jersey….–where was Obama brought into this?
    ‘Map/little red book’–how are they related??
    Seems to me we have a very thoughtful article, followed by some pot-shots.

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