Sunday, May 4 in Monmouth County

Monmouth County

It’s Sunday, May 4 in Monmouth County. 
As usual I am up with the birds and pounding away on my computer.
Not sure what the day will bring. 
Will there be rain or will the sun be shining? Either way here are some events that are sure to please. 

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Earth Day & Arbor Day

Earth Day & Arbor Day

It looks like a great week ahead. Earth day is on Tuesday, April 22nd
and Friday, the 25th is Arbor Day.
Monmouth County is celebrating all over.

It all starts on Monday, the 21st  with two EARTH DAY STORY & CRAFT events. Be sure to Register and get there by 4:15 PM to either the
Holmdel Township Library, RSVP: 732-946-4118 or
to the Marlboro Library, RSVP: 732-536-9406

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Free Responsible Bartender Training

Prevention First



On Monday, May 5, 10am to 3pm at Monmouth University, Prevention First will hold a free training for owners, managers and employees of Monmouth County businesses that hold liquor licenses (restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs, etc.). Attendees will be taking a leading role in the effort to prevent alcohol misuse by attending this training which will assist local servers and vendors in preventing illegal sales of alcohol to underage youth. Guests can expect to learn more about staying on top of the latest trends in false identification, developing innovative strategies to prevent selling alcohol to underage customers, understanding the legal and social consequences of serving underage youth and helping to protect their community and becoming a part of the Hero Campaign.

Register online for this event at www.PreventionFirst.net. Free breakfast, lunch and giveaways will be provided.

For more information, contact Liza DeJesus, Prevention First, 732.663.1800 ext. 218, [email protected] or Suanne Schaad, Monmouth University, 732.263.5804, [email protected]

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Oceanport and West Long Branch To Share Emergency Communications and Dispatch Services

By Mayor Michael J. Mahon, Oceanport and Mayor Janet W. Tucci, West Long Branch

On behalf of the Governing Body of our respective communities, we are proud to announce a shared service agreement to provide emergency communications & dispatch services in a joint operation hosted by the West Long Branch Police in the their recently constructed state of the art facility on Broadway. Oceanport will pay West Long Branch $150,000 annually, cutting current annual costs for local dispatch by nearly 50% for each community. Annual increases of 2% are included in the agreement with the boroughs projecting a joint savings of $1.3 Million over the initial five (5) year term.


Leading the local effort has been a Joint Public Safety Committee with representatives from each municipality. Representing Oceanport has been Mayor Michael J. Mahon, Council Members Jay Briscione (now John W. Ibex) & William Johnson along with Police Chief Harold Sutton and Borough Administrator Kimberly A. Jungfer. Representing West Long Branch has been Mayor Janet W. Tucci, Council President Barbara Ruane, Council Members Christopher Neyhart and J. Thomas DeBruin along with Police Chief Arthur A. Cosentino, Captain Larry Mihlon and Borough Administrator John J. Kennedy.


Today marks the beginning of a cooperative effort to reduce the cost of essential services on local taxpayers and meet the requirements of the 2% Cap Law for both borough’s in their 2011 budget. This agreement establishes a single dispatch center in West Long Branch providing public safety communications for two police departments working together on a single frequency. At the same time, it provides a communications console in Oceanport as a back up and for local emergency operations. Thanks are due to the entire Oceanport and West Long Branch Council’s for supporting the efforts of the Joint Committee.


West Long Branch and Oceanport share history and a special relationship with each other dating back to our origins as municipalities and includes regional public schools, recreation programs, environmental advocacy and mutual aid for fire and first aid. Our focus on shared dispatch services as a means to controlling property taxes marks a time in New Jersey where the emphasis on doing more with less is ever present. This effort began in 2008 with the first 50% reduction in state aid for municipalities of less than 10,000 residents. Mayors Tucci and Mahon echoed the same concerns and encouraged our governing bodies to examine every opportunity to match services.   Together we have forged this partnership to make the financial and technological resources available, and bring about a solution that protects our Public Safety personnel and serves our residents. Today, the reality is Oceanport and West Long Branch are in this together. And together we have worked, and will continue to work on completing this project. Discussions on merging or sharing other services are being studied.


Along the way we have needed the support and cooperation of the Police Departments; Chief Arthur Cosentino and Captain Larry Mihlon accompanied by Chief Harold Sutton and Captain Mauro Baldanza (Ret.). Their support and professionalism will determine our mutual success and we are depending on their continued commitment to this effort. The Joint Public Safety Committee will play a continuing role in accordance with the Inter Local Agreement. The next phase has already begun; equipment and software are being installed, and staff is being reduced through attrition or transfer. Joint dispatch operations are set to begin as early as April 1, 2011. Residents won’t notice a difference and will continue to dial 9-1-1 for emergencies and use the current non-emergency numbers for other police business

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