Murphy sues Asbury Park over indoor dining defiance

Two days after Asbury Park revealed it would violate Gov. Phil Murphy executive order and allow indoor dining, Murphy announced the state was suing the Jersey Shore’s premier dining destination to stop the service.

“We have worked with the governing body of Asbury Park to try to amicably resolve the issue of their resolution regarding indoor dining. Unfortunately, they have not done so,” Murphy said at his daily coronavirus briefing on Friday. “We have one set of rules and they are based on one principle — ensuring public health.”The Attorney General will be bringing a lawsuit later [Friday] ag… Read the rest of this entry »

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Feds seek to dismiss Bridgegate plea by David Wildstein

The nearly seven-year story of Bridgegate came to an end Wednesday and this being New Jersey, there was a surprise twist.

In a letter to the court, the U.S. Attorney’s office asked to dismiss the indictments against former Christie Administration insiders Bridget Anne Kelly and William Baroni — whose convictions were overturned last month by the U.S. Supreme Court — and moved to toss out the guilty plea against David Wildstein, who testified for the government in the bizarre scheme of political retaliation.“Given the decisions of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, Mr. Wildstein, throug… Read the rest of this entry »

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Opinion | Racial insensitivity exists everywhere, we are not immune

Jada Tulloch and Luke Farrell, Middletown High School North seniors. Photo courtesy of Luke Ferrell

By Luke Ferrell

Middletown, it’s time that we have a conversation about race. Merriam-Webster defines a conversation as “an oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas”. Let’s “exchange” ways to make our community a better place without “exchanging” hate or negativity. I’d like to explain why even the “fifth safest city in America to raise a child” (SafeWise, 2016) cannot be excluded from hearing stories of overcoming racial adversity.

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Measure Allowing State to Borrow Billions Clears Assembly; GOP Threatens Legal Challenge

Lawmakers vote along party lines to permit at least $5 billion in new debt to deal with economic fallout of pandemic


Legislation that would give Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration the authority to borrow billions of dollars to help offset projected revenue losses brought on by the ongoing pandemic cleared the Assembly Thursday in a party-line vote.

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Scathing letter from health department insiders says N.J.’s pandemic failures led to ‘preventable deaths’

New Jersey’s response to the pandemic inside nursing homes was “an unmitigated failure” that led to “preventable deaths,” a group of anonymous health department employees charged in a letter to lawmakers Monday. Moreover, the administration “is making things up as they proceed” in order to reopen the economy, the writers also allege.

The letter, sent to Senate President Stephen Sweeney, D-Gloucester, and Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr., R-Union and obtained by NJ Advance Media, also calls for the resignation of Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli and an investigation into other top admin… Read the rest of this entry »

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Pros and Contras of Asbury Park’s George Floyd Rally on Monday

Revolution is delightful in the preliminary stages. – Aldous Huxley

Tom DeSeno

By Tom DeSeno

Asbury Park feels like we are dancing on a volcano.

An Asbury Parker named Felicia Simmons is running a rally on Monday, at 5 pm, on the sidewalk in front of the Post office.  At this writing, 3,000 people on the event page are either going (1,023) or interested in going (1,947).

I justify the cause.  George Floyd suffered the only thing worse than death; he was tortured first. Face down in the gutter, knee on his carotid artery, knowing he was dying and begging for a life endowed by his creator especially for him, for which no one had the right to take or make him beg.  He died terrified. It didn’t last 9 minutes. It lasted George’s forever.

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Jack Ciattarelli Statement on George Floyd

Jack Ciattarelli

By Jack Ciattarelli

Six weeks ago, an unarmed man was needlessly confronted and then killed in Georgia. Last week, a New York City woman became unhinged and reckless in the presence of a harmless man. And this week, America witnessed the murder of a helpless George Floyd. The victims, all black, were our fellow Americans. Fellow citizens who deserved “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

What is happening to us? The passage of time is supposed to make us more tolerant, more respectful, more accepting, more civil, less ignorant. 

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N.J. ‘will never tolerate’ police practices that led to George Floyd’s death, AG says

New Jersey’s top law enforcement official said Friday the state “will never tolerate the types of police practices” that resulted in the death of George Floyd, the Minnesota man whose death in police custody ignited protests nationwide.

State Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said in a statement he was “horrified by the footage of Mr. Floyd’s death,” and the recent arrest of the former officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck was “an important first step in the search for justice.”

The comments came the evening before a planned protest in Newark over Floyd’s death.

Grewal said sweeping police reforms ann… Read the rest of this entry »

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A behind-the-scenes battle raged between top Murphy aides over $500K contract as nursing home deaths mounted

New Jersey Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli and senior officials in Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration clashed behind the scenes over the cost of a $500,000 contract for a consultant the state hired to help navigate the deadly coronavirus crisis inside the state’s nursing homes, NJ Advance Media has learned.

Murphy announced May 6 that Persichilli had retained Manatt Health, a national health advisory consulting group, to assess the state’s response to the coronavirus in long-term care facilities, where one in 13 residents have died in the pandemic. And Persichilli seemed in full accord wi… Read the rest of this entry »

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‘I was stalked, harassed, surveilled,’ ex-candidate tells panel on sexual harassment in N.J. politics

Former Congressional candidate Tiffany Kaszuba claims her harassment complaints were not taken seriously by Monmouth Democrats leadership

Tiffany Kaszuba said her bid last year to run for Congress representing New Jersey’s 4th District began with great promise. But it quickly turned into a nightmare.

Kaszuba said a former member of the Monmouth County Democrats’ executive committee who volunteered to help with her campaign began displaying disturbing behavior, including obsessively calling and texting her, yelling at her and posting her photos on social media.

When she complained to Democratic party officials about the man, longtime party fixture Bill Robinson, she said they did little to help her. She eventually dropped out of the… Read the rest of this entry »

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