DeSeno: Garden State Equality’s Executive Director, Christian Fuscarino, Fails the LGBTQ Community Again

Tom DeSeno

By Tom DeSeno

It is an oft lamented truth about today’s single-issue activists – they put the needs of the Democrat Party above the needs of their cause.

The poster boy for this behavior is Christian Fuscarino, the Executive Director of New Jersey’s largest LGBTQ advocacy group, Garden State Equality.  Here’s his latest letdown.

Richard Grenell is one of the Trump Administration’s highest-level officials who his gay.  He is spearheading a new endeavor for the President – to pressure all countries to decriminalize homosexuality in their nations.

This is no small matter.  There are approximately 70 countries out of 197 in the world that have some criminal law against either being homosexual or engaging in homosexual acts.  This is a chronic and horrible human rights abuse.

A prompting event was Iran’s recent hanging of a man for the “crime” of being gay.  You might recall former Iranian President Ahmadinejad once saying, “There are no homosexuals in Iran.”  When Iran finally kills them all, there won’t be.  Savagery.

The Trump administration kicked-off this effort with a planning session in Europe, which included the presence of LGBTQ activists from around the world. No other President has tackled this issue and it should be the most heralded and celebrated cause among LGBTQ activists.

It should be celebrated, but it’s not.  Because politics.  Because Democrat politics.

Instead of joining the President’s effort, Garden State Equality issued this statement:

If President Trump was sincerely concerned with the safety of the LGBTQ people abroad, his administration wouldn’t have voted against a UN Resolution in 2017 condemning the death penalty for gay and transgender people.  This is a hollow promise and a distraction from Trump’s dismal record on LGBTQ rights at home.

Wow! – Was there really a UN Resolution in 2017 to condemn the use of the death penalty on gays – and did the US really vote against it [he sarcastically types]?  Of course not.

The resolution condemned ALL USE OF THE DEATH PENALTY, IN EVERY INSTANCE, NO MATTER WHAT THE CRIME, OR THE IDENTITY OF THE ACCUSED.  Naturally the U.S. couldn’t vote for that or we would have condemned 30 of our own U.S. states that use the death penalty.

Certain LGBTQ activists started misleading the media with claims that the UN resolution was just about gays (shameful).  So, the United States made sure to issue our own condemnation of nations putting gays to death:

The United States unequivocally condemns the application of the death penalty for homosexuality, blasphemy, adultery and apostasy.

Yet Fuscarino and Garden State Equality continue to use the head fake.  Why?  No matter which identity group today’s activists claim to fight for, they will trample that identity group for the goal of winning the next election.  Fuscarino would rather not fight the criminalization of homosexuality if he has to stand with his own President for one moment. Democrats must win, Republicans must be forged as bigots, LGBTQ people be damned.

Yet there is something even more sinister behind Fuscarino’s abandoning LGBTQ people on death row around the world.  The Democrat Party has a “victimhood value scale.”  In their view, the portrayal of one identity group as oppressed victims will generate more votes than another group of oppressed victims.  So, what happens when one oppressed minority is the oppressor of another minority?  Let’s take a further look.

According to ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association), who every year issues a report on state-sponsored homophobia, in the 13 countries where the government puts gays to death, all 13 rely upon Islamic Law to do so.

President Trump’s fight for gays will go nose to nose with the 13 Islamic countries that put gays to death and challenge the politicization of that brutal dogma.

Unfortunately, the Democrats believe that showing Islamists as oppressed victims generates more votes than gays as oppressed victims, so when gays get put to death in Islamic countries, men like Fuscarino, whose first loyalty is to the Democrat Party, look the other way.

This isn’t an inference about Fuscarino.  He’s done it before.

On June 12, 2016 Omar Mateen entered Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, a place frequented by gays, and gunned down 49 people, while confessing that he did so for the Islamic State.

On June 21, 2016, Fuscarino responded by having Garden State Equality issue a statement of solidarity – with Islam; gay death penalties and all.

Any LGBTQ advocacy group allowing Fuscarino to join, let alone lead, is self-defeating.

Fuscarino won’t have to answer for this.  He is the darling of mainstream media and politicians who signal their virtue by standing next to someone claiming to advocate for gays, rather than criticize him when he fails them.


Tommy De Seno is a lawyer, political writer, and currently resides in the Smithsonian as the last conservative from Asbury Park.

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