John Heyer is no Wally Edge

Vin Gopal. Not Devender Singh or John Heyer.

Vin Gopal. Not Devender Singh or John Heyer.

It took ten years for the identity of “Wally Edge,” founder of PolitickerNJ, to be revealed as David Wildstein, the former Mayor of Livingston, Chris Christie high school classmate and former Port Authority of NY/NJ Director of George Washington Bridge Lane Closures.

It’s taken less than a month to reveal the identity of “John Heyer” the anonymous blogger behind JerseyShoreInsider, if frequent MMM commenter and Neptune Township GOP County Committeeman Jim Granelli is right.

The real Wally Edge was twice the governor of New Jersey and a U.S. Senator.  The real John Heyer was a Monmouth County Freeholder in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, after fighting in the Civil War.

The fake “John Heyer” and JerseyShoreInsider blogger is really Deputy Vice Chairman of the State Democratic Party and Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal, according to Granelli.

Gopal engaged Granelli on facebook as himself, apparently thinking he was signed in to facebook as “Heyer,” according to a copy of the exchange that Granelli sent MMM:

Jim Granelli So, you admit to not really being John Heyer? BTW, I see that you censor comments on your blog. You’re not really a journalist interested in journalistic integrity. You are nothing more than a gadfly looking to lob grenades and hide behind the cover of your computer. Fine by me, that’s your right too. “It’s a free country.” But phony’s don’t sell. Buhhhhh Bye.
.2:$end:0:$1:0″/.2:$end:0:$2:0″28 mins · Edited · Like

.2:$end:0:$3:0″/.2:$end:0:$4:0″Vin Gopal I never said I was a journalist and we don’t censor comments, maybe you didn’t press the submit button correctly. Thanks for visiting my facebook page and expressing your thoughts, they are always welcome! Judging by the 400 to 500 unique visitors coming every day, it seems like some folks do enjoy reading our views.
.2:$end:0:$5:0″/.2:$end:0:$6:0″1 min · Like

Granelli says he copied the above exchange before it was deleted from the Heyer facebook page.  Granelli then exchanged Gopal via facebook chat, a screenshot of which he sent to MMM at our request.

Gopal has yet to respond to a message asking him to confirm that he is indeed “John Heyer” and the publisher of JerseyShoreInsider.

Poor Vin.  If he can’t recruit his own bloggers how is he going to recruit eight Assembly candidates, a Freeholder candidate and a County Clerk candidate by the end of March?

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18 Comments on “John Heyer is no Wally Edge”

  1. Anonymous said at 10:59 pm on January 11th, 2015:

    We are Anonymous, We are Many, You should have expected us….oh and by the way we are hearby revoking Vin G.’s application to be a member. Noob haha.

    I guess we won’t be hearing any ‘insider information’ from that site. Just like a certain Red Bank councilman’s website…just sayin’.

  2. Sean Di Somma said at 11:10 pm on January 11th, 2015:

    Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. The bottom line is that it is someone who seems to be pretty well connected on the Dem side trying to make it appear like a non partisan site. They’ll be using that site to drop opposition research on Republicans this year. What they don’t realize is that when they are named in a John Doe suit, the web hosts and registry are going to have to give their names and IP addresses up. So stupid.

  3. I always knew you couldn't trust Granelli said at 8:06 am on January 12th, 2015:

    That little snake in the grass Granelli. Now we know why he always responds in a hissy fit if you don’t reveal your name.

    Now you know why Granelli!!!

  4. Vin will have no problem recruiting unless... said at 8:19 am on January 12th, 2015:

    Last sentence of article reads, “…Poor Vin. If he can’t recruit his own bloggers how is he going to recruit eight Assembly candidates, a Freeholder candidate and a County Clerk candidate by the end of March?…”

    Very easily if those 8 assembly candidates don’t vote to override the governor in March on that Port Authority Accountability Bill.


  5. trouble in marlboro said at 8:48 am on January 12th, 2015:

    vin the virus at it again. he’s just a lackey for the law firms from the north, just like the mayor of marlboro. they do the bidding of the power legal firms of the north. just look how much money was wheeled in the last election cycle. and the virus still lost by 10,000. i guess the shop freehold,(shop marlboro) and the ethic’s board, (like the kangaroo court johnny put together in marlboro) just aren’t that attractive to monmouth votes. they also have these stupid electronic newspapers like the hometown marlboro, that is written by the virus’s girl formally from the path. they just spin the truth and try and bait republicans to start fighting with each other. another trick learned from johnny hornik. that’s how he beat kleinburg, by getting all the supposed republicans to do the republican’s for democrat’s campaign. oh wait that’s right they (johnny and the virus) just did that this last election cycle remember the signs ? so lets put johnny and the virus out of my misery this next election, remember johnny is up for re election this year.

  6. Jim Granelli said at 9:21 am on January 12th, 2015:

    This is most likely the only comment I will make on this post. And it is pointed directly at “I always knew” and others of his ilk.

    You see, I knew the attacks would come the minute I gave Art permission to quote me, but there is a time to say something.

    So, you want to attack ME and call me a snake? How dare you, because the real snake is Vin Gopal.

    There is something inherently wrong and dishonest with the Chairman of a county political party anonymously running a news blog, firing grenades at the opposing party from something that looks like what is supposed to be a news blog. It’s called intellectual honesty. No wonder people don’t trust politicians and news sources.

    Vin Gopal was caught LYING. And, if his party had any sense, they would remove him from office. I have no problem working with Democrats who are trustworthy, open and dishonest. Liars, I have no time for.

    He has a right to run a blog and post things, as well as have an opinion about issues. But to do so anonymously is cowardly, dishonest and sceevy, especially since he is the Chair of a county party. He has something to say? He should have the gonads to sign his name to it.

    I bet the liberals visiting here would have a major cow if Shaun Golden ever did such, so please; spare me the hypocrisy.

    And that people can’t seem to understand this kind of dishonesty that should scare the hell out of all of us.

    Anonymous posters here, I cut some slack unless it is a personal attack. They are NOT the County Chair of a party running a news blog.

    But make a personal attack on me? I will ALWAYS call you out as a coward.

    Blaming me shows the lack of morality of some people today, be it Republicans, Democrats or whomever. And eventually, as this story shows, you will be exposed one way or another.

    I have some Democrat friends that I risk loosing a relationship with over this. But there are some things where I draw the line. So, I don’t care about anonymous cowards not trusting me. Not one bit.

    Sooner or later one goes through life and realizes that people have to start being honest with each other if we are to solve some of the major problems today.

    So, have at it; liberal attack machines. At least I know I am not a coward.

  7. jrsimth said at 9:40 am on January 12th, 2015:

    @jim the only one lying is you.

  8. Hear ya, trouble, said at 9:47 am on January 12th, 2015:

    it will be “trouble” for the whole ticket, if Hornik is up: we sadly cannot count on the fractured Marlboro GOP to either field strong candidates, or keep that town’s plurality down.. this is “trouble” for the county GOP: with the strong but polarizing freeholder, and a new, untested clerk, there’s no Claire to pull thousands to our column: so, wake up, it is time to plan and raise funds, right now. Agree it will be a struggle for the assembly incumbents, too: thanks to the big guy, what do we run on that’s really better?? Not lovin’ our prospects, absent lots of money for large mailings, and some bright, professional advice. Word to the wise..

  9. Trouble answering Trouble?? said at 11:13 am on January 12th, 2015:

    Talking to yourself Trouble?? We have two things here: Granelli cannot be trusted and Marlboro will not vote Republican again. Why? Because of the corruption from the past. Your former mayor and former Council president were both arrested for corruption.

    They have betrayed the taxpayers of Marlboro who have yet to forgive them and their party for giving them overcrowded unplanned roads, more people, more schools, more municipal services–and more taxes!!! So blame the damn Republicans.

    As for you Granelli: Live up to your so-called promise and don’t respond to my rant!!!

  10. Regarding the PATCH Article said at 11:36 am on January 12th, 2015:

    Republicans need to stand firm against the bully governor on the override. They must stand together as a bloc and do what is best for their constituents–both D’s and R’s.

    Failure to override the governor only supports waste, fraud, corruption, and non-transparency. As an elected official, with elections around the corner–I would not want to be associated with that.

    Don’t give Vin that opportunity!!!!!

  11. Kathy Baratta said at 2:11 pm on January 12th, 2015:

    I was a life-long Democrat right up until John Kerry allowed himself to be “swiftboated,” going out with a whimper. That he, a bonafide, decorated war hero (don’t talk to me about his giving them back. He had to earn them in order to give them back) couldn’t draw himself up and fight those calumnies left me hollow.

    Since then, what the Democrats (cowards all) allowed the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Addington-Yoo-Wolfowitz, et al, cabal to do to this country made me realize that the Democratic Party died on the kitchen floor of the Ambassador Hotel in June, 1968.

    What we have now are politicians calling themselves the Democratic Party but they have as much in common with what the Party was as Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds have with what used to be known as farming.

  12. For the whiners said at 5:10 pm on January 13th, 2015:

    Who are calling for accountability from the Monmouth County Republicans regarding the election night snafu, well; here you are


  13. Middletowner said at 10:27 pm on January 13th, 2015:

    Well the author of that blog finally admitted he’s Lutrell / Grillo’s campaign manager

  14. Bob English said at 11:32 pm on January 13th, 2015:

    @for the whiners…..obviously the powers that be also thought a change was needed.

  15. @ Bob English said at 10:22 am on January 14th, 2015:

    The point of my comment was that the new leadership has things well in hand despite the continued charges from your side.

    You ought to be worried about your own party and the change in leadership it needs because Mr. Gopal is an embarrassment.

    Yet, you continue to carry water for them.

    Shame on you

  16. Jim Granelli said at 11:03 am on January 14th, 2015:

    @ Middletowner

    re: “Well the author of that blog finally admitted he’s Lutrell / Grillo’s campaign manager”


    Where did that happen? I didn’t see anything about that.

    Remember though, Vin Gopal was behind it. After all, it was Vin that responded to me on the John Heyer Facebook page with “I never said I was a journalist and we don’t censor comments.”

    Sure as horse crap he was a big part of it.

  17. Bob English said at 11:09 am on January 14th, 2015:

    @@Bob English…and the point of my comment was that I’m glad they did what my comment a week ago said they should do (have someone oversee the ballot counting process that knows what they are doing)…..even though some apparently thought that was “whining”

  18. Jim Granelli said at 11:25 am on January 14th, 2015:

    I have to laugh at their information about the Jersey Shore Insider page.

    ” This website is dedicated to providing REAL local coverage of Monmouth and Ocean County news, politics and community. ACCURATE information and analysis should be available to everyone.

    What a joke from a bunch of hypocrites.

    We’re supposed to believe something is REAL and ACCURATE from a group that lies about who they are?

    Note also new “nom de gurerre used on the Jersey Shore Insider page


    Just who is Jon Salonis.

    Maybe it’s time to do some digging there.