Vin’s Folly

The reaction to Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal’s declaration of victory has been hilarious…and has overloaded MMM stat counter!

Two Tinton Falls officials called first thing this morning unable to contain their laughter at Gopal’s delusional claim of credit for Gerry Turning’s election as mayor.

Tinton Falls Mayor-elect Jerry Turning

Tinton Falls Mayor-elect Gerry Turning

“I’m the most conservative Democrat you’ll ever meet,” Mayor-elect Turning said when we got him on the phone. “I registered as a Democrat over 40 years ago when I was 18 and Jerry Brown was running for President.  I don’t consider myself a partisan.  I vote for the best candidates.”  Turning said he voted for Mitt Romney for President last year, Chris Christie for Governor on Tuesday and Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate last month.

“Neither the Democrats or Republicans in Tinton Falls were involved in my campaign.  We spent no money.  I’m proud of that.  I’ve never run for office before and don’t consider myself a politician,” said Turning, “I have good relationships with John Bennett (the Monmouth GOP Chairman) and Gopal and I want to keep it that way.  But I am not a partisan person and Tinton Falls is not a partisan town.  The residents like it that way,”

A Manalapan resident said via facebook, “Gopal’s letter is actually very funny. He states, ‘In MANALAPAN, Ryan Urgo, Dr. Ayesha Chaudhary and David Goldstein ran a strong campaign for township committee but lost due to an onslaught of negative attacks from the Republicans.’  Manalapan Democrats: In fact, the Republicans never mentioned the Democrats, not wanting to give them publicity since they were all unknowns. The Democrats, on the other hand, spent their entire campaign attacking Andrew Lucas and the farmland preservation, rather than running against the Republican candidates.”

Asbury Park Councilman John Moor said, “Funny that he claims the Asbury Park referendum a victory, I thought it was going to be non partisan.”

In Highlands, where Democratic Council President Rebecca Kane lost the mayoral race to incumbent Republican Frank Nolan by 91 votes, Gopal said,  “In HIGHLANDS, Council President Becky Kane is in a tight race, currently behind by a few points to Mayor Frank Nolan. An independent candidate, who ran to benefit the Republicans, garnered 14% of the vote, almost all votes that would have gone to Becky. Democrats still hold every seat on the council and the governing body is all Democrats except for the mayor’s seat. More than 120 provisional ballots still need to be counted.”

Fast and loose with his facts, Gopal overstated the number of provisional ballots cast in Highlands.  Deputy Borough Clerk Deborah Dailey told MMM that there were 113 provisional ballots cast in clam town.

In order to overtake Nolan’s 91 vote unofficial lead, Kane would need votes on 81% of the provisional ballots.  When we spoke to Kane, we were still operating on the assumption that Gopal at least had checked his numbers and we asked her if she thought she would get 77% of the provisional votes.  “Do I expect that I will get 77% of those votes? No,” Kane said on the phone this afternoon, “but you never know what will happen, especially in this town.  There are still more ballots out there than Frank has in his lead, so you never know.”

Highlands resident Doug Card waged in write-in campaign for the mayor’s office.  He likely received most of the 196 write-in votes cast.

“It’s a blatant lie that I ran to benefit the Republican,” Card said.  “It is no secret that I don’t like Frank (Nolan).  The reality is that if the Democratic party had someone who was worthy, they would have won the election outright.  Rebecca told me she wanted to be mayor because ‘it was her turn.’  The Democrats put party and personal ambition over the well-being our of our town. I did not split the vote. If Rebecca and the Democrats cared about the town, she would have resigned her candidacy and backed me. “

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2 Comments on “Vin’s Folly”

  1. Bwahahahahaha! said at 9:51 am on November 10th, 2013:

    Please add this one to the Vin Gopal/Monmouth Dems’ Blooper Reel.

    You can sell tickets on EBay for an opening night viewing of the reel, now that it’s reached epic movie length. The proceeds can then be donated to help finance & distribute the new runaway best seller; “How To Recognize When Your Elected Democrat is Lying to You, For Dummies” . (I hear Vin Gopal’s group is trying to buy them all up at Barnes & Noble’s, just to get them off the shelves before the Christmas rush.)


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