Monmouth County Dems Falsely Allege That Red Bank Council Candidate Sean DiSomma Has Warrant Out His For Arrest

Asbury Park Press and NJ.com get the story wrong with lazy, reckless reporting

Contrary to reports in the Asbury Park Press and on NJ.com, MoreMonmouthMusings has confirmed that there in NO WARRANT for the arrest of Red Bank Republican Council candidate Sean DiSomma.

MMM was able to confirm this information during about a half hour of investigating.  The Asbury Park Press and NJ.com apparently took Vin Gopal’s word and the documentation he supplied as sufficient evidence before writing reckless and inaccurate stories about DiSomma.

Read this post carefully is you care about the truth of this matter.  We lay it out carefully:

Gopal issued the following statement shortly before 5PM this evening:

Statement Regarding Active Arrest Warrant out for Sean Di Somma

The following is a statement from the Monmouth County Democrats regarding the active arrest Warrant out for Red Bank Council Candidate Sean Di Somma:

“Mr. Di Somma wants to talk about fiscal responsibility and transparency but voters have a right to know that an active warrant has been issued for his arrest since 2011 in the State of Texas for a speeding issue. Mr. Di Somma, who only registered to vote in October of 2012 in Red Bank and has documentation that he resided in Bergen County as late as April of 2013, is now asking residents in Red Bank to trust him with their tax dollars.

We don’t know anyone running for public office, at any time, Democrat or Republican, who has had an active warrant out for their arrest and is at the same time asking voters to trust them with their vote. Mr. Di Somma either didn’t know about the warrant or chose not to pay for it – both are equally disturbing for someone who wants to handle our tax dollars. The residents of Red Bank have a right to know who is on their ballot.

Mr. Di Somma, who has lived in Red Bank for less than 1 year, is now questioning the transparency of the Red Bank Council? Maybe he should start by telling Red Bank residents which laws he will choose to follow and which ones he won’t.

Copy of warrant can be given if requested.

Outstanding Warrants can be verified here –


Sean DiSomma

 Case Number C19-004298-07

A visit to the site linked in Gopal’s statement revealed no warrant.  The site indicated that DiSomma’s traffic violation was running a stop sign, not speeding, as Gopal’s statement indicated.

Click image for a larger, readable view

Click image for a larger, readable view

MMM requested that Gopal send a copy of the warrant, as offered in his statement.  He sent a WARRANT OF ARREST NOTICE that reads, in part:

“This letter is to inform you that a WARRANT OF ARREST may be issued if you do not resolve this matter. (emphasis added)

“The following may result when a WARRANT OF ARREST is issued: (emphasis added)

The WARRANT OF ARREST NOTICE can be viewed here.

MMM called the Dallas Police Department.  The officer who answered the phone confirmed that Dallas issues WARRANTS OF ARREST NOTICES that are not arrest warrants. He said that if DiSomma was stopped by the police in Dallas and such a notice was in the system, that DiSomma would not be arrested.  The officer would not confirm DiSomma’s specific status, but referred us to the Sheriff’s Department Warrant Division.  The Warrant Division referred us to the Warrant Section of DallasCityHall.com

Here’s what we found on DallasCityHall.com. Note that the site says (Warrants will appear in red) and “*Notice: A $60.00 fee will be added to each citation that goes into warrant status.”

Warrant search Dallas

The citation search duplicated the information posted above and again here: Note that Warrant Type is “N/A,” and is not in red, as the previous page said it would be if there was an arrest warrant issued.  There is no $60 fee, as the previous page said there would be if an arrest warrant had been issued.

Click image for a larger, readable view

Click image for a larger, readable view

When asked about the issue prior to a press conference in Red Bank this evening, DiSomma said he remembered the violation and paying the fine.  He said he has received no notice from Dallas regarding the fines due or a warrant for his arrest.  DiSomma paid the fine online this evening and said he would seek a refund if he can locate the documentation that establishes that his recollection of paying the fine in 2011 is accurate. He provided MMM with documentation that the fines had been paid tonight.

The Monmouth County Democrats, Vin Gopal, and the Red Bank Democrats owe Sean DiSomma a public apology.  The Asbury Park Press and NJ.com owe DiSomma a front page retraction and an acknowledgement of their sloppy reporting.

UPDATE: Additional Confirmation: No warrant for DiSomma.

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16 Comments on “Monmouth County Dems Falsely Allege That Red Bank Council Candidate Sean DiSomma Has Warrant Out His For Arrest”

  1. This Is An Example said at 1:02 am on October 25th, 2013:

    of the Politics Of Personal Destruction oft used by modern day liberals. We see it on the blogs, we see it in the news. We see it quite often when hateful little liberals open their mouth.

    They do this because they feel threatened.

    For them, it is the seriousness of the charge that matters; not the facts or the evidence.

    Any good and reasonable Democrat ought to be calling for Vin Gopal’s resignation. But somehow, the leamings will just fall in line behind some half baked excuse, just like the excuse some CNBC reporter used when apologizing for a racial slur against Ted Cruz.

    This will continue to happen until enough good people take to the phones, the blogs and the newspapers to denounce such activity.

    I for one have learned recently that continuing to go after these kinds of liberals and their attacks with facts and truth. You have to keep going after them until one of two things happens

    1) they go away and stop posting, or lying or whatever they do

    Remember Rich Ambrosia and bill?

    2) they continue to post, exhibiting even more hate and lies, thus illustrating exactly what they are.

    This is especially true of those that call Republicans & Conservatives “haters.” Their hate boils over until the point that their comments get uglier, proving who the real intolerants and haters are.

    THEY prove our point for us. And sooner or later, no one listens to them anymore.

    Remember that quote about “for evil to triumph?”

    Try it sometimes. You have to be patient and civil, nailing down fact after fact.

    Art did it here, nailing down the facts. Let’s see though if Vin Gopal learns a lesson. The odds against that are slim.

    Jim Granelli

    P.S. Oh, and Pablo; if you are listening. keep up your lies and I’ll do the same to you.

  2. They've finally felt threatened! said at 7:08 am on October 25th, 2013:

    by throwing false accusations about the two candidates’ ELEC report filings, and are highly insulted they raised a few grand this year for a change, too.. this is the heavy- handed, one- sided, Hudson/Chicago -style politics Red Bank’s been subjected to for well over a decade, now.. Try and win in a 1.9 sq. mile town with some 4,000+ voters, when every year, the former mayor/boss raises and outspends the R’s some 10 to one, or more:$30,000-40,000 of outside monies at a clip,to a few grand, in a little shore town- it’s been ridiculous overkill, and we wonder why it is so important for them to keep their stranglehold there..will be interesting to see where this goes, in the closing days: hoping voters finally begin to wake up and reject these tactics, and the “buying”of their town, at all costs, for a change..

  3. Vin the Bag Man said at 8:09 am on October 25th, 2013:

    Honestly, is anyone surprised by the actions of the Joe Vas trained Chair of the county dem machine?

  4. WaaaWaaaaaaWaaaaaaaaaaah said at 11:27 am on October 25th, 2013:

    It is ridiculous, but is anyone really surprised? This is the Dem motto and tactic. They attempt to destroy someone’s character through lies and false allegations.

    I mean, look at the other Red Bank council member who is running for Assembly. The guy has no platform or any REAL ideas and just slings mud.

  5. DB said at 11:58 am on October 25th, 2013:

    Gopal is a dirtbag. He cried like a little baby to Bob Ingle last year but does something way worse.

  6. Tom Stokes said at 12:23 pm on October 25th, 2013:

    False charges made by democrats … how typical.

    Hit them back harder; make them hire attorneys including Vin Gopal, and the democrat rag called the Press.

    What if one were to challenge Vin Gopal to deny he was arrested for wife beating and sodomy of a child?

    Now how would you like that, Gopal?

    Pal, just go …far away from here.

  7. MoreMonmouthMusings » Blog Archive » Additional Confirmation: No Warrant For DiSomma said at 1:27 pm on October 25th, 2013:

    […] A Dallas Municipal Court employee told MoreMonmouthMusings this morning that there has never been a warrant issued for the arrest of Sean DiSomma, the Red Bank Republican council candidate, who was defamed by the Monmouth County Democrats, The Asbury Park Press and NJ.com yesterday. […]

  8. Bill said at 1:20 am on October 26th, 2013:

    Funny to watch you guys all slander Gopal. Sad people, you at the top Tom Stokes. I am sure we will never see an apology from any of you


  9. MoreMonmouthMusings » Blog Archive » Bizarre twists in accusations against DiSomma said at 7:41 am on October 26th, 2013:

    […] conversations with the Dallas Police Department and multiple visits to the DallasCityHall website, MMM confirmed that the accusation, made by the Monmouth County Democrats and reported by the Asbury Park Press […]

  10. hey Bill said at 3:29 pm on October 26th, 2013:

    Talk about slander.


    You need to go to confession because your personal and hateful attacks are infamous. Insulting people’s weight; urging violence on “that other site,” you are shameless aren’t you?

    Why don’t you post your last name Bill so that we can know who is making such charges. You won’t because your last name is “chicken.”

    Oh and for slander to be made, the charges must be false. There is fact in the charges.

    Silly Bill, you are acting silly.


  11. hey bill said at 3:40 pm on October 26th, 2013:

    Why aren’t you attacking the DEMOCRATS?

    After all, the following information is true, courtesy of from the Red Bank Green link you provided us, THANK you for helping me expose your hypocrisy…

    George Coffenberg · Top Commenter · Monmouth University

    From what I gather Vin Gopal’s concern is Sean’s responsibility and character which is fine for him to question. The real issue is how does this entire story that made its way to the Asbury park press and star ledger factor into running the borough of red bank. If an unpaid traffic ticket is the worst thing Sean has done it pails in comparison with people involved in the Red Bank Democratic Party let alone the state democratic party.

    Ed McKenna former mayor and head of the red bank democratic party has 3 crashes (leaving the scene of an accident, hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk causing her serious injuries and a dwi while driving in the wrong direction on the parkway). Ed McKenna’s charity acquired a building valued at over 1 million dollars for $1 dollar. Ed McKenna’s Red Bank Affordable Housing Corp has William Katchen as its CPA.

    Mr. Katchen is under investigation for 3.6 million in missing affordable housing funds related to Paramus Affordable Housing Corp. He was also banned from working in affordable housing for 1 year back in the 90′s due to mishandling housing funds.

    That investigation also involves Dennis Oury and Joseph Ferriero who owned Government Grants Consulting LLC The Decotiis law firm that helped create Red Bank Affordable Housing Corp is now involved in the Joseph Ferriero indictment for alleged kickbacks/bribary related to projects at the meadowlands. Red Bank Affordable Housing Corp was given property that cost the taxpayers 2.45 million for just $1,

    Joseph Ferriero was the head of the Bergen County Democratice Party. Part of his 75 page indictment is related to the company that provides the Red Bank Borough Website. In addition I have asked Ms Lee and Ms Horgan some very direct questions related to the Cedar Crossing Affordable Housing project and why after 3 years they have roughly 35% of the units unsold.I still have not heard back which is probably why they have now stopped promoting their honest and transparent platform.

    The Red Bank Democratic Party prior to John Lynch pleading guilty to political corruption received donations from a PAC co-run between John Lynch and Alfred Decotiis. Part of the Lynch investigation was centered on the River Street School conversion and a new senior housing project behind the borough hall.
    Here is an article related to Ferriero’s indictment related to the website provider for Red Bank Borough


    Here is an article related to Ferriero’s indictment mentioning Decotiis




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